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Makeup Wasteland – Fall 2018 Declutter

When I run out of space to store things, I typically buy more storage solutions. I’ve decided I do not want to do that anymore. Spending money to store things I will never use is not something a proud deal shopper would typically agree with. As my current storage solutions fill up, I will go through each drawer that refuses to close and remove anything that I have not touched in years and have no desire to touch in the near future. If I have removed everything that fits into those categories and the drawers still won’t close, then I can buy some more storage. This is not a regular series, so it will not come on a certain schedule. My plan is to write an article anytime I have drawers that need decluttering. It gives me an opportunity to write a mini review on the products I am getting rid of instead of tossing them without a peep.

Other than reviews on empties, these are my favorite types of reviews. While my experience is different from yours, I like knowing why someone did not finish something, especially if it is something she purchased. Why was it so bad that she could not finish it? Did it expire really fast? Is it something that did not inspire the person? Could the person dislike it because something similar is a lot better. I could go on writing all the reasons I enjoy reading things like this, but you can see the reason beside each product I toss.

My problem drawers this fall were eyeshadow palettes and lip products. Those are my two favorite things to purchase, so they typically fill up the fastest. I could barely close one in each section after some recent acquisitions. If I could only get rid of a few items, the drawers would close. Instead of sticking with a few, I grabbed everything I have no desire to use. It is possible there are things that have expired that are still in the drawers. I do not ascribe to the belief that items must get tossed the moment they hit a certain date. Some items expire before they hit that point and others last long after. As long as the item still smells, looks, and swatches the same, there is a good chance the item is still worth using. Of course, there is a chance a lot of bacteria that you cannot see or smell is still in the product. Those concerned by that should probably stick with the tossing guidelines.

When I have time to sit and go through the items one by one, I will pull out and toss all expired items. Only products that cannot be sanitized or have expired will go in the garbage. Anything used will only go to friends and family. Used products will never go to readers for liability issues. At times, I may set aside new products for a future giveaway. As all the new products in this batch are already pretty old, I am not going to place any of them in a giveaway. No worries, because I have an open giveaway of new items that have arrived recently and have another one ready to go as soon as that one wraps. I will keep hosting giveaways as long as I have new products to re-home. Should any item mentioned in one of these articles get placed aside for a giveaway, I will always mention it below.

L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color 304 Ruby Opera – I really loved this product, and I used it a lot when I first got it. The color is such a beautiful red, and the formula is very comfortable. There was very little stickiness, but the product lasted a long time. This was one of the most pigmented glosses I had ever tried at that point. Part of the reason I held onto it this long is because it got discontinued. It has been years since I’ve used it, and I doubt I would use it again.

Divergent High-Shine Lip Gloss in Temptation’s Choice, Natural Virtue, Supreme Ritual, and Fear Not – I only used each of these a couple of times. Three of them look really separated, but I decided to toss all four. It had been years since I’ve touched any of them. They have a mint taste, which was not bad but very noticeable. The texture was fine, and I do not remember them being overly sticky. There is not one color that really stood out over the others as they were all mostly transparent with a slight hint of nude color.

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Pose and Click – I remember using this, but I cannot even remember what I thought. The only thing I am sure of is these colors were not as sticky as the other Smashbox gloss I am decluttering. Since the glitter shade has clearly separated, I’ve decided to toss it even though the other shade looks, smells, and swatches fine.

MAC Lipglass Steel Kiss – I have no problem with the formula on the lipglass. It was the color I hated. This is one I could only tolerate enough to wear once or twice. If there was any way to sanitize gloss, I would have passed this on years ago. Throwing away things that are not bad is hard for me, but I will never wear this.

tarte beauty & the box secret garden – This looks lovely. I love the garden tones, but I hate eyeshadow palettes that are not separated. It is too hard to pick up one color at a time. After years of sitting in my collection, I have never used this a single time.

Elle Smokey Eyes – For sentimental reasons, I almost kept this. My son bought it for me in his Secret Santa shop at school. That was two Christmas seasons ago, and I have never used it. Hopefully, my son never reads this. I just want someone to use the gift he purchased, even if it is not me. Kohl’s distributed this, and I was not even aware it had an in-house brand. The apostrophe is missing from the brand name though, so it might be a knock-off.

Julep Lip Gloss Merriment – I received this in a holiday mystery box years ago, but the bulky shape prevented me from ever carrying this anywhere. As it is still unopened, someone can use it if I give it away now.

Julep Lip Gloss Peace – Same as the one above.

IMAN Lip Palette Jaguar/Sheer Gold/Iman Red/Paprika/Wild Thing – I received this in a GWP years ago.  Despite never using it, all the colors still look and smell all right. Lip palettes are not typically my thing, because I only apply makeup when I leave the house and like to carry my lip color with me. After acquiring a few lip palettes this year, I have enough and do not need another.

stila portrait of a perfect pout – This was the only lip palette I think I’ve ever purchased on its own. Every other one I own either came in a GWP or in a kit I purchased. Despite buying this years ago, I have never used it once. As I have acquired some new lip palettes this year (and do not want to own too many), I decided it is time someone put the money I spent to use.

stila lip glaze loganberry, apricot, and delicate – I hate really sticky lip gloss. After trying two of these and deciding I do not like the formula no matter what the color is, I never even opened the third.

Lancome Juicy Tubes Hallucination, Miracle, Berry Bold, Spring Fling, Vanilla Sand, Fancy Fig, Simmer, and Magic Spell – I hate really sticky lip gloss, so I should have tried one of these and decided that was the end of the road. Apparently, I am not that smart. After getting a sample in a GWP, I purchased a full-size and two sets of samples at separate times. Why? It is really hard to say. For a while, I kept trying to convince myself that these were worth it because they last on the lips for a long time. They really do. I would rather reapply lip gloss all day than have something this sticky on my lips. That is the main reason that out of 8 of these (had more but got rid of them over time), only 4 were even used.

Smashbox Reflection High Shine Lip Gloss Pop of Pink – This was too sticky, but not as bad as the Lancome or stila. Its name is pop of pink, so I expected a nice pop. What I got was a bright pink that I did not enjoy wearing. While I could forgive it if I did not like only one between the formula or the color, I have too many products to choose from when I dislike both.

em cosmetics The Life Palette day life – I loved Michelle Phan after watching so many of her videos on the Lancome site. When I saw that she was launching a brand, I wanted to support her. That was when this palette sold for $75. At the time I purchased this, I had never spent that much on a palette. Considering there were a lot of products in this, I justified the price in my head. Soon after, the price dropped to $59 and it kept going on sale even after the price dropped. Clearly, this palette was overpriced. Despite only using it a couple of times, I thought it was nice. Had it come out priced at $49 instead of $75, I think the company would have done a lot better and I would have felt better about this palette. Usually, I dislike when a palette has creams and powders in it. After years of living together, the creams have held up almost as well as the powders. Granted, I have not used this a lot, so that may have extended the life on the creams. The company is trying to bounce back. Some of her old products that she no longer sells still exist in my collection, but this is one I am ready to let go of. I gave support to someone I liked on an overpriced palette. We’ve all been there. Moving forward, I want to invest more wisely.

I like that this came with a mini palette and a little tool to easily remove pans. That helped me carry my lip color (and my eyeshadows) for traveling.

em love me for me flawless foundation porcelain 2 – When I pulled the palette out from this brand, I remembered that I have a foundation I have not used in years and wanted to pull that out as well. To my surprise, this has not separated, does not smell bad, and looks fine. I decided not to keep it anyway, because it was always too yellow on me. Yes, I can use other products to correct the shade, but I am never able to properly review a product when I mix it with something else. Plus, I have so many foundations that I cannot get through them before they expire.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze Coquette – I always want to try natural products as often as possible. Whenever I can use something that has less harmful ingredients, I am all in. Avocado is at times a harmful ingredient (for me), and I purchased this without knowing it was in there. My lips feel inflamed for the first 10 minutes I wear this. While they do calm down, I have not been brave enough to wear it again since my first few days of trying it. Considering it is food grade, it impresses me that it has not gone bad yet. It’s been in my collection for over 3 years.

stila Masterpiece Series Eye & Cheek Palettes in the minimalist, the impressionist, and the modernist – I used each of these once and remember not being impressed with any of them. They did not perform as well as other high-end palettes, so I never used them again. The cutesy appeal that convinced me to purchase them (love that it looks like a volume of books) is just not enough reason for me to hold onto these.

Edward Bess Berry Chic – This is my second $75 palette I am getting rid of this round. Thankfully, I did not pay $75 for it. When Sephora stopped carrying Edward Bess, it discounted all items to 50% off. I was never able to catch this during the 50% off sale. A friend I frequently traded with caught it and we either did a trade or I paid her for it via PayPal. We did many trades back then, so I cannot remember how each one went. She never sold me anything for a profit, so she only charged me the cost she paid including tax plus the cost for her to ship it to me. Even at the discount, I wish I had passed. There are four powder products and four cream products. One of the cream products dried out really fast and one started looking funny. Even though the powders are nice, they are small and cannot justify the price alone.

There are multiple powders in the MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Color Refillable Makeup Palette and none of them belong to MAKE UP FOR EVER. I admit I feel a little guilty purchasing its palettes for so cheap only to place off brand products in them, but they sell them for that price knowing people may place other brands in them. Most of them are from Coastal Scents. I depotted all the small cardboard or plastic packaging they arrived in from Birchbox samples and placed them in a Z Palette before transferring them here. This has the Blush and Bronzer palette, the Revealed 2 Palette Sampler Sunset, the Revealed 3 Palette Sampler Desert Bloom, the Revealed Smoky palette Sampler, and the StyleEyes Sampler. Powders from Coastal Scents are nice for the price. Some are a little powdery and take multiple passes to build pigmentation. Other than the StyleEyes, which I really enjoyed, I have so many better palettes in my collection I would grab over these. I decided I can even part with StyleEyes, so whoever gets this will probably enjoy that duo in particular. A Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Box o’ Powder Blush is also in there. I really love that powder, but I already have a full size. Besides, this sample size took some depotting damage making my desire to keep it even smaller.

LORAC Oh La Lace Eyeshadow Palette – There was a time when I actually preferred the baked shadows more than the PRO formula. Those days have passed. I get more fallout with the PRO formula, but they are easier to blend. Between not really liking this formula much anymore and having these basic shades in so many palettes, I do not need this.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Eyeshadow and Pure Blush Palette Holiday 2015 in Pink Mink, Captivating Cocoa, Infamous Sky, Provocative Petal, Rebel Metal, Fiery Saffron, Ivory Power 3, Currant Desire, Defiant Nude 5, Defiant Nude 3, Ivory Power 4, Envious Orchid, Pink Kiss (Blush), and Peach Passion (Blush) – This was one of the worst eyeshadow palettes I’ve ever used and the blushes were nothing to write home about either. I’ve used Estee Lauder formulas before and never disliked any this much, so it is my firm belief this junk is exclusive to the holiday sets (hopefully not anymore). This was featured in my Worst of 2015 article, so I should have trashed it sooner. I have not trashed the other eyeshadow palettes in that list either, because they were both so expensive. One day, I will get the courage to trash those, too. For now, trashing this feels good.

Too Faced Glamour To Go Pocket Palette – I remember this palette set me back $22. For 8 eyeshadows, blush, bronzer, and a lip gloss, I thought I had a steal on my hands. Nothing in this palette was redeeming. It was all a bunch of okay items. As there is nothing in here I do not have in other things, I do not see the need to keep it. Having a cream product mixed with powders is something I’ve learned I dislike.

wet n wild coloricon Eyeshadow Quad Sweet as Candy – This came in a Target Beauty Box with the crease color shattered. I cleaned it off as best I could and convinced myself I could still use it. The problem is I would have a hard time using this now without pulling another palette. When I have to pull a second palette for a single look, I am less likely to use it. Each palette should pull its own weight. Otherwise, it is no better than a single shadow. Exceptions are granted for metallic or shimmer palettes. If this arrived intact, I would have at least tried it. Who knows! Maybe, it is great. Hopefully, one of my nieces can use it without the crease color.

elf Eyeshadow Palette Nude Rose Gold 85133 – I used this a lot this year. It is fine (see my full review). With so many better palettes in my collection, including a sister palette from this line, I do not think I need to keep it.

Ulta Complete Eye Indie – This was the 2015 birthday gift from Ulta (for my Quarter), and I have not touched it since 2015. It is a pretty average eyeshadow palette in neutral shades when I have a lot of great neutral eyeshadow palettes.

Urban Decay Feminine Palette – This is the only eyeshadow palette I am decluttering that I actually loved. The shadows in here are beautiful, and I love the colors. What I dislike is the bulky packaging and the zipper always getting stuck. It just takes too long to actually get to the shadows and too long to put this away. That prevents me from grabbing it.

What do you think about my makeup waste? Let me know below. Thanks for reading along. Feel free to tell me if there is anything on my list I should give a second chance to. If it is not too late (not given away yet) or expired, I can always try it one more time. I may write an article testing last chance items before my next declutter. This time, I am certain I did not need that with any of these things. See all Makeup Declutter articles. Subscribe to the blog to get updates on all posts. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.


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  1. This is a great article. I just started going through all my blushes yesterday. I have at least 30 that I haven’t even used yet. I kept purchasing products because of the high remarks from YTers, when I should have just been happy with the ones I already had. I have committed to a ‘family giveaway’ when my daughter and niece come back from college in a few weeks. I’ll give away still pristine products to my mom, sister, daughters, niece, etc. I have come to the realization that these products should be fully enjoyed and there is no way I will ever use all of them. Then I am going on a no buy in 2019 for the first 5 months (until birthday month). I’ve tried before but never last that long, so I have to fully commit this time.

  2. Thanks. I purchased a lot in 2017 and 2018 despite not wearing makeup much at all, so I have a lot of items I’ve never used as well. My plan is to wear a lot of makeup in 2019, so I can get a feel for what I want to keep and what I want to give to family. If anything purchased in 2017 has not been touched by the end of 2019, I am going to give it away. That is too long to sit untouched. The Youtubers get me, too, especially Tati and Jessica Braun. I buy so many things based on their recommendations. No buys are so hard for me, but I wish you tons of luck.

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