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TopCashBack Xmas Treats Cash Back Giveaway Game

The latest TopCashBack giveaway, Xmas Treats, started on November 28th, and I think it is the first one I’ve ever arrived on time for. TopCashBack really needs to do a better job of advertising these games, because I only find them if I happen to see a social media post or make a purchase and notice the banner at the bottom of the screen. This 2018 version is just the latest in its series. It runs from 11/28/18-12/21/18. I’ve never won more than $0.50 on any of these games, but I always enjoy playing. Instant winners can make anywhere from $0.25 to $100 by collecting the respective game pieces for that prize. One grand prize winner will get drawn from all entries received by 12/21/18. That winner will get $500.

Everyday, TopCashBack will post a daily clue. Once you figure out which retailer the clue pertains to, visit that retailer’s page on TopCashBack. Find the flying hummingbird and click on it. A hummingbird should always appear on the selected retailer. If you do not see one, you either have a browser issue or you have guessed the wrong retailer. Of course, it is also possible you already collected a bird from that retailer page. Unless the retailer is selected for the daily clue twice, which I have only seen happen one time, you can only collect one bird from each retailer. *Someone commented below that you can get multiple birds per retailer, and I will edit this if I can verify that. Until then, I can only say I have not found that to be the case.

You will get a game piece or drawing entry for each hummingbird you collect. Whether you visit the page on the day the clue gets released or not, you should get one bird as long as the game has not ended. This means those starting the game late can catch up. Those who catch too many hummingbirds in a short span will almost certainly get more drawing entries than game pieces. Spreading out the entries is the best way to get more game pieces. Keep in mind that every bird gives a drawing entry, but every bird does not give a game piece.

There are birds that fly randomly throughout retailer pages. Some people will find birds and others can visit the same retailer pages and miss birds. It is all about luck and timing with the random birds. While I have visited random pages to see if I can find any unadvertised hummingbirds, I generally find this is a colossal waste of time. In all the games I’ve done this, I’ve never found more than a few. There is no guarantee you will even get a game piece for all your hunting skills either. You might only get a drawing entry. As only one person wins the drawing, the odds are really low. You want the game pieces to increase your odds of winning a prize.

You can get 5 extra drawing entries by sharing the game once on Facebook and once on Twitter. There is also an option to share each entry you win on Facebook or Twitter for 5 points.

There is a table under My Prizeboard to show what you need to win. It keeps track of everything for you. I collected a snowflake on the first day and only need 2 more to instantly win $5. If I collect one more snowman, I will instantly win $1. Instant wins get credited to your TopCashBack account with no holding period (when you shop through TopCashBack, there is a holding period on what you earn before you can cash it out). You can cash out instant wins the day you receive them if you want.

The bottom of the Daily Clue Board will also track your Clue Progress. It is easy to forget to login and play everyday, so make sure you have entered all the known retailers to get all the basic hummingbirds. Again, you can hunt the extras if you do not mind searching.

Daily Clues

The Daily Clues are only listed in your TopCashBack page on the release date. Want to cheat? You can always look at my answers here. I will not write an article on every game, and you may see my article before I’ve remembered to login for the day and look at the clue. Some days, I forget altogether and try to catch up later. You can look at the TopCashBack Facebook and Twitter pages to see if any members shared their answers. A post for every daily clue since the game started is available on both platforms (posted on the day the clue went live, so you must scroll for them).

11/28/18- Origins

11/29/18- Crate & Barrel

11/30/18- Lord & Taylor (I got a star for an instant $0.50 win with this)

12/01/18- Target

12/02/18- Land’s End

12/03/18- Clinique

12/04/18- Lenovo

12/05/18- Cost Plus World Market

12/06/18- bloomingdale’s

12/07/18- Old Navy

12/08/18- Best Buy

12/09/18- Etsy

12/10/18- JC Penney (The clue was originally Nike until I went to sleep after 2am PST, but there was no bird on Nike). When I woke up, the clue changed, and there was a bird on the new one. My guess is someone posted the wrong clue, so I expect Nike to pop up at a later date.

12/11/18- Belk

12/12/18- Coach

12/13/18- American Girl

12/14/18- Macy’s

12/15/18- Dell

12/16/18- Carter’s

12/17/18- Walmart

12/18/18- Saks Fifth Avenue

12/19/18- Tory Burch

12/20/18- Ulta Beauty

12/21/18- Neiman Marcus (the Nike clue originally created for the 10th never popped up again, so that is even more odd than it was before).

*Your odds of winning depend on how many people enter, but a lot of people will win the $0.25 or $0.50 instant prizes.

Random Birds

While these birds get awarded randomly, knowing where random birds pop up can help you catch one. Please note, you could try it over 100 times and never get a bird, so do not count on any random birds. I’ve had games where I did not look for any random birds. There are games where I looked for some and never found any.

12/02/18- Overstock (tried this thanks to a commenter tip; got it on my 4th try on my second day of trying)

12/04/18- Amazon (was entering random retailers because I did not know what the clue was)

12/04/18- Sephora (made a purchase on this day and the bird popped up)

12/05/18- Walgreens (I checked the cash back percentage to see if I wanted to place an order; Mrrebates is higher for what I want, so I will not use TopCashBack). I did find a bird though, so it was worth checking.

*I am finding a lot of random birds for this game, so I might throw caution to the wind and start looking for them. It is unclear if there are more this time or if my luck has finally changed. Considering most of my random birds are only awarding drawing entries, I still do not want to dedicate too much time to this.

12/05/18- The Children’s Place

12/06/18- American Eagle

12/07/18- Big Lots

12/08/18- Athleta

12/08/18- Zulily

12/09/18- eBags

12/12/18- Skinstore

12/13/18- Hilton

12/20/18- Staples (I looked for birds in the past week but did not find any. Took almost 20 minutes straight of looking for this one and only got an entry).

12/20/18- QVC

Here is my final game board. How did you do? Today, 12/21/18 is the last day of the event. Yes, I could spend the day hunting random birds, but I know I will just get entries. Despite finding more birds than ever, I did not even get to the point where I only needed one more piece on every level like I usually do whenever I arrive early to one of these games. Without that third present, this board feels incomplete compared to past boards. I have never won more than $0.50 in a past game and have never even won 2 prizes in a single game. Thus, I have no faith that wasting today hunting birds would even yield another quarter. If I walk away now, I can say I had fun. Hunting birds all day sounds awful, but more power to those of you who choose to do that. Good luck on the main draw. Someone still has to win that.

What do you think about this TopCashback Giveaway? Let me know below. If you want to play, make sure you sign up. You will almost certainly have fun and you could win some money, too. Even when there is no game, you can use TopCashBack as your Pay-To-Shop program. TopCashBack pays a percentage of each purchase when you click an affiliate link from its site before shopping elsewhere. I also recommend ebates, Mrrebates, ShopatHome, MyPoints, and Swagbucks. The one I use depends on the which is offering the best deal at the retailer I am purchasing from. See all TopCashBack articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

Disclosure: Referral and Affiliate Links

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18 thoughts on “TopCashBack Xmas Treats Cash Back Giveaway Game Leave a comment

  1. Thank you for making this post – the game is quite a lot of fun, and I probably wouldn’t have found out in time to earn much if you hadn’t mentioned it. TopCashBack really is pretty underrated.

    FYI, I thought today’s (12/1) clue was Overstock – but that page also had a hummingbird on it when I clicked. Lucky!

  2. I just checked Overstock. No bird for me, but I will periodically check on it. The random birds have a tendency of showing up on the same pages, so others may have luck with Overstock (since you did) if they happen to click on it at just the right time.

  3. I addressed that above. The clue was Nike until I went to sleep after 2am PST. When I woke up, TopCashBack had changed it. My guess is the Nike clue, which was super easy, was posted early. It will probably pop back up on its proper date.

  4. I mentioned in the article that I have gotten two birds from one retailer. It has only happened once in all the games I’ve played though. Until I see proof that it is a regular occurrence and was not an anomaly, I am unwilling to change what I wrote. People can see your comment though, so they can try the same retailers after having success. While I find that a colossal waste of time, they may not. Each person can choose for himself. You might be correct from your experience or making stuff up for fun. My articles are based on my experience though. If I ever find you are correct, I will note that.

  5. Just an observation. It seems that the random birds might be on a countdown or something. When the clue for Lenovo first appeared, lenovo didn’t work but I found one on Microsoft store. I then checked their twitter and someone else commented that the clue was for MS, but they were told that they were wrong. The Lenovo bird eventually showed up.

  6. I read on Facebook that they coded Lenovo wrong initially and had to fix it before a bird appeared for anyone. Those who thought it was Microsoft and got a bird there were lucky to trigger a random bird at the right moment. So far, I have tried Microsoft, but I have not received any birds. That Lenovo clue stumped me, but I can only imagine how frustrating it was for those who knew it was Lenovo but could not find a bird. On the day they posted the Bike clue, I seriously went to the Nike page about 30 times before going to sleep. The countdown theory is a good one. While I am not sure how the random birds work, I know that I am getting more this game than I ever have. It makes the game more fun, even though I am only getting entries with my random birds. To date, I have only received one or two game pieces on the randoms.

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