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Influenster Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Brightening Amine Face Lift Serum VoxBox Review

Influenster gives free trial products of everything from beauty products to household items. To qualify for programs, you fill out quick product surveys. Once you’ve qualified, they mail the products. Try them and tell people what you think in person and on social media. Complete a short exit survey and review the product(s) on Influenster. The more active you are the more programs you qualify for. Everything received from Influenster is free. Some virtual Voxboxes or multi product packages include coupons to redeem for the product. At times, the coupon will not cover the full amount, but you can opt out of any program that only offers discounts or does not interest you. If you are unfamiliar with Influenster, you can read my overview.

Influenster selected me to apply for a luxury skincare campaign on 08/17/18. This application process never takes more than a couple of minutes and from my experience, I get into about 50% of the campaigns I apply for. Thus, it is worth the effort. Shortly after that, I received an email that I was accepted. My package was on the way. It arrived at the beginning of September.

A product card accompanied the product.

Several products are pictured on the card, so people accepted into this campaign are trying different things.

Until the product arrives, you will not know the size and sometimes may not even know what the product is. There are times when you receive a very small sample of the item. I really like receiving full-sized products, because it gives me a chance to really give the product a proper review. The product I received was the full-size, 2oz Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Brightening Amine Face Lift Serum.

I love trying new serums and every Vitamin C serum I’ve tried long-term works wonders on making my skin look bright and more even. That means I received the one I would have selected if given a choice. How lucky is that!

This product retails for $99. Funny enough, the most expensive serum I’ve purchased was $98, so this comes in $1 over that. I have a love/hate relationship with trying expensive products. On the one hand, it is awesome to try things without investing before I know how I feel. At the same time, if I fall in love, I know there is a chance I will purchase this over something cheaper in its place.

Perricone MD products are notorious for having a fishy scent. This is due to Dr. Perricone’s desire to incorporate fish oils and other ingredients derived from fish in many of his products. Some products have a stronger fish scent than others. Those are generally the ones with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). This product does not have that ingredient but many users claim it still has a fishy scent. My sense of smell is impeccable. If there is a fishy scent in this product, it is almost imperceptible. That said, it does have a scent. I would describe that scent as not strong or overpowering. It is not the most pleasant scent either, but it dissipates almost immediately after application. Those sensitive to fragrance will probably not have much issue with this.

The claims on this are that it is a lightweight serum. While I do think this is thicker than most serums I’ve tried, it does rub ito the skin almost effortlessly. That is unlike other serums with similar consistencies.

It starts to feel much more lightweight as you work it into the skin. I cannot think of anything I’ve tried that works this way, so I have nothing to compare it to. To work this all over my face, neck, and chest, I do use two pumps. That is partly due to its thickness, but I also apply it very liberally. Those who only apply it to their face or use a more conservative application can probably get away with a single pump.

My line of thinking when I pump this twice is at 2oz, it is twice the size of the average serum. I can use two pumps, and it will still last as long as a 1oz serum. Considering the $98 one I purchased was only 1oz and this is two, the price per ounce is actually half of the more expensive one I purchased.

I forgot to take a picture of my face on 09/08/18 when I started this serum. A good reviewer will show you a before picture when writing a skin review. This was taken a month earlier, but it is the best I can do to show you what my skin looked like without makeup before starting this product. Again, a good reviewer would have done better, so I apologize for that.

I did get an after picture, which is always easy to remember as you write the review. It is important to note that I have dermatillomania. This is a mental disorder tied to my obsessive compulsive disorder which causes me to pick. Those who do not pick are probably better suited to review skincare. However, it is clear from my before and after picture that this product lightened some of my picking scars from acne. My skin also looks brighter and has a more even tone. It did not do much to lighten my sun spot, but nothing really seems to anymore. It is time that I accept that my sun spot will be on my face from here on out. The brightening effect this provides is immediate. Your skin immediately glows every time you put it on.

Because of the thicker texture, it is very hydrating. That is something my dry skin especially appreciated. Over time, the brightness in your face is clear even hours after applying it. Skin also looks less texturized after continued use, so it definitely smooths. The smooth appearance took well over a month to notice so anyone who reviews this before that point might miss it. Between the increased hydration and the chemical exfoliation, my skin also has less dry patches than it usually does. Winter is just around the corner, and I look forward to seeing how this holds up through the harshest season on my skin.

I did not notice much improvement with firmness, but I am probably a few years away from being able to provide a better review on that front. For those who want to see if this firms, I would filter the reviewers and read what those over 40 think.

Once selected into a VoxBox, you get follow-up emails. Some urge you to use the product and start sharing. Others go over how to use the product. This specific campaign did not send a lot of emails. One I remember was an opportunity to win something with the review. This email came less than a month after I started using the product. I prefer to use things for as long as possible to write the most thoughtful review, so I chose not to write an early review for a chance to win anything.

That is probably one of the easiest campaigns I’ve joined. There are only two simple tasks to earn a badge and complete it. All you need to do is write a review on the retailer’s site and Sephora’s site. Most products require a lot of social media attention so even writing this article is a lot more than I needed to do. What can I say, I like to write the articles anyway to tell prospective Influensters about the program. Plus, someone might want to read my thoughts on this product.

I completed my reviews after over two months of testing the product. The deadline for this campaign kept getting pushed back, which I appreciated. After two full months with a serum, I am 100% confident in my opinion. When I get enough time to write a thoughtful review, I really appreciate it.

In the reviews, I gave the product five stars. When you receive a product for free, it is important to list that in your review. Influenster requires that, but readers need to know if there is a chance the review could be biased. Although, the best reviewers never let free products sway them. They should consider the review as if they paid the full-price for the item and let the reader know if the product is worth the price.

Have you tried this product? I would love to know what you thought of it.

What do you think about this Influenster freebie from Perricone MD? Let me know below. If you love trying new things, and who does not love free things, sign up for Influenster and get started. Already signed up? I’d love to read about any campaigns you’ve participated in or any badge prizes you’ve received. See all Influenster articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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