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Sephora Holy Sheet

Sephora usually releases a Holy Sheet set twice a year. This is like a Sephora Favorites set that includes mostly sheet masks from the Sephora Collection. The first set usually comes out at the end of May and the second usually releases at the end of October. Unless you remember to check around those times, you will probably miss it. I’ve never received an email that I can recall. That is probably because they only last for a few days or less each time they release. I can only remember only year where it restocked after getting released. It also usually releases after the Employee Appreciation Sale and before Rouge members shop the Beauty Insider Appreciation Sale in November. That means getting it with a discount is highly unlikely. Granted, it also retails for $48 and has around $98 in value, so it is already a great deal.

I’ve checked the Sephora site almost everyday to see if it released yet. Yesterday was the only day I forgot to check, and it was also the last day of the Rouge Bonus. Based on the past, I am guessing it did release today, but I will be extremely disappointed if I find out I could have gotten 20% off yesterday. Since the bonus for VIB starts on Friday, VIB members can chance that this will still be in stock. That is a gamble that might not pay off, because that is still three days away. Only VIB members can take that gamble though, because Rouge members do not get to shop the VIB sale. Side note, yes, I hate when we get excluded from that. Beauty Insiders will almost certainly see this out-of-stock by the time the sale comes around for them.

I did pick this up in 2017 (no article because I was on a blogging break). Because I’ve purchased a lot of sheet masks, I still have some. If I pick up the one in May or October/November of 2019, I will review it for you. My nephews took my cleansing wipes for their girlfriends from last year’s set, so I have yet to try those. Then again, I have so many wipes and rarely use them. Otherwise, I would not have given them away in the first place. Most of the others in this set are things I love, some I like, but I cannot really think of anything I dislike of the items I’ve tried. The Holy Sheet set for November 2018 includes:

– Pineapple Nose Mask
– Charcoal Nose Strip
– Shea Lip Mask
– Green Tea Sleeping Mask
– Aloe Vera Sleeping Mask
– Shea Hair Mask
– Rose Face Mask
– Pearl Face Mask
– Algae Face Mask
– Aloe Vera Face Mask
– Almond Foot Mask
– Avocado Hand Mask
– Grape Eye Mask
– Pom Eye Mask
– Pearl Eye Mask
– Rose Lip Balm
– Papaya Exfoliating Wipes
– Coconut Cleansing Wipes
– Mud Sheet Mask

I think this is a great set, and I easily would have purchased it if I noticed it during the 20% off sale. At full price, I will reluctantly pass. There are sheet masks in the FabFitFun add-ons in my cart right now, so I have my fix for a while. Anyone who loves Sephora branded sheet masks, or wants to try them should grab this. This deal only pops up twice a year where you can get a set for about 50% off., Inc.

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