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Core Collection Summer 2018 Deal Discoveries

Welcome to the place where I like to discuss my favorites from each season that I did not finish. Anything I’ve finished this season made it into my Empties article. Items I am still in love with as I empty them become FabuFinds. While I cannot promise I will ever finish these (some products expire before I can empty them) and I cannot promise I will still love them enough to label them as FabuFinds upon completion, I loved them throughout this season. These are items I reached for many times even though I have plenty of similar items in my stash collecting dust. Many of these items are serious contenders for my Top 10 of the Year. There were seven items I reached for constantly this summer.

Like my FabuFinds, these are items I consider great deals. The deal discoveries do not need a discount to earn their value (although I will always try to find one if I can). Most of the time they are new to my collection. That is mostly due to the large amount of new products I try each year. Sometimes, they are items I’ve tried in the past but love more upon rediscovery. While I try to edit mini reviews into any article I mentioned these items in, I like to dedicate more time and attention to items I feel are worth the extra effort. They are core items to my collection.

I really enjoyed the Sol de Janeiro Acai Body Power Cream. Body glitter that is almost imperceptible indoors but somehow radiant when I walk out in the sun is right up my alley. It does seem like this has slightly less glitter than the original. There is a thicker texture to this, so it also takes a little more effort and product to work it into the skin. Though I admittedly prefer the scent on the original one, this one is more moisturizing. That said, it is not as moisturizing as most creams I like. Now that the weather is getting cold, I am packing what remains in this jar up until the spring. Someone looking for a deeply hydrating cream would not want to grab this. Its berry scent also plays a little nicer with other fragrances. Yes, it is noticeable and lovely, but it is not as strong as the scent on the original. This is the one I grabbed when I wanted to glow, but I also wanted to use perfume. Thankfully, I do not use perfume often, because I love the way other one smells. Every spring and summer, I will grab this on any day where I spend significant time outdoors. 

If I had to choose between the scents, I would select the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. It smells like butter cookies, particularly the ones that come in Christmas tins. Thinking of Christmas almost every time I put this on over the summer was funny, because I would never use this in the winter or even the fall for that matter. There is not enough hydration in this moisturizer for dry skin. This is lightweight compared to my beloved moisturizers, which I enjoy in warm weather. A little goes a long way, because of how thin it is. I can see this jar lasting months even with everyday use. Since I love the smell and the glitter, I only used this on days where I was outside a lot and not wearing perfume. Indoors, you really cannot see the glitter, so I would opt for something more moisturizing and something cheaper when I had nowhere to go. This was my go-to for a day in the sun, and I enjoyed my Twilight moments. Okay, I am exaggerating a little. It sparkled in the sun, but nowhere near as much as Edward Cullen did. I still have a lot left to pull out again in the spring when the weather warms up again. 

Almost every time I applied makeup this summer, I reached for the same highlighter. Granted, I did not wear makeup a lot this summer. I have so many highlighters though, and I could not stop grabbing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter. I just heard today that this limited edition (or maybe not really limited edition) highlighter is returning in December. If you missed it on its first run, here is your chance. The packaging and the way this product was pressed is stunning. It reminds me of more expensive highlighters, not that $28 for a highlighter is cheap. This has such a beautiful gold shade that is perfect for my skin tone. It has the wet look without looking powdery at all, and that is the main thing I want in a powder highlighter. My favorite thing about this is I can get it to pop or look for subtle based on how much I apply. That is my favorite type of highlighter.

I am going to apologize in advance, but I will not link the Les Merveilleuses Laduree Paris Face Color Rose Laduree 02. My fear is that some of the ones on Amazon could be fakes, so I did not even order from there myself. If you want this product, and want to make sure you get a real one, do your research on where to purchase it. Mine came from a Japanese retailer, but the process was not smooth. It took over a month, and they wanted me to pay an extra $15 for a tracking number with insurance. That was on top of the shipping fee. Since I refused to pay the extra fee, they would not guarantee the package if it was lost. Thankfully, it arrived but I had no idea when it would arrive and would not have gotten a replacement if anything went wrong. The whole process was sketchy and stressful (given how much this costs), but at least I know I have the real deal.

I had an idea for an article to compare this to a Dollar Tree creation, and my article went out in May with nothing attached to it (forgot to reschedule it to post at a later date). Sorry about that again. Once I create and test the Dollar Tree one, I will create a new one. In that article, I will also go into even greater detail on why I love this one so much. For now, I will just say I bought this mainly as a decoration. My plan was to use it once just to say I did and never use it again. The color is like nothing else in my collection, and it gives me a natural look so beautifully. Spending a small fortune to get a natural look is funny. Winter was the first time I used this, and I managed to only use it twice then. Spring came around and I got through the spring only using it twice. Because I craved that natural flush look in the summer, I grabbed this almost every time I did my makeup. Thankfully, I did not do my makeup a lot, because it is too expensive and too much of a hassle to replace this. Rose scents are not my favorite, but I love that this smells like roses. Other than the thick plastic container (for the cost, it should be glass), there is nothing about this I do not love.

I went swimming three times this summer. All three times, I generously coated my hair and scalp with Orlando Pita Play Atmos-Shield Hair Protectant Thermal Spray to protect it from the sun. When I go in the sun for long periods of time, I get a burn on my scalp. That protects as much of my scalp as possible. Most sunscreens cannot really cover it, so it forces me to put my hair up in a bun. Even the ones that do fall short of working, because I cannot easily reapply them at the pool or water park. My head did not get burned on any of the times I went swimming this summer. This was the most likely culprit for the lack of burn. As I have not tried this before blow drying or hot tools (given how rarely I use those things), I cannot review it that way yet. The only complaint I have with this is it does leave my scalp a little crunchy when I apply it to dry hair, which is not an issue if I am swimming anyway. If I am looking for SPF on dry hair on a day in the sun without water, I would probably reach for something else.

Everyone kept talking about how Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fenty Glow was perfect for everyone. I really do not believe in universal products, because there is no one size fits all item. While I specifically bought this because of its claim, I am now perpetuating it. That said, I see 70 one-star reviews at Sephora. It is not for everyone, but it is for “almost” everyone.

I love this gloss. The color is perfect on me. It adds just a hint of color, but it is the shine I really like. This is very comfortable. There is not a lot of stickiness at all (which I appreciate) yet it is hydrating. Like most glosses, I do have to reapply, but there are some glosses that fade faster than this. I’ve tested glosses for a future article comparing them (for one that looks, feels, and wears great). This checks all those boxes. Spoiler alert, this is near the top of my gloss loves, and I will keep trying more to see what else is up there.

I was really hoping the Too Faced Life’s a Festival Eyeshadow Palette was still available, because Nordstrom still had some palettes on 10/18/18 when I did my comprehensive review of this palette and the other gratis items Sephora sent me. Hopefully, those of you who want this can still find a retailer or Too Faced brings this back (as so many limited edition palettes come back these days). Purchasing from a reseller is not something I would ever do, so I would not recommend you do it either. No matter how great something is, there is always something available you can buy without paying exorbitant fees to a reseller. If you want to see some of my looks or why I love this palette so much, visit its article. I had to mention it here, because it was the palette I could not put down this summer. There were so many others I never even got to, because I kept grabbing this for bright looks.

*I paid for everything I mentioned in this article other than the Too Faced Palette. Admittedly, I never would have purchased that Too Faced Palette with my money, but I am very grateful Sephora sent it to me! Falling in love with something that never interested you in the first place can usually only happen when you get gifted something.

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