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FabFitFun Fall 2018 Subscription Box With Add-ons Review

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription. It puts out one box per season. Boxes have over $200 in value. The items are always full-sized and include products from: beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness lines. Subscribers can either pay $179.99 for an annual subscription ($20 off when buying 4 boxes up front) or $49.99 for a Seasonal subscription. Shipping is free, but sales tax gets charged (in certain states). There is usually a code to receive $10 off your first seasonal box. Those codes are fffa2p6 or FAB10Members can select add-ons at deeply discounted prices to include with their boxes. All subscribers get to customize some choice options, but Annual Subscribers (select members) get extra choices.

There are 9 (11 if you figure you get two masks and two tea towels) full-size items and a bonus Luna Bar in this box. After a box that was beautifully curated for summer, I expected the same for fall. None of these items really scream fall to me. Box variations exist.

The one I received on my main account has a $316.98 value. Instead of adding a second box in add-ons as I did in the summer, I opened a new seasonal account for Fall 2018. My reason behind this is I wanted duplicates of some of the items and unique selections on the options. Yes, I could have added extra options for $10 each, but I would not have gotten the extra static items.

For those who try to figure out who got which color box, my boxes were both orange on the outside and blue on the inside even though my first four items in each box were different.

Every box teams with a philanthropic cause. This box supports Right Action for Women, RAW. Christina Applegate founded the charity after her battle with breast cancer. Subscribers were also able to donate during the add-on window.

Everything comes on top of white crinkle cut paper wrapped in white tissue, sealed with a sticker.

Each box comes with a magazine.

It goes over all the available products available for this box.

This includes brief descriptions along with the cost to purchase each item.

Most products have more in-depth descriptions, tips on how to use them, and advice. Some products get more magazine space than others, and it is usually the products that need more tips.

There is always a note from editor.

Feature articles can cover any topic. This one highlights top female executives from the brand featured in this box.

It also had a full-page dedicated to discounts for those of us who want to spend even more money.

Their in-house brand, summer & rose usually has a dedicated ad to itself. I’ve been very impressed with this brand so far.

These boxes usually have a code from Hello Fresh for a discount. I have never used mine, so I like to post it for anyone who may want to try it.

I got two boxes, so I have two codes.

There is also a discount code for the Luna Bar when ordering from Amazon.


There are only two shipping groups. All annual subscriber boxes bill and ship in group one. Seasonal subscriber boxes ship in group two unless they are new and start before the group one bill date, have add-ons, are international, have a military address, or are overseas. In the simplest terms, only seasonal subscribers in the contiguous US without a military address or add-ons ship in group two. Group one got billed on August 15th with all boxes shipped by September 15th. My boxes both went out in group one on 08/29/18 and 08/30/18. They got delivered on 09/01/18 and 09/06/18. Everyone in group two got billed on September 1st with all boxes shipped by September 30th.

All subscribers got to customize three choice options.

Annual subscribers got to customize five items, and seasonal subscribers got to customize three. First time subscribers who join after customization closes get a randomly selected box from the current season or an editor’s box if the seasonal box is sold-out.

The window for the fall box was from August 8th at 9am PST to August 13th at 11:59pm. Members get one choice from each customization row included with the cost of the box. For those who want more than choice per row, they can add extra choices in a given customization row for $10 each as long as supplies last. Those who arrive at the beginning of the customization window can usually add every extra choice if they want to. Popular items will run out of inventory leaving those who arrive later with less extra options.

The first choice was between a Vince Camuto Luck Tote ($128) in Red Desert or Black, and a Crown Brush 6 Piece Brush Set ($75) in Black or Silver. I selected the black brushes for my main box, and the black bag for my second box.

I have hundreds of makeup brushes, but I’ve wanted to explore Crown Brushes ever since I watched Stephanie Nicole’s video on Morphe and how it once private labeled the brushes from Crown. Since watching that video, I have finally purchased some Morphe products, including brushes. My plan is to create a comprehensive review article on Morphe, so I have not discussed anything I’ve tried yet. That article should get published before the year is over. These are my first Crown Brushes, but I have picked up some other Crown products. At some point, I will publish an article comparing Crown to Morphe, but I think that is many months away.

Without even trying these brushes, I can tell you that they are a lot nicer than I expected. They are sturdy and beautiful with soft bristles. Of course, I will not know how they actually perform until I put them to use. The holder that they come in is very cheaply made. I think throwing beautiful brushes in a cheap holder does them a disservice. Many will see the case first and automatically write the brushes off, but it is clear Crown put a lot of effort into the brushes.

This six piece set includes brushes for: powder, blush, concealer, shadow, blending, and eyeliner. Between these brushes and the beautyblender, you would have enough for a full face of makeup. Granted, you can always add a few other brushes, but this is a great starter set of essential brushes that should exist in every collection. There are no fluff brushes here. Some may like the cutouts in these brushes that help the user hold them in the proper place. I rarely hold my brushes the way I should, so I can see this being an issue. On the bright side, if I place my fingers in the divots when I remember, my makeup application might look better once it is over.

I decided I would only get a bag if I purchased a second box. The option to add the bag for $10 did not really appeal to me, because I own so many already. Some will say there is no such thing as too many and while I somewhat agree, shelling out $10, even for a bag worth $128, did not appeal to me if it would just sit unused in my collection. Getting it with other items makes it cheaper than $10. Selecting the color was a little harder. Black is more versatile, but I was ordering a bag set (in add-ons) that would have gone better with the reddish-brown bag. Ultimately, I settled on black, because I realized I would probably not carry it with the weekender set I ordered below.

The bag is vegan leather, which will help it wipe clean easier. Had I paid $128 for this bag, I would have been extremely disappointed. The stitching on the bottom is not aligned, which causes the material to bulge. Unless I focus on the bottom, I do like the bag. The lines (minus the bottom) are sleek, especially with the stripe that goes down the center. It is very pleasing to my eye. There is a pocket inside the bag where I can throw some money, my license and a credit card if I choose to grab this over a purse for an outing. I can see myself doing that when I am going somewhere with my laptop. My laptop fits nicely into this bag with some room to spare.

The second choice was between the Alfred Teapot ($26), and the Alfred French Press. I selected the french press for my main box, and the teapot for my second box. My husband drinks coffee and tea, but I do not drink either. He said he preferred the coffee press to the teapot, so I placed that in the main box.

The main reason my husband opted for the french press is his old one broke. This one, while adorable, is not very sturdy. I cannot see it lasting for years on end.

He loves coffee, and this is the perfect serving size for 1-2 people. Those serving more people would probably want something bigger.

Since the pieces are detachable, people can use this as a serving pitcher for other liquids.

I find the ceramic teapot extremely adorable. Cherry blossoms are always beautiful, even when painted on. My husband does like tea, both loose leaf and bagged. This has a removable infuser, so he can use this either way. It is even smaller than the french press, so this would probably only serve one person.

We have a large stainless steel teapot, but with my husband as the only one who drinks tea, this might be more practical for making a single glass. He does not particularly like the design and prefers stainless steel to ceramic, so it is possible this will rarely get used. Knowing this was possible, I did not want to pay $10 for it. Getting it with other items makes it cheaper than $10.

The third choice was between the Catherine Malandrino Umbrella ($39.99) in Black and White or Pink and White, and the CYLO Cobra Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds ($40) in Black with Rose Gold or White With Rose Gold. I selected the umbrella with black and white for my main box, and the black with rose gold earbuds in my second box.

I purchased a beautiful colored umbrella as an add-on with the summer box. Though it looks different from the one offered here, I thought I should grab a standard umbrella as well.

The black and white one seemed like one I could get my kids to use, if necessary. Yes, it has flowers on it, but they would use it if they did not want to get wet and forgot their umbrellas. They have umbrellas of their own, but I like to store mine in the car. My family always steals my umbrellas and forgets to return them to my car.

If I have multiples, the odds of having at least one when it is raining increases. Wouldn’t be nice if my husband can return my beautiful Sephora umbrella that he borrowed a while ago and I have not seen since.

I prefer over the ear headphones when I am listening to something on my laptop, but I like inner ear headphones when I am listening to music on my phone. My husband bought me an iPhone X a while ago, and it does not have a headphone plug. The phone did come with headphones (and I will try them if I can ever find them). Getting a bluetooth set seemed perfect, because I would not have to find and figure out how to use the new ones I’ve misplaced that came with the phone. Knowing they would be safe if I ordered the white ones, I still opted for the back ones. They intrigued my son, who also misplaced his apple earbuds. He is definitely my kid. Now that he’s tried them, he loves them. I did test them, and they have great sound quality. Thus, I cannot reclaim them as my own. If these pop up in the future in add-ons or through the edit sale, I will probably grab a pair for myself. This time, I will grab white, so they won’t get stolen by any of the boys in my house.

Annual (select) subscribers got two extra options

Annual members can choose one of these in each row for no extra cost and add as many extras as they want for $10 each. Seasonal members do not get a choice (or an extra choice) with these customizations. They will receive one at random from each row.

The fourth choice was between the FARMACY Dew It All Total Eye Cream ($38), the touch in SOL Metallist Liquid Foil Lipstick Duo in Penny ($24.99/$25), and the Cuccio Somatology yogahhh! Detox Bath ($39.95). I selected the eye cream for my main box and received a duplicate eye cream at random in my seasonal box.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Farmacy brand, and I can always use eye cream. It seemed like the most practical item for me to select. This cream claims to moisturize while minimizing the signs: of aging, stress, fatigue, and dark circle appearance. Those are all things I want in my eye cream, so I hope the claims are true. Since my second box is seasonal (until future boxes get announced I will not know if I want more than one), I did not get to choose the item in the second box. Either option would have been great. As I already own the touch in SOL Liquid Foil Lipstick in Maria, I was hoping for the detox bath. The only good thing about getting a duplicate eye cream is my 40-year-old husband FINALLY agreed to use eye cream when I told him I had an extra. After buying him eye creams in the past that I eventually had to give to someone else when he left them untouched, I am happy he is going to try some.

The fifth choice was between the Grown Alchemist Polishing Facial Exfoliant: Pink Grapefruit & Glucomannan Extract ($67), Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia & Geranium Blossom ($49/$59), and the Grown Alchemist Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser: Olive Leaf & Plantago Extract ($49). I selected the exfoliant for my main box and received the day cream at random in my second box.

I am overly stocked on all three products in this category, so I did not really care which one I received. Grown Alchemist is a great brand with nice reviews, so I will eventually try these items. The main reason I selected the exfoliant in my main box is it was the most expensive option. When I have no preference for one item over another, I will usually grab the one with higher value. My skincare routine does alternate physical and chemical exfoliants. This one claims it moisturizes dry skin and fights free radicals. That sounds great to me.

Though I did not get to pick the item in the second box, I am happy with the day cream. I use far more moisturizer than face wash, and face washes always come in larger sizes. It takes so little product to wash my face, but I slather moisturizer on. This one has active ingredients that visibly improve hydration, balance sebum levels, soothe skin, and repair UV damage. The camellia, rosehip, and jojoba are all ingredients I’ve enjoyed in other products. My expectations for this are very high.

All subscribers receive the remaining items

The beautyblender® retails for $20. Color selection was random. I received black in my main box and pale pink in my second box. Black is typically the beautyblender pro version, but these are both regular beautyblenders done in special colors. Since beautyblenders bleed, I was happy to get the pale pink shade. My guess is it will bleed less than the others. In my attempt to find a cheaper sponge that works as well as this, I have purchased a lot of competitors over the past year. After trying about half of them, this is still my favorite. For those who need a spoiler, the L’Oreal sponge is probably the closest dupe (so far as I have a bit more to test).

The beautyblender has the perfect balance of softness without absorbing too much product. It doubles in size when it is wet. That wetness does sheer out the product you are applying, but it also helps prevent the sponge from absorbing too much. Harder sponges typically absorb less but take forever to blend product into the skin. Softer sponges absorb too much product. Of course, there is the elf sponge that is as hard as a rock yet still absorbs a lot of product. That is an anomaly for another time though. If you happen upon this article many months from now, there is a chance I finally finished my beautyblender compassion article. Use the search bar to see if I did, because I am sure I will not remember to come back here and link it.

The GLAMGLOW® BUBBLESHEET™ OXYGENATING DEEP CLEANSE MASK retails for $9. There are 2 in each box giving this an $18 value. I received one of these in the Limited Edition Birchbox, Millennial Time Capsule, but I have not tried it. This oxygenating mask purifies pores and bubbles upon application. It is something I’ve wanted to try since it released, so I will definitely place it in my October foil challenge.

The Simply Whimsical Tea Towels are $14.99 for this set of two. These would have matched my California kitchen beautifully. Even though they do not match my kitchen as well, I do think these are lovely. Every time I buy kitchen towels, I always buy them in sets of four. Since I got two in each box, I have four of these as well. They are traditional tea towels, so they will not work well for drying hands or dishes. Those are the two main things I use kitchen towels for. I am unsure how I will end up using these, but I am leaning toward decoration.

The SKIN&CO Roma Blue in Capri retails for $22. It is a multipurpose shower gel with wild sage, lemon, and alpine rose. Until I try this, I am unsure what I think of those scent combinations. They are sound lovely apart, but overpowering together. Paying $22 for a 7.7oz body wash is not something I would do often even if I end up loving this. At least I have two, so I can use it longer if I love it. If I dislike it, I will gift the second one to someone else.

The LUNA® Rica™ Bar is not included in the box value, because it is a bonus. I am unsure if subscribers received different flavors, but I received Salted Caramel Nut in both of mine. That meant my husband was lucky and got to try one. There is no way I would have given him one if they were different flavors. I’ve tried Clif bars before, but this was my first experience (that I can recall anyway) with the Luna bar. It is really good. For a second, I was certain it was a candy bar, because it was so sweet. My guess is the sweetness comes from the caramel and cashew butter filling, because it overpowers the touch of salt and nuts.

This has a lot of carbs, mostly derived from sugar. So, it really is a glorified candy bar. At least it has some protein, so it will fill your stomach a little better than most candy. Definitely pass if you are looking for a healthy snack though.

My Second Box

I used a $10 discount code (above and below) to get this box for $39.99. That was a $10 savings over purchasing it in add-ons. Between the savings and getting the option to choose the first three items, this was a no-brainer. Too bad I did not think of this before ordering a duplicate box from add-ons in the summer. For those who wonder if you get referral credit for referring yourself, I can assure you that you do not. After using my referral link and not getting credit, I confirmed that they catch when boxes go to the same person. It makes sense that they would restrict this, but I did not know they did when I tried.

I already covered all the items above, so I will just briefly say that I have no regrets paying $40 for all these extra items. Those who end up buying three or more extra choice options in different customization categories should consider purchasing second box instead. You will get the items anyway, plus extras of the items in all boxes. As someone who purchases beautyblenders all the time, I would have paid $20 sooner if I did not grab this. That made the decision to purchase a second box even easier.


My favorite part of this subscription is the ability to purchase add-ons. These products get discounted 30-70% off. The add-on window opened to select members on August 6th at 9am and seasonal members on August 9th at 9am. Members are only charged for items that are still in their carts at 11:59pm on August 13th. This means items are not officially sold-out until then. As members remove things from their cart throughout the sale, you can add them to yours. I suggest adding items you missed to your favorites, so you can periodically check them until the sale is over.

I spread my add-ons over the two boxes, because I grabbed things as they came back in stock. You have to move fast when out-of-stock items come back, so I grabbed them from whatever account I was in. There was also one item I wanted four of. Each account can only purchase three of any given add-on. Having the second account helped me with that product.


Bundles are great to purchase when you want all or most of the items in the curation, because you save over buying all items individually. Even when there is a weak item (based on personal preference in the bundle), you should consider the bundle if it costs about the same as the items you want. When it is only $1-$5 more, you can always gift the superfluous item. The best scenario is when the bundle with the item you do not want costs less than purchasing the items you do want separately. It is rare, but that does happen. Only two bundles interested me this round.

The Summer & Rose Beanie & Scarf Bundle was $24.00.

This bundle includes: a Carlie Blanket Scarf in Pink/Grey ($38), and a Summer & Rose Slouchie Ivy Beanie in Grey ($38). FabFitFun lists the scarf as a Sara Ombre Scarf in Pink/Grey, but I located that on the Summer & Rose website. It is different. I was only able to grab this in the last 30 minutes of the sale. Every other time I checked, it was out-of-stock.

The scarf is 100% acrylic and is not overly thick. I think it should make a great fall scarf. It has muted colors and fringed ends. These colors pair nicely together. FabFitFun sold this separately for $19.

The beanie is also 100% acrylic, but it is woven thicker than the blanket. This might be a little too warm for fall, but it will be great in the winter. FabFitFun sold this separately for $14.

That brings the value for this $24 bundle to $76. Had I purchased everything separately at the FabFitFun price, I would have paid $33. This bundle saved me $9.

Summer & Rose Weekender & Garment Bag Bundle was $59.00.

This bundle includes: a Summer & Rose Mollie Weekender in natural ($125), and a Summer & Rose Delilah Garment Bag in natural ($60). It did not open up until the last day of the sale.

The weekender bag is 21.7″x9.5″x13.4″. That is not the biggest weekender bag I’ve seen, but it is big enough for me.

This has a removable strap, so you can wear this over your shoulder or carry it like a duffel bag.

It is canvas and vegan leather. This does not look as sleek in person as it does online, but I am still happy with the purchase.

I think it will hold up well, because it is nicely made. The striped lining on the inside looks classic. FabFitFun sold this separately for $39.

The garment bag is 42″x 24″. It is canvas and vegan leather. Like its matching bag, it does not look as sleek in person as it does online. This still looks great and is nicely made.

It has the same striking lining as the bag. My guess is it will hold up well, but it is always hard to tell with garment bags. Sometimes the zipper gives up before the bag does. FabFitFun sold this separately for $29.

That brings the value for this $59 bundle to $185. Had I purchased everything separately at the FabFitFun price, I would have paid $68. This bundle saved me $9.

Single Products

I purchased four Sol de Janeiro Samba 2 Step Foot Fetish Care sets ($27). FabFitFun sold these for $11, so they were $44. Every member of my family always complains of dry feet. They rarely treat their feet. When they take off with whatever foot cream I am using and do not bring it back, I have to open a backup. My feet are way too dry not to treat them after every wash, so I go through a lot of foot cream without any help. Since my oldest son just started middle school, he can probably start using a foot file now.

This set has an adorable foot file that looks like a surfboard.

The surfboard itself is well made, but the file is just a sticker glued to the back. After a single use, it already gets mucked up a little. At first, I thought it was silly that Sol de Janeiro does not sell the foot cream alone thinking no one needs the board every time. My guess is the file on the back of the board will stop working around the time the foot cream is gone. It might last a little longer for my family since they do not apply foot cream as often. I am hoping that they will all apply it more now that they have their own.

My youngest son will probably not need the file in his, but I knew I could not get a set for me, his Dad, and his brother without getting one for him. He would have been sad if I left him out. Even though he is years away from needing a FOREO, he was already sad that everyone in the house got a FOREO thanks to the summer boxes and summer Editor’s Box. This is another reason I opened the second account. Without the second account, I could not have ordered four of these. There was no way I was going to buy one for the full-price at $27 for him either.

The foot cream itself is thinner than most foot creams, but it does moisturize. It smells just like the regular Bum Bum cream, so they pair really nicely together. Even though the surfboard file is adorable and the cream does moisturize despite being thin, I cannot see myself purchasing it for $27. Hopefully, I can find future deals on it, so I can purchase more again.

The AHAVA Dermud Foot Cream retails for $29. FabFitFun sells this for $11. As I’ve already mentioned above, I have very dry feet. One thing I did not mention above is I ran out of my beloved foot cream recently. It got discontinued, so I have to find something new to replace it.

This is one I have not tried yet. I did get a different AHAVA foot cream in the summer Edit Sale, but I have not tried it yet. Whether I end up loving that or not, I wanted to try this one.

If it locks in moisture like it claims to relieve painfully dry, rough, cracked, or coarse skin, it will be perfect for me. Mud in foot cream also intrigues me, so I am curious to see how it will work.

I wanted to get the MYTAGALONGS Hot/Cold Pack in Teal ($15) with the Spring Editor’s Box. The bath bomb option spoke to me just a tad more, but I knew I would not mind having this if the price was right. FabFitFun sold it for $5. At that price, everyone else wanted it as well. It was one of the last items I got after a lot of stalking.

While I would have preferred the black one that says Cold Hearted Snake, this will do. If the black one does appear in a future sale, I will try to grab it. A $15 ice pack is not ideal, but I love that this works hot or cold. This also has a hard surface that is sturdy and easy to clean. Whatever germs get on this can easily get sanitized away. Wrapping this in a towel is perfect, because I can throw the towel in the washing machine. My other packs are either fabric (harder to clean) or thin (risk of them breaking).

The Herbal Dynamics Mango & Green Tea Firming Eye Mask retails for $20. FabFitFun sold this for $5. This is the first firming eye mask in a jar I’ve ever purchased. It also claims to reduce the appearance of dark circles with green tea and caffeine.

There is apple and mango extracts to calm and soothe puffiness. If this actually works, I can save a lot of money over single use disposable masks.

The Herbal Dynamics Volumizing and Smoothing Rapid Lip Mask retails for $20. FabFitFun sold this for $5. My lips get very dry, but most single use lip masks give me whiteheads around my mouth. Even when I find one that doesn’t, the cost turns me off.

This one has a natural peptide that stimulates hyaluronic acid synthesis for plumper and softer lips. It also has Xylitol, which aids in moisture retention and antioxidant-rich apple extract to promote renewal. If this actually works, I would love to use this over disposable ones. While I do not really care about plumping my lips, I am not against it either.

The Nudestix Clean Up Pencil retails for $24. FabFitFun sold this for $9. I make a lot of mistakes when I am applying makeup. It is not one of my talents. Though I’ve purchased cleanup products and tools before, I usually resort to a Q-Tip.

This seems like it is easy to use. If the product inside actually works, I can see myself reaching for this often.

The Skyn Iceland Nordic Skin Peel retails for $45. FabFitFun sold this for $14.

I love trying new peels, because I have yet to find the one I am happily willing to shell out the full price for.

My skin seems happiest when I mix chemical and physical exfoliators.

My favorite peel (so far) is just more than I am willing to spend. Until I find the one, I will happily use as many as I can when I find great deals on them.

The Skin Laundry SleepCycle Pillowcase with Silver Ion Technology retails for $35/$30. It’s too bad FabFitFun sold the king size, because I will need to fold these over to fit normal pillows. FabFitFun sold this for $12. I bought two, so I spent $24. My 11-year-old is starting to acne, so I wanted to grab a couple of these.

Giving my son a backup, so he still has a pillowcase when one is dirty was my original plan. After a hormonal breakout that was worse than usual, I am thinking of using his extra pillowcase once a month for myself. These pillowcases that fight acne intrigue me. This could be a total gimmick, but $12 for a pillowcase is not too bad even if it never helps.

After reading some reviews, it seems like they get harder every time you wash them. That means it is unlikely we will keep these for very long. At least I’d be more willing to plop down $30 each even if I have to replace them once a year once I know they work.

The Bentgo All-In-One Stackable Lunchbox in Blue retails for $29.99/$14.99. FabFitFun sold this for $7.

I purchased two, so I paid $14. Even though I prefer the purple, I bought these for my boys. They have traditional lunch boxes, but I thought these would be better for days when they have home cooked meals.

There is nothing to throw away with these, so less packaging will get wasted when they carry them. These are smaller than I expected. By the time you add the freezer pack to the bottom tier, you could not add much else.

Plus, the top tier could not take a freezer pack at all (unless it was very small, because of the compartments). That limits what items you can place up there or how long you can keep it out of the fridge.

This might be better for someone who is taking it to work where it is only out of the fridge on the commute. It comes with reusable plastic utensils and a place to store them.

The Solefog Shoe Odor Eliminator in Fresh retails for $10. FabFitFun sold this for $5. I originally bought one for my son in citrus and one for my brother in fresh with the spring box. This product promises to kill the odor causing bacteria.

When I initially reviewed this for the spring box, I figured it masked odor. With continued use, I noticed my son’s feet no longer made me want to leave the room. It is not a miracle worker, so there is still some negative scent. If his feet stunk at a level 10 before this product, they are now at a 3-4 when he uses this. The best part is he does not even have to use it all the time. Only when the bacteria gets bad does it need a follow-up spray. We still have product left in the one we purchased in the spring. I got this to try the other scent and so we have a back up for when the other one runs out.

The GLAMGLOW #GLITTERMASK retails for $59. FabFitFun sold this for $19. It is usually easy to find a sample or purchase a smaller size from this brand, but I never saw an option for that on this mask.

I wanted to try this mask, but $59 for a firming mask is not how I want to spend my money. That could change when I am older. Getting the full-size for $19 is perfect, because that is the price of the old travel size.

Yes, I thought it was odd that the brand discounted the full-size from $69 to $59, but increased the travel size from $19 to $25 for all its masks. Glitter is fun and this is supposedly safe for the environment glitter.

This comes with a mini brush to apply the mask and a single use foil of GRAVITYMUD.

The Kate Somerville UncompliKated SPF 50 Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray retails for $38. FabFitFun sold this for $14. This claims to provide SPF 50 via a fine-mist that instantly sets make-up, reduces shine, and provides a matte finish for a soft focus effect. I am usually not a fan of a matte finish, and I do not really need shine control. My skin is dry. However, I have yet to try an SPF spray that does not burn my eyes.

For hot days when I am out in the sun and wearing makeup, I cannot reapply sunscreen to a made up face. If I can find a setting spray that does not mess up my makeup or burn my eyes, I am more likely to touch up my SPF. Should this dry out my skin the way most matte setting sprays do, I will not purchase it again.

The Olive & Pique Blanket Scarf in white/black retails for $34. FabFitFun sold this for $14. I thought this scarf looked like a table-cloth, but I like that.

A nice blanket scarf for the upcoming winter weather is awesome for times when it is really cold outside. Getting some fashion with my warmth is always nice. It is not as thick as I thought it would be, but it is softer than I expected.

The Saint Lola Pave Washer Studs retail for $26. FabFitFun sold these for $9. I rarely wear jewelry. As such, I almost never buy jewelry. My preference for obtaining jewelry is via boxes. That means I do not usually get full say in the pieces I end up with. When I saw these, I immediately thought they were beautiful.

Sometimes the holes in my ears close up, because I go too long without wearing any earrings. If I occasionally wear these, which I already told you are beautiful, I can keep my holes open. Since I could not even find a link for these, I am even more grateful I bought them. Regretting passing on them and searching for them later would have been unfruitful. They are hypoallergenic Surgical steel with gold-plated brass, so I hope they do not make my ears itch. Some metals do not play well with my ear lobes.

The IEssentials Power Bank retails for $29.99. FabFitFun sold it for $7. It claimed it was compatible with most USB devices and holds enough juice for three full charges. When you go to the direct link, it claims it works with Apple devices, but I tested a lot using different cords to no avail. Even when I plug this into an Apple lightning cord via the USB side, it does not work.

I noticed the micro USB on one side and figured my kids could use this for their androids even if we could not use it with our Apple devices. They each have an Apple and an android tablet. Only when using the plug that came with it to connect it to another device does it work. My son is not thrilled that this is pink, but I gave it to him. None of my devices work with this.

The Laguna Salt 4 Pack The Seasonal retails for $34.95. FabFitFun sells this for $12. My husband loves seasoning and salts in particular, so I ordered this for him.

I got an email that this will ship separately. Apparently, there was an issue with the labels claiming the salts expired. Since these salts do not expire, they sent them back for new labels. Instead of waiting for the new ones to arrive, FabFitFun mailed my box without it. It arrived at the end of September.

It includes: a 3oz Sweet Hibiscus, a 2oz The Traditional, a 2oz Tuscan Rosemary, and a 3oz Pink Himalayan. At $3 a salt (FabFitFun price), these are cheaper than the ones you get at the supermarket.

This box has a $1471.90 value ($316.98 subscription 1 + $355.99 subscription 2 + $798.93 add-ons). I paid $39.99 for the second subscription on 08/11/18, $294 for add-ons on 08/15/18, and $179.99 before that for 4 boxes making the total spent for these items $378.99. My overall discount was 74.25% off. That brings the average box value for the year to $336.99 (I only use the value of the main box each season to calculate this). My personal value on the main box is also $316.98, because I will keep everything in it. Technically, I will never use the coffee pot, but it is staying in my house. On the second box, my personal value is $277.99, because my son took the headphones and my husband took the eye cream. The teapot is not something I will ever use, but it is staying in my house. When it comes to immediate family taking items from you, personal value is debatable. Everything they own, I must buy.

This box is definitely worth more than the $45 (got a discount for paying for 4 boxes up front) plus tax I paid. I would still rank the Summer 2018 box as my favorite, but this is a great box. If I did not think this was a great box, I would not have purchased two of them, so that is a given. The only box I did not think was great was the spring 2018, but I still felt like it was worth the $49.99 I paid. This has quickly become my favorite subscription box. When you combine great box items with a stack of out-of-this world add-ons, it makes the overall deal incredible and way too good to pass up.

Ready to subscribe? Visit my FFF Page for more information about this subscription and shop purchases for subscribers. All available offers get posted there as well as everything I know about the retailer and links to helpful sections of the site. See all FabFitFun articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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