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Ulta Beauty Offers 3x Points on Everything for UltaMate and 5x Points for Platinum and Diamond Members 2018

I track all Ulta offers. This article will track every offer given for 3x points on everything to UltaMate members and 5x points for Platinum and Diamond members in 2018. Articles have already gone up for 5x points on everything, 2x for UltaMate, 3x for Platinum, 4x for Diamond, 10x Points for Diamond and Platinum, and 5x points on specific brands or products. This is typically the last (unique) offer each year, so it will usually be the last article on points published each year. Any after this would be new offers, which have not existed in the past. Every time a corresponding offer pops up, I edit the respective article for the year instead of starting a new one. That keeps every like offer in one place.

You can always look in the Rewards section of your Account whether you receive a notification email from Ulta or not. Offers can get activated from there or via email (if you receive one). This article pertains to blanket (general) offers based on level, so most should get included. It does seem that those excluded are having less luck getting included when they call customer service. They are typically told the offers are targeted, but blanketed offers to a reward tier are not usually targeted. To learn more about earning points, I recommend reading this article on Earning and Redeeming Points.

UltaMate members get 3x points while Platinum and Diamond members get 5x points from today, 09/09/18 through 09/12/18. This is the first offer of 2018 for this promotion.

This event only took place twice in 2017, so we are right on track for 2018. In 2017, the 3x points for UltaMate members, and 5x points for Platinum members took place from 09/07/17 through 09/10/17 and again from 12/26/17 through 01/01/18.

I will continue to post offers I am aware of so no worries if you happen upon this post after the offers above expire. If you have questions about any Ulta Coupon, I go over all types. Targeted Offers are exclusive to UltaMate Members so I do recommend joining. Remember to check all Ulta offers before placing an online order, because there are always general or brand specific offers that are not targeted. Deal stacking is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. See all Ulta articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal at Ulta. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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