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Birchbox Customer Appreciation Day September 13th, 2018

Birchbox was the first subscription box to make an impact on the multi-billion dollar a year beauty industry. Many, including Birchbox, consider it the Original Beauty Box. A lot of subscription box addicts began our addiction to boxes thanks to Birchbox. Well, I’ve never had more than six unique subscriptions at a time, so I am a subscription box amateur. Though I’ve explained why I like subscription boxes, I feel like they are only a part of getting the best deal. Thus, I cannot see myself ever having too many subscriptions. Then again, some might say one is too many. I began my subscription journey in February 2014 with Birchbox. It is the only subscription (other than Julep since May 2014) that I’ve had this long. Others have come and gone.

Happy Birthday, Birchbox. Birchbox turns eight next month. It started customer appreciation day in 2014 to celebrate its fourth anniversary. Every September since, Customer Appreciation Day returns for one-day. On this day, Birchbox holds a number of deals. The 2018 event was probably the weakest I’ve seen yet with one minor exception (scroll down for the next set of bold writing if you are not interested in the fluff).

I noticed the event on my product card for my August 2018 subscription box. One of the main reasons I love Birchbox so much is after over four and a half years as a member, I still get a lot of new things to try. That speaks to the sheer volume of products it samples. There is a good mix of well-known brands and things I’ve never heard of that I never would have tried without my Birchbox subscription.

The back of the September 2018 subscription box card went over some highlights from the first 8 years. It mentions that Birchbox reached over 1 million subscribers. I know it was at 1 million back when it gave review points, but I thought it dipped since then. Funny enough, it also mentions that it has 136,000 reviews for the Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle. As review points (after your first 5) no longer exist, I seriously doubt people will review products in such numbers again.

Thanks to Birchbox, I’ve fallen in love with so many things, including Egyptian Magic, dr. brandt microdermabrasion, and the Real Chemistry Peel to name a few. It really opened up my love of trying new things. In contrast, my Sephora Play Boxes, are mostly repeats from things I’ve already tried. The only reason I stay subscribed to Sephora Play is they are usually cult classic repeats from well-known brands. As long as the item is something I know and love, I never mind getting repeats.

In the first two years of this event, select customers got contacted for surprise giveaways. If that happened in the past three years, it was not advertised at all. Of course, that does not mean it did not happen. Birchbox could have notified the winners privately without mentioning them. This year, I came across a promotion for a Casting Call. The entry period was June 26th through July 7th, but I did not even come across the link until I saw the advertisement on the card in my August box. Birchbox never notified me of this either. In case the link goes away at some point, I grabbed a screenshot of this promotion.

It says there will be five winners who will get featured on Customer Appreciation Day.

I found this Instagram post on Customer Appreciation Day, but it is from three days earlier.

I found this Instagram post of Customer Appreciation Day, but it is from the day before.

I found a YouTube video, posted 09/06/18, from the same girl, so I think this is included in the second spotlight.

This Youtube video, posted 09/12/18, says it was customer inspired. It does not actually say it is a customer spotlight like the two on Instagram, so I assume this does not feature a contest winner.

This Youtube video, also posted 09/12/18, says it was customer inspired. It does not actually say it is a customer spotlight like the two on Instagram, so I assume this does not feature a contest winner.

There is a Youtube video thanking subscribers. While I am sure the employees enjoyed making it, it is a pointless video. Seriously, do not even click on it.

If I ever find the other three “winners,” I will add them here. As of 6:21pm on 09/13/18, I cannot find them. I am rarely on Instagram, so I will have to remember to randomly check to see if the other three pop up anytime soon.

As a subscriber who has never won anything, I always hold out hope that this will be the year I get something special. I’ve been a subscriber since the first event in 2014. Birchbox employees seem to have a lot of fun and always talk about how busy their day is, but most subscribers do not see much. In 2015, I know someone who received 500 points on Customer Appreciation Day for anything in the shop. I wonder if Birchbox still does this, because some points to purchase a new limited edition box would be great. The last two releases are missing from my collection. Every year since I’ve checked my points, but they are always the same as the day before.

On September 13th, Customer Appreciation Day entered its fifth annual event. In the past, there were always at least some special deals (a list of discounted products) available for Customer Appreciation Day. I could not find any deals today (other than one promotion below).

While there are some perks you must subscribe for, the main perk of Customer Appreciation Day was open to any Birchbox customer, even those who’ve never had a subscription. I guess that is a good thing, since Birchbox is trying to drive more customers to the shop.

Any customer who is in New York on the 13th can register for this party through Eventbrite. This is at the Birchbox Soho location at 433 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012, from 5-8pm EST. The store will host giveaways, shopping deals, a build your own candy bar, selfie station, and more. It is a free event. If I were in New York, I would definitely go. Looks like a fun event. That means New York subscribers who are willing to go to the event will definitely see a benefit to this day. I will link a blog or vlog from anyone who attends (if I find one).

Ten customers won the wishlist of their choice up to $200. While that is great for the 10 winners, it is an extremely small percentage of Birchbox customers. I do think having active wishlists is a good idea, because I’ve seen other times when Birchbox says it will grant wishlists to customers. If I know about a wishlist giveaway in advance, I will always update mine. Things go out-of-stock, and I want to win the maximum value of the offer. Sure the odds are slim, but you can always win if you’re entered. Those without a wishlist could not even win this promotion, so I guess it technically increases the odds. Create a wishlist for possible promotions, and it helps you remember what to buy next.

I received an email on 09/12/18 that Aces were getting early access to Customer Appreciation Day.

It said Aces would automatically get $10 off any products at checkout “today.” This is an automatic discount, so it will pair with a promo code (for products, not another discount).

When I followed the link in the email on the 12th, I saw a pop-up that claims Aces get $10 off and other customers get $5 off. All customers also get free shipping (Aces always get free shipping; other customers are getting free shipping just for Customer Appreciation Day), and there is no purchase minimum for the discount. I did not want to make any purchases on the 12th, because I wanted to see all the 13th offers first. Thankfully, the $5 off every order and $10 off every Ace order was still valid on the 13th. It is the one redeeming perk of Customer Appreciation Day that all customers can actually take part in. All other offers make little to no impact at all in making most customers feel appreciated, since so few will actually win. Discount codes are available on and off throughout the year, so I wanted something more. I know that makes me sound ungrateful, but a single discount code was all I could really claim to make this day special.

Subscribers can purchase featured boxes for $10. Since the September curated box already caught my eye, I used my $10 discount to grab that box for free. My review of this box was posted separately. I did not purchase anything else, so Birchbox made no money off me today. After spending a lot of time tracking everything down for this article (because I started it well before CAD with the hope there would be more than this solo offer), I was feeling even less appreciated. Usually, I would feel guilty for placing an $0 order they have to pay to ship to me, but I wanted to feel like I did not waste hours of my life writing a pointless article. Now that I am getting a free September 2018 Curated Box, I feel appreciated. Thanks, Birchbox.

When subscribers, usually only Aces but all subscribers at times, get 50 surprise points for 48-hours, there is usually no purchase minimum on that either. This was basically giving Aces $5 more than that offer, which happens at least four times a year. Customers only get one $5 (for regular) or one $10 (for Aces) discount. Orders under $25 will not qualify for a promo code (for products as promo codes for discounts will not usually combine with an automatic discount and typically have a $35 minimum) and orders under $35 will not get a free sample pack. If you are okay with forgoing those bonus items (that I usually love getting), you could theoretically shop without spending any money, like I did. As soon as the box I ordered arrives, I will review it. It is unlikely that I will remember to link it here, so use the search bar to find the review if you read this at least 10 days from 09/13/18.

Tipple + Rose Tea Parlor and Apothecary, FrankieLucy Bakeshop, and possibly other places offered free coffee to the first 100 Birchbox customers. I do not drink coffee, so I would have passed even if I lived in a city that offered the event. It was not advertised very well though. I did not find out about the Tipple one in Atlanta until days after the event, so I am sure there were others.

The only social media giveaway I saw today was for 3 Instagram winners to get a Limited Edition Birchbox, The Starter Pack. Entrants needed to heart the post and tag someone. I entered, because winning this one is the only way I will get it. There are too many items I’ve already tried (as expected since I’ve been subscribed so long).

Some new products also launched on the 12th, just in time for Customer Appreciation Day.

Most of these are just new sets from brands Birchbox already carried.

Some of them are new products to existing lines.

New Discovery Kits are also available. We also got one new Limited Edition Birchbox, which is the one from the Instagram giveaway, The Starter Pack. This does have four full size items and an adorable Birchbox holder. Only those who really are new to Birchbox or really love a lot of items in this might consider this a good deal. For free, it is a good deal. At $39, it is an easy pass.

New gifts with purchase also launched for this event. I am not going to cover all of them.

Birchbox went live at noon PST on Facebook to go over some customer questions.

Those on Instagram also got some questions answered.

I am unsure if I will cover this event for 2019. It seems like Birchbox offers less each year. Unless you were one of the VERY few lucky people who won something, I did not need to dedicate an entire article to essentially say, the only thing you get today is $5 off if you are a regular customer or $10 off if you are an Ace. Sorry for wasting your time. My hope was that the event would have grown this year. You know me though. Once I start an article, I am going to provide as many details as possible. I placed the only important details in bold so those who do not care to read the fluff can get to the important info. Notice how little bold type there is in this article? Exactly!

Birchbox Women

If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers. Look at discount offers and items available in the Bonus Shop when shopping the store. Remember to add your free two-piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus ShopTips For Getting the Best Deal lays out all the ways I know to save money at Birchbox. See other Birchbox articles and Limited Edition Boxes. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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