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FabFitFun Summer 2018 Edit Sale Haul and Review

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I cannot believe add-on selection for Fall 2018 opened to everyone today, because I received this order from the Edit Sale less than two weeks ago. Customization also opened yesterday. If you have not already made your selections, do that soon. FabFitFun held its Summer 2018 Edit Sale from July 9th through July 16th. It was a subscriber only sale where FabFitFun sold items from past boxes, past add-ons, and new items for 25-70% off. Annual subscribers had first access starting on the 9th, and seasonal subscribers got to shop the sale starting on the 12th. Under the Edit Sale, subscribers fill their carts throughout the event. A full day after the sale wraps, subscribers get charged for everything in their carts, tax in applicable states, and shipping (if their orders fall under $25). Items ship ten days after the charge gets processed (it is usually faster than this).

Many people add all the items that interest them when the sale opens but drop items before it wraps. This means items that are initially out-of-stock can return at any time. I suggest adding items you want to your favorites and periodically checking that tab to see if other subscribers release the item you want. Don’t forget to pare your cart down before the sale wraps or you will be the lucky (or unlucky depending on your budget) new owner of every item you place in your cart.

It took some stalking, but I was eventually able to get everything I wanted in the sale. The donut was out-of-stock all week, but someone released less than 30 minutes before the deadline to edit carts. I also dropped a $29 towel and added a $29 mystery bundle at the last-minute. This was the first time I’ve taken the gamble on the mystery bundle.

As I mentioned in the article where I show all the options for Edit Sale items, some members had a pop up banner to receive a free 3-piece mystery gift with a $100 purchase. I did not have that banner, but I still purchased all the items I wanted in the sale. Since I did not receive the banner, I am not going to cover the items those who received the banner got. Everyone got the mystery gift in the Spring Edit Sale, so I did cover what I received in that article.

My items shipped on the 25th so it was nine days after the sale wrapped and eight days after FabFitFun charged me. They arrived on the 28th. While that is not the fastest shipping ever, it was fast considering there is a 10-day quote to start shipping. Shipping times for regular boxes increased in the summer, but I have not read anything about an increase on shipping for edit sale items.

This is everything I got for $249. I go over the value at the end, but it is clear from the picture alone that I made out like a bandit. The Towels do come wrapped the way they were in the Summer Box, but I needed them for a trip to the water park before I took the photos.

The mystery bundle was $29 and usually has a value over $100. It includes 3-5 items. I have a separate article to track all Mystery Bundles I order, so I will never go into great detail in the haul I purchased the bundle with. If you want more details on this bundle or any other bundle I order, view that article. My items were an 8oz EiR Surf Mud Body Oil ($35), a 1.7oz non gender specific Everything Serum ($65), a Sip Sip Tumbler With Straw ($14), and a Hadron Epoch Los Angeles Grid Weekly Pink Planner ($18).

That brings the value for this $29 mystery bundle to $132.

The Fashionable Fit Bundle was $17.

The S’ip by S’well Lemon Drop Water Bottle retails for $24.99 ($19.99 at Macy’s now). FabFitFun sells it for $9. There were two of these adorable water bottles available with the Summer Box. I only got one, but I loved it. It was nice to see the one I skipped available again, because I now have a cute little set. These are sturdy and beautiful water bottles.

There are 3 sets of hair ties in The Invisibobble Trio blush. It has a set of Pretzel Brown in Power ($8.95), a set of Mint To Be in Original ($8), and a set of To Be Or Nude To Be in Nano ($7). That makes the value of this $5 FabFitFun package $23.95. FabFitFun sells it for $5. Each set has three hair ties, so this package has nine. As someone who already really loves these, I loved getting three sets for less than I would pay for one. It is such a great deal. I already got a set of the mint colored ones in a recent Birchbox Limited Edition Box. One can never have too many, so I may keep these as well. There is also a chance I will put them in a giveaway or gift them to someone. These never leave a dent in my hair and are really comfortable to wear. If these were comfortable to sleep and drive in, I would use these all the time. Sadly, the pressure from the pillow and driver’s seat is not cool. As long as I take these off before I drive or sleep, I am good.

I purchased a massage ball from Maji with the Summer Box. It was nice, but the ridges on that ball irritate my hand. When I saw the Maji Sports Trigger Ball, I knew this was a better fit. This retails for $24.95. FabFitFun sells it for $7.

That brings the value for this $17 bundle to $73.94. Had I purchased everything separately at the FabFitFun price, I would have paid $21. This bundle saved me $4.

The Sunnylife Donut Heat Pack retails for $18. FabFitFun sells it for $9. Who would have guessed that the hardest item to get in the sale would be a plush that resembles a children’s toy. This heat pack looks and feels like a beanie baby in donut form. It is beyond adorable.

I have not even needed it since I bought it, but I like that I can heat this in the microwave for 45 seconds. As someone with kids, getting them to treat their injuries is difficult. My goal was to grab something cute that they might actually enjoy applying.

I really loved the towels from the Summer Box. They are lightweight, absorb a lot of water, large, and beautiful. Since they are microfiber, they should also repel sand. So far, I have only taken them to water parks. Thus, I cannot review the sand repelling claims. The Summer & Rose Rocky Boho Towel retails for $55 (on sale for $27.50). FabFitFun sells it for $29. This was the one I selected for my older son, and he loved it. All four towels have directions stating they should not go in the dryer. Despite this, I throw all of them in there. The other three hold up fine in the dryer. This one started getting fuzzy after the first time. If you plan on disregarding the instructions and drying them, select one of the other towels.

My younger son ordered the Summer & Rose Rocky Barnes Towel Sprinkles, which also retails for $55 (on sale for $27.50). FabFitFun sells it for $29. The FabFitFun product photo made this towel look cream. It surprised all of us when it arrived and it was pink. Needless to say, this is the one I used on the recent water park visit. My youngest son used the pineapple one from the Summer Box.

I live far from the beach, but I wanted a blanket/towel we could take to the beach, park, or anywhere we want to sit on the ground. Someone talked me out of ordering the Summer & Rose Roundies with the Summer Box, and I regretted it. Her reasoning was the material is more like a sheet than a towel. She is right. Even though Summer & Rose lists this as a towel on the website, it is a sheet. The reason I decided to get it anyway was I loved the new design introduced this round.

The Summer & Rose Roundie Grapefruit retails for $49. FabFitFun sells it for $19. This is the first time I’ve seen this design offered through FabFitFun, and it is not available on the Summer & Rose website (the reason there is no link). Even though I expected this 100% cotton sheet material, it surprises me how thin it is. If this even survives one trip to the beach, it will live longer than I expect. To give it a fighting chance, I will probably not wash it until after the first time I use it. It is beautiful though, so I am glad I waited for this design.

The Summer & Rose Claire Roundie Popsicle retails for $49. FabFitFun sells this for $19. To complete my beach set, I really needed a second one. After getting four different towels, I figured I should get different roundies as well. I do not like this popsicle design as much as I like the grapefruit one, but I do like it. Before the grapefruit design released, I would have purchase the two Moroccan ones instead of this. It makes sense getting two food ones. It completes the theme.

The only thing that might not go over well with my family is how much pink is in both designs. With a house full of boys, pink is not popular here. There are enough other colors to hopefully get away with this. At some point, I want at least two large roundies that are actual towel material. These will have to do until I get those.

The Skin & Co Roma Umbrian Truffle Body Oil retails for $33. It is technically the 4oz glass bottle that retails for $33. Some retailers sell it in this packaging with the 4.2oz size. My guess is the glass bottle is the new packaging, and this bottle that arrived leaking is old packaging. FabFitFun claims this has a retail value of $20, but I am almost certain that is a misprint. This sells for $5 at FabFitFun. I love body oils, and this is one I have never tried. Now that I know how expensive it is, I am more excited to try it. Fingers crossed I do not fall in love with an expensive product though.

The 6.8oz SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Cleansing Oil retails for $30. FabFitFun sells this for $7. I’ve come to love cleansing oils for my first cleanse when removing makeup or sunscreen. My favorite eye makeup remover is a biphasic formula as well. I have not tried a biphasic formula for removing face makeup yet. This gives me a chance to.

The 4oz AloeUp Aloe Ice Jelly retails for $13. FabFitFun sells it for $5. Like the towels, I did not photograph this until after I used it. My open aloe container seems to have disappeared and I gave my only backup to my brother. It is rare that I need a beauty product that soon after I order it. Usually, it waits a while in my massive stockpiles. After a day in the sun, this did soothe my skin. It is a little sticky, as most aloe gels are.

The Bathorium Charcoal Garden Detox + Eucalyptus Apothecary Bath Salts Duo comes with two 4.23oz individual use bath soaks. They retail for $8.95 each, so the set is worth $17.90. FabFitFun lists the value as $19.90, so it is possible these sold at $9.95 each recently. It sells them for $5.

The Bathorium Crush Eucalyptus Apothecary is not available online, which is the reason there is no link. I can smell this through the sealed package, and it smells amazing. Bath salts never fail to help me relax whether they are cheap or expensive, so I know these will work. When they smell this good, I tend to use them without a bath bomb.

The directions are adorable, so I wanted to get a picture for you. You can purchase the Crush Charcoal Garden Detox version online. This one smells like charcoal, so I will pair it with a bath bomb.

The 0.14oz CoverFX Shimmer Veil Celestial retails for $28. FabFitFun sells this for $9.

I had gone back and forth on whether I wanted to get one of these. Even the Stila glitters, which I love, cost too much at $24. These are even more overpriced, and I could not see paying that much for glitter.

If this was a standard highlight without glitter that I could use on my face, I probably would have paid it. I am glad I was able to get it at the FabFitFun price. These are good for face (not on me because glitter tends to accentuate texture and highlight wrinkles), lips, and eyes. This will definitely go on my eyes and maybe even my body. It might go on my lips.

Some pigment does stay behind when I blend this out, so it is not all glitter. That is promising. After I play with this, I will edit in a picture and review.

I saw a post in the FabFitFun Community that Hand In Hand donates a bar of soap and a month of clean water to children in need for every product purchase. That encouraged me to try a couple of things from its line. Ulta sells this brand. If I fall in love, I can easily repurchase and give to a good cause when I do. The 6oz Hand in Hand Sugar Scrub Sea Salt retails for $14.99. FatFitFun says the retail value is $18 and sells this for $5. This is a decent price, so I hope I love it. Though I should exfoliate once a week, it is usually less often than that. After purchasing a lot of scrubs lately, I need to start more or my stockpile will keep growing.

The 8oz Hand in Hand Lotion Coral retails for $12.99. FabFitFun says the retail value is $16 and sells this for $5. I use moisturizer after every shower, so I never miss an opportunity to try a new moisturizer when a great deal pops up. It will take a while before I can get to this though.

The 5.5oz Living Proof Restore Instant Protection retails for $27. FabFitFun sells this for $5. I do not buy these heat protectors as often as I should because I do not style my hair often. For the most part, I air dry. These products are great for days in the sun. They protect the hair and scalp better than applying nothing at all. Considering the discount, I probably should have gotten more than one. If I love it, I can always grab more (assuming FabFitFun offers it again).

The 3.4oz AHAVA Mineral Foot Cream retails for $23. FabFitFun sells this for $9. Ulta discontinued my beloved foot cream. As I use up the last jar, I am hoping to find something amazing to replace it. This is one I’ve never tried, so I am unsure if it will fit the bill. I enjoy the hand and body cream from this line, so my expectations are high.

I got a Green Goo product in the Summer Box, and I like it enough to try some more items. The 1.82oz Green Goo Massage Pain Relief Large Tin retails for $15.95. FabFitFun sells this or $5.

My son complains of growing pains and muscle injuries occasionally happen. While I do love Blue Stop Max and always have Icy Hot or Ben Gay on hand, I figured I would give this a try as well. Trying new things is always fun.

I also wanted to try the 1.82oz Green Goo Skin Repair Large Tin. This one retails for $18.95. FabFitFun sells this for $7. One if the benefits listed on this is after sun care, so I will try this over the aloe I tried above after my next day in the sun.

As soon as I get puffy eyes, I will try this. I am about to take a shower and will apply this to the area I had my tattoo removed (well the sixth treatment toward removing it). If you ever want to know how that went, ask below. Odds are I will forget to come back and edit it in.

The Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch comes with 36 treatments. They are all large, which I appreciate. Most companies that sell these give small and large ones on each sheet. I cannot speak for other people but I do not apply a patch to small acne spots. That is usually when I use a spot treatment. When they are big, I prefer a patch that will not rub off overnight. A product like this is almost always still on when I wake up in the morning. No matter which brand I’ve tried, the pimple is always smaller as well.

These retail for $12.99. FabFitFun sells them for $5. With a tween who is starting to get breakouts and the ones that always plague me, I really love products like this. I have high expectations for them and hope they work.

There are 3 sets of hair ties in The Invisibobble Trio blush. It has a set of To Be Or Nude To Be in Power ($9), a set of Blush Hour in Original ($8), and a set of Meow & Ciao in Nano ($7). That makes the value of this $5 FabFitFun package $24. FabFitFun sells it for $5. Each set has three hair ties, so this package has nine.

As I mentioned above (on the mint set), I love these. Scroll up for a more detailed review. I will add that I think the little ones are adorable. Since I have not used them yet, I am unsure how they will hold up.

I have yet to find a true liquid lipstick that I love. Over the years, I had heard that Lime Crime’s very pretty good. The founder, Doe Deere, did a lot of questionable things that caused me to avoid supporting the brand. After I learned she sold the company, I purchased my first Lime Crime product (have not used it yet). This was my second purchase and the product I’ve wanted to try for a long time.

The 0.088oz Lime Crime Matte Velvetines Teddy Bear retails for $20. FabFitFun sells this for $7. This lilac brown shade looks more lilac in the tube but more brown on my skin.

I am in love with the color and only hope this wears as well as people claim. This really looks like a great fall shade, not that I ascribe to wearing certain colors in different seasons. Once I wear this, I will edit in a picture and a review.

The Murad Rapid Resurfacing Peel includes 16 individually wrapped pads. They retail for $44. FabFitFun sells them for $14. When it comes to peels, I have yet to find one that makes me say, let me spend full retail on those. Until I do, I will keep buying whichever peels I can get a deal on.

Who knows? These could be the ones that make me buy them at full price. A lot of the peels I’ve tried are good, but I cannot justify spending this much for so few treatments unless they are a FabuFind. This one is not too bad at $2.75 each pad.

My overall value is $775.73. I paid $249, and I will probably use every single item I received. There is one item in the mystery bundle that could dip my personal value to $757.73. Yes, I spent a lot more than I would have on a box, but I received a lot more in value. These sales allow me to only grab the things I know I want, even more so when I am able to skip purchasing a Mystery Bundle. Getting a huge discount on things I know I want is always a huge plus. While being a FabFitFun member is expensive (if you take advantage of all the deals), it is absolutely worth it.

Ready to subscribe? Add-ons for the summer box open to select subscribers on the 5th. I actually upgraded to an annual membership after this event, because I like what I see to stay on another year. Getting first access to add-ons and the ability to make more selections with each box also make it worthwhile. Visit my FFF Page for more information about this subscription and shop purchases for subscribers. All available offers get posted there as well as everything I know about the retailer and links to helpful sections of the site. See all FabFitFun articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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