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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Opens to Everyone Today

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a once a year event that starts in July and carries over into August. It opened to shoppers with a credit or debit card on July 12th, so they got eight extra shopping days across the 3 and a 1/2 week event. Those of us without any Nordstrom cards can shop the sale officially starting today, July 20th. This sale runs through August 5th, so it is a long event. If you have not already joined Nordstrom Rewards, sign up before shopping the sale. It was once only open to card holders, but everyone can join now. Card holders will still get better benefits, but those of us who refuse to open cards still get some perks. Add any benefits to Nordstrom’s legendary service, and shopping there becomes even more desirable.

The benefit of being a card holder is first access. By the time the sale opens to the public, some items are already sold out and will not get restocked before the sale ends. It never hurts to keep checking the item you want, because something I wanted had already sold out by the time the sale opened to the public. Later that same day, it came back in stock, so I was happy I checked again.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale really is an Event. Nordstrom teams with a lot of brands to offer exclusive sets at extraordinary prices. For sets that are not exclusive, the price is cheaper at Nordstrom for anything included in the sale. Anything that does not sell out during the event will have a price increase on August 6th.

There are thousands of items on sale and 386 exclusives in the beauty department alone.

Considering an older email for this sale advertised over 450 exclusives, it is clear card holders have been busy shopping this sale.

I am not going to share all of them, but I will highlight those at the top of my wish list and the ones I had to purchase.

The first item that caught my eye is the Charlotte Tilbury The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set for $60. This set with a $90 value includes 3 full-size lip products from the brand:

I’ve sampled Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, but I’ve never owned any. It was time to finally grab some. If I swatch and review this, I will do it in another article.

I’ve wanted a simplehuman Eight Inch Sensor Mirror with Brightness Control since the first time I saw it. Paying $200 for a mirror seemed unrealistic to me, and even $134 is a little more than I’d like to pay. The only reason I am not getting this is I just purchased a mirror from the FabFitFun Spring Edit Sale, and I know I will stop using it if I purchase this. If this deal repeats next year (after I’ve had some time to get use out of the other mirror I just paid for), I may grab it.

I just purchased a slip pillowcase and sleeping mask as a FabFitFun Summer 2018 add-on, and I am loving both of them. My boys have expressed interest in getting those pillowcases for them so I briefly considered this slip for beauty sleep Slip Silk Pure Silk Queen Pillowcases set for $110. The problem is they both want a gold one like mine, and these are white. If I gave one of them my gold one and took a white one for myself the other boy would complain. Getting a $79 pillowcase for $55 is a good deal, but I need them in the color they want. Hopefully, I see another deal for gold pillowcases.

When I first shopped the sale about an hour after it opened to the public, this SPACE.NK.apothecary Oribe Magic Styling Set had sold out. Thankfully, I checked again when writing this article, and I noticed it was back. I placed a second order to grab this set that includes 2 full-size items:

I’ve sampled both, and I love them. My problem is determining which one I love more, so I can occasionally splurge on it. This set gives me more time with each product, so I can finally decide which one is better for me. They both absorb oil and leave my hair looking clean. The texturizing spray does not add a gross feeling a lot of texturizers do, so it is one of the rare sprays I enjoy. It definitely gives my hair more volume, but the dry shampoo leaves my hair so soft. Even writing this, I cannot decide. Thankfully, this should help me make up my mind. If I review these, I will do it in another article.

For a brief second, I considered this Nurse Jamie Uplift Facial Trio for $69. It has a $99 value and the tool alone usually retails for $69. Tati Westbrook, the GlamLifeGuru, always uses this and swears by it. Had I not purchased a different facial roller in add-ons during the last FabFitFun box, I might have grabbed this. This looks a lot fancier than that, but I have not even used that one enough to see if it works yet. The set includes:

The cool thing about that silicone mask is it is reusable. Nordstrom does not sell the mask separately, but I linked it to the Nurse Jamie site for those who want to read more about it. If this set is on sale next year, I may grab it. That $30 mask seems cool even if the beauty roller does not really do anything.

This Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant Duo for $35 is something I definitely would have purchased if I did not already have a backup. I fell in love with this product during a BzzAgent campaign, and it is something I will probably always repurchase. It leaves my skin so soft and almost flake free. Some with dry skin find this product a little harsh, but it works great for my dry skin. It also helps keep my skin clear.

This diptyque Floral Candle & Eau de Toilette Set for $72 is something I almost passed on. I am not a huge fan of floral scents, but these diptyque sets almost always sell out before the sale opens to the public. The main reason I went for it is I do not already own any of these. It gives me some new scents to try. Those who’ve followed me for a long time know that I do not purchase a lot of fragrance, but I love candles. These mini candles are too adorable. They look like shot glasses. It includes:

If I review this, I will do it in another article. I will say that a candle arrived broken the first time it arrived. Since I shipped the one with the broken candle back fast (required to get a replacement sent to me without a new charge), I only got a picture of the broken candle. My plan was to get a picture of the overall set when the replacement arrived. One of the perfumes arrived pulverized in the replacement. With shards of glass all over the box, I did not try too hard to clean it up for a “proper” photo. I cleaned the shards of glass of the intact items as best I could and threw the box and broken fragrance away. The divots in the box are narrow and the items were floating loosely inside the box both times.

Getting a third shipped here seemed like a waste of time and my store did not have any in stock after the second one arrived damaged. So, I am missing the L’Ombre dans L’Eau Eau de Toilette. Nordstrom did issue a refund, so I did essentially get 5 items for free (minus some minor hassle). When the replacement shipped, customer service told me I would get charged if they never received the original one back. If that happens, I will report back. Since USPS sent an email confirming they picked up the package from my porch, I doubt that will happen. It’s sad because that fragrance was intact in the first box. If she let me keep it until the replacement arrived, I would have had enough pieces to make a set. Then, I could have returned the two broken pieces (with the original four that came intact) and Nordstrom would not have needed to issue a refund. Now, I have an incomplete set. Nordstrom paid to ship it to me twice, paid for the shipment for return on the original, and returned my money. Oh well.

If I was not already super stocked on my beloved BiFacil, I would purchase this Lancome Bi-Facil Home & Away Set for $58.50. This purchase alone would also qualify for the base Lancome GWP. I love how well this removes eye makeup without irritating my eyes. The oil leaves behind moisture for my dry eyes, too. It includes:

I love this cleanser, too. It leaves my skin squeaky clean without drying it out. As someone who has dry skin that gets acne, I appreciate that.

Thanks to the FabFitFun Winter and Spring Editor’s Boxes, I am super stocked on Exfolikate. For those who aren’t, getting this 5oz Kate Somerville ExfoliKate® Intensive Exfoliating Treatment for $125 is an amazing deal. That will last a long time. On second thought, it may go bad before you can finish it. Unless you exfoliate a lot, pass on this size. Then again, this is cheaper than buying two of the 2oz sizes.

For those who missed the Birchbox Limited Edition Box Ready, Set, Summer, this COOLA® Suncare Home & Away 2-Pack Tropical Coconut Body Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 for $36 is another way to get a great deal on this sunscreen. It gives a free travel-size spray with a purchase of the full-size.

I literally have hundreds of makeup brushes and tools, so I initially skipped this Luxie Smokey Eye Brush Set for $30 on my first order. Since I had to order the Oribe set that opened up, I decided to correct that. Yes, I own a lot of brushes, but I do not own any from this brand. After hearing so many great things about this brand, I decided to try this set. It includes:

Nordstrom does not carry the 217 pencil Brush, so the link above is to the Luxie site. If I review this, I will do it in a separate article.

If you love the Laura Geller Beauty Gilded Honey Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator as much as I do, you can get a Supersize 0.35oz size for $35. The only reason I am not getting this is I already own two full-sizes and two deluxe sizes. It is a stunning highlighter that suits my light skin as well as it suits my niece’s medium skin. This is pretty versatile.

Those who love the StriVectin TL ‘The Big Deal’ Jumbo Advanced Tightening Neck Cream as much as I do can get a 3.4oz size for $99. If I was not super stocked on moisturizers, I may have gotten this. It makes my neck so smooth and moisturized. People who’ve used it long-term swear it provides huge benefits.

I adore every single item in the Julep™ K-Beauty Skin Care Best-Sellers Set for $35. If I did not already own backups of all items, I may have considered this. It includes:

I have reviewed all those items, so the links above are to my reviews, not the products. The products also come in a bag if you need another to go with the 100 you already own.

Getting the AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream Duo gives two 5.1oz Mineral hand creams for $33. That is the price of one, so this is a fabulous deal. If I did not already have these from the Winter FabFitFun Box, the Spring Edit Haul from FabFitFun, and another in transit from the FabFitFun Summer Editor’s Box, I may have considered this. I love the super moisturizing hand cream, and I enjoy the scent. Unless you know you enjoy the scent, start with a smaller, cheaper size.

While these are the top 15 beauty items (to me), I would consider even more than this if I had an unlimited budget. These are the ones that I would have purchased today if I did not already own them or something very similar to them. Of course, I did purchase four of these. Let me know if you want me to review any of the four I purchased. Once I’ve had time to play with them, I may review each bundle separately or none depending on how things go.

These are just a few items in the Beauty Department during the anniversary sale. There are also over 80 GWP offers. Every department has items in the sale, so I will venture out of Beauty and take a look at other departments. If you have a card, I am sure you already shopped the Early Access Sale. I’d love to see what you got. Two of the brands I purchased from had gifts, but I decided not to buy random things just to hit the GWP minimum. I did place two orders, so I will get two sets of five samples. They will probably all be foils or small perfume vials, but it is better than nothing.

People who share their hauls can enter to win a $500 gift card using the hashtag #NSALE on Twitter and Instagram.

It is always a great time to shop Nordstrom with free shipping and exemplary service, but the anniversary sale is an excellent time to shop. Before placing an online order, remember to check all offers. If you make a beauty purchase, remember to add your free 5-piece sample pack. See all Nordstrom articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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