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Target Beauty Box July 2018 Review

Target releases monthly beauty boxes. These are not subscription boxes. They used to sell out on the same day they released, but that only happens with the super incredible boxes now. If you consider the box I am about to share incredible, grab it now. Shipping is always free, and the box contents announce as soon as the box goes on sale. Most items are sample sized, but there is almost always a full-size item or two inside. Value is usually at least triple the cost. The only variation in box content is on color items. Unless the color is specifically stated in the description, colors will vary. Boxes usually range in price from $5 to $10. The Target July Beauty Box retails for $7.

Everything comes inside a white Target Beauty Box.

Items are loosely placed inside with nothing but pale yellow tissue paper surrounding them. This can lead to destroyed products. The cap was off one of the items, but nothing spilled. I actually have experience with foaming soaps exploding, so I am glad that did not happen.

All Beauty Boxes contain a coupon for $3 off any $15 Beauty purchase. This applies to cosmetics, skincare, and haircare. The coupon is valid for about a month from the order date. By the time the box arrives, you usually only have about 3 weeks to redeem it. This coupon works online and in-store. It expires 08/05/18.

The theme of this box is Hello Rejuvenation. Every product inside fits the theme, but some fit it extremely well, like the wintering strips and the hair mask.

A product card comes in each box with a brief explanation on each item.

There are 7 items inside the Hello Rejuvenation box. That makes the cost of each item $1.

The Clean & Clear Jelly Sheet Mask Cooling hydrogel sheet mask retails for $2.59. This is an eye mask, which is essentially half a sheet mask, because it treats the forehead, nose, and top part of the cheeks as well. Though it has a lot of claims the main purpose is to soothe and replenish skin. It boasts an ability to adhere to skin’s contours to help lock in essential nourishing ingredients for a refreshed glow. Hopefully, that means it stays in place nicely.

The Up&Up 3 Day Whitening Kit is worth $5.79. A full-size kit is a 10 Day Treatment. This includes 3 sets of strips for the upper and lower teeth. They claim to remove years of tough stains for a visibly whiter, brighter smile. I have a lot of fillings and very sensitive teeth. If I try a set of strips and do not notice much difference or feel too much discomfort, I will gift the other two.

The 2oz SheaMoisture African Black Soap & Charcoal Body Scrub is worth $3.66. It has african black soap blended with bamboo charcoal to draw out dirt from skin. This also has tea tree oil and organic raw shea butter. I’ve never tried a charcoal scrub for my body, but I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve tried for my face.

The 1.5oz Tresemme Repair & Protect 7 Instant Recovery Mask retails for $1.99. There is no link, because I could not find this exact product but other large foil packets of masks have this price. It seems like a large 9.17oz of this went for around $4.99 at most stores when it was still carried. This one is specially formulated with biotin to deeply penetrate hair fiber from within and strengthen breakage and split ends so locks look and feel luscious. While I do not have a problem with split ends, thanks to my incredible split end mender, I do get a lot of breakage. Hopefully, this helps. I should easily get 3-5 uses out of this, so I dislike the packaging.

The 1.7oz HASK Coconut Dry Shampoo is worth $1.83. I already own a sample of this, but I have yet to try it (large stash of dry shampoo). Until I find my perfect dry shampoo, I am always open to trying new ones. When I try one that is not close to perfect, I will generally gift duplicates. This one has ultra-fine rice starch to soak up oil, sweat, and odor. It claims next-day hair looks and feels fresh, bouncy, and full of volume. If the claims are true, it smells good, and does not leave a weird texture in my hair, this could be a contender. We’ll see how it goes.

The 1oz Acure Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub is worth $2.50. This has organic sea kelp and lemon peel to gently exfoliate skin, while French green clay and Madonna lily draw out impurities to boost and brighten. It sounds nice, but I already have two exfoliants I love. Granted, this is a lot cheaper than both of my loves, so I will give it a try.

The 6.8oz NIVEA Foaming Silk Mousse Body Wash retails for $3.79 (before it went on clearance). This claims to have a white peach and orchid blossom scent. That sounds amazing. It promises light moisturization for a silky-smooth feel. I will admit this is the main reason I bought this is for the Nivea foaming body wash. Rituals makes one I love, but it is expensive. Target has the item listed on clearance, which is not usually a good sign. Falling in love with something I cannot repurchase is not fun, but if the body wash is the only thing you want, just purchase it instead. It is $1.89.

As with all drugstore products, price variation is huge depending on where you shop. For this box, I used Target prices on all items. This box has a $22.15 value. My personal value is also $22.15, because I will try everything in this box. While this is not the highest valued box ever, I am happy with it. Every item in this box is something I have not tried yet and only one item is something that already exists in my stash. If I like that item, I am happy to have a duplicate. Should that item disappoint me, my personal value will dip a little. The main draw of this box were the foaming wash and the sheet mask, but there really isn’t anything in here I would not want to try. It made this a great box for me. I felt differently about the August 2018 box, so I skipped that one. Target usually uses these boxes to introduce us to new items. Seeing the body wash and hair mask were discontinued is disappointing.

Remember to check all Target offers before placing an online order. You get free shipping when you order this, but the regular $35 shipping minimum applies if you add anything to the order. Look for extra items as quickly as possible. Boxes release almost every month and although the exact release dates vary, the first Monday of each month is the most common release. If you want to make sure you get the next box, subscribe to Target emails and look at them when they hit your inbox. Of course, I will always alert you on the front page when they come back in stock as well.

See all Target articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (12 and 7) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 12-year-old to apply it.

4 thoughts on “Target Beauty Box July 2018 Review Leave a comment

  1. I’ve never purchased one of their beauty boxes but love reading about them! I’ve used the jelly sheet mask before- super hydrating!

  2. What I love about their boxes is you can purchase only the ones that appeal to you. There is never a shipping charge so wait until you find one you love, then grab it. I love hydrating masks so I am looking forward to that.

  3. Do you know when do they normally release the box at the first of the month? For example, today is the 5th and nothing yet on Aug box.

  4. It is almost always the first Monday of the month, so there will almost certainly be a new box tomorrow. There are rare exceptions, like July where it was released the second Monday of the month and other months where it is the last Monday of the month. The underlying theme is new boxes are pretty much released on Mondays.

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