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Brand Challenge: Lancome Makeup

Mixing and matching brands to find the products that work best for an individual is ideal. Even the best brands have duds, and many brands do not carry every product within a beauty routine. I created this brand challenge series to use as many products as possible from one brand to see how the products work together, and to find which products in the line are a little stronger. Of course, that will also call out the items that do not work as well. These are my opinions and go along with my product needs so your ratings could be totally different. In order to qualify for this series, I need a minimum of seven different products from a single brand that I can use at one time. Anything less than that, and it does not feel like a brand challenge. As I am really loyal to the brands I love, it will be extremely easy to use way more than seven for some brands.

By now, many of you already know Lancome is my favorite makeup brand. Since I first discovered it at 17, it keeps a special place in my heart. Many of the items in the line are wonderful and completely worthy of my love. Others are disappointing. Even my favorite line cannot knock them all out of the park. Although I love a decent amount of items from its skincare line as well, I am going to focus this challenge on makeup. My last skincare challenge was with Ahava, and I easily have enough Lancome items to do a skincare challenge in the future. Skincare challenges take a lot more time, but I should eventually have an article for Lancome skincare items.

I will edit this article with the products as I try (or in many cases) or use them again.


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This entry was posted on May 15, 2018 by in Lancome, One Brand.