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Walmart Beauty Box Spring 2018 Trendsetter Subscription Box Review

Walmart Beauty Box is a subscription box delivered once per quarter. The items are given to you free of charge, and you pay $5 for the shipping. Your first $5 charges when you subscribe, and a box from the current season will ship to you within a few weeks. Future boxes will incur the $5 charge as the box ships. There are two boxes, Classic and Trendsetter. Within the two boxes, there is some variety. Newer subscribers may receive samples others got in past boxes. At times, you may even see a repeat in your box. There is no way to opt into a certain box. It does seem most younger women have the Trendsetter box while mature women have the Classic box. Some change their birthdate to possibly get a different box. I’ve always used my real birthdate. Walmart started me with the Classic box, but it switched me to Trendsetter boxes in the spring of 2016.

The box design does change at times. This one has a purple rectangle with a green and white border on a purple box. It is more sleek than Walmart boxes in the past and looks like a Target Beauty Box.

Everything comes loose inside a box lined with tissue paper. Everything arrived intact, but shipping this way can lead to damage of fragile items. This tissue is floral, which screams spring.

Walmart boxes used to have a lot of coupons. It has been a while since I received more than one or two. This one only has one, but it is a coupon to relieve the entire product for free. There is usually a contest mentioned on the back of the card that comes inside the box. I have not entered and doubt I ever will.

There were 7 items inside my box. Yes, you may have seen other reviews with different amounts or products. One of the things I dislike about the Walmart Beauty Box is how much discrepancy in value you see from box to box on each round. Click on that link to see pictures of all boxes I’ve reviewed. One time when I received 4 items, they were all deluxe sized so the box only had a $1.69 value over what I paid. Another time, I received 10 items and that value was almost 3x what I paid. I’ve also received boxes with over 4x what I paid in value. It is all a crapshoot. Only one item is full-size, but I did get 4 deluxe items, 2 foils, a coupon for a free full-size item, and a hair tie that is not even sold.

The full-size 0.35oz Soo Ae Acai Berry Revitalizing Sleeping Mask retails for $2.50. While I am not a fan of full-size, multi-use items in foil packets, this is how the brand sells its items. I have not tried this specific product yet, but I have gotten multiple uses out of other products in foil packets from this brand. Sleeping masks are one of my favorite things to sample. Other than sheet masks, nothing give my skin an instant boost of hydration the way these types of masks do.

The 0.34oz foil of Garnier Whole Blends Gentle Shampoo is one I have not tried yet. I do not place value on foils (because they are single use samples), but I like receiving them to try new things. To work through some foils, I created a foil challenge for every other month.

The 0.34oz foil of Garnier Whole Blends Gentle Conditioner is another one I have not tried yet. As mentioned above, I do not place value on foils. Those who place value on foils will calculate a higher value than I do.

The 1oz Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion is worth $0.58. This is a lotion I already love. Aveeno products are very gentle and calming for people with dry, sensitive, or eczema prone skin. Our family hits all those so we’ve purchased several moisturizers from this brand other than this one. I prefer a slightly thicker formula for cold weather but warm weather is upon us.

The 0.85oz hello sensitivity relief fluoride toothpaste soothing mint is worth $1.02. I have sensitive teeth so I almost exclusively use a fluoride toothpaste. Despite receiving multiple samples of this brand, I have not tried it yet. It is finally time. On my next trip, I will pack this instead of my regular toothpaste and see how it goes.

The 2oz Softsoap earth blends moisturizing body wash in coconut & fig is worth $0.59. I have not used this specific soap, but I have liked or loved every soap I’ve tried from this brand. This one seems like it is nice. It smells amazing through the container and probably smells even better on the skin.

The 2.5oz Hallu Unicorn Beach Bath Bomb Red & Blue Unicorn Beach Scent is worth $1.99. I can only find the 5oz size on the Walmart size so I cut that price in half to value this. It is possible Hallu sells the product in this size somewhere and would likely have a more expensive price if it does. This smells incredible so I cannot wait to try it. Reviews for it are not great and suggest that the ball does not completely dissolve though.

There is a Clairol Hair Tie that comes with a coupon for a free box of nice n easy Hair Color (up to $8.99). While I love receiving coupons and like them even more when they make the product free, I do not assign value to a coupon. The main reason is the coupon is only valuable if you redeem it. I’ve lost a coupon for a box of free hair color before. Between possibly losing it and this one expiring on May 30th, I am guessing some people will not redeem it. People need different hair colors so I get why Walmart sent a coupon in place of a box of color only select people can use. PINCHme also sent me a free hair color from this line. If I love that one (which I am trying today or tomorrow), I will get in before the 30th to get another box. I can give someone the coupon if I do not like the hair color. Clairol does not sell these hair ties (that I can find). Retailers usually sell this style of hair tie for $1-$2 so I will value this at $1.50.

My box value is $8.18 plus up to $8.99 off a box of hair color (if you redeem it). This is also my personal value, because I will try everything in this box (other than the hair color if I do not like the first one I tried). The hair color is not factored into the $8.18 value anyway. That brings the average box value for the year to $10.20. While the box value is never particularly high, I stay subscribed, because this is a great way for me to explore items at the drugstore. Even though there is no makeup in this box, it still has a great mix of products. Most of them are new to me so I can possibly discover something I love. Have you subscribed yet? The spring boxes are still on sale. As I mentioned above, you could get different items from mine, even if you get a Trendsetter Box. There is a good chance you will get some of these items if you see something you want to try. USA, LLC

Remember to check all WalMart offersbefore shopping online. See all Walmart Subscription Box articles. View my main pagefor the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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