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Urban Decay Birthday Gift Review Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter Sin

Urban Decay has a birthday gift with purchase offer. The 2019 Urban Decay Birthday Gift is the same as the 2018 Urban Decay birthday gift, which I review below. It is always a full-size product even when it changes. Many retailers offer birthday gifts, so check my master list before your big day. A purchase and a Beauty Junkie account is required for this gift. Joining Beauty Junkies is free. In addition to the birthday gift and other special promotions throughout the year, members get free shipping on every purchase, points for purchases, and points for a variety of other tasks, including referring a friend. Even though it limits receiving points to 4 referrals per year (so I usually meet my maximum on the first or second day of each year), I still attached my link. Anyone who signs up with a referral link (from me or a friend if s/he prefers) gets 10 bonus points. There is no limit to how many people can get points for being referred using my link.

The current gift started in 2017. When I redeemed my 2017 Urban Decay birthday gift (during my blogging break so I do not have an article to link), it was still the full-size eyeliner. Some time after my birthday, I received a code to order the gift. It is a good thing I never did, because the gift I got the code for is here again for 2018.

The Urban Decay Birthday Gift is the full-size 0.23oz Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter in Sin. As you can see by the packaging, they do not just send you one from the regular stock. This is specially packaged for birthday gifts. I linked the regular highlighter so you can look at it, but you cannot add the regular one to your cart.

Well, you can add it to your cart, but the $26 charge will not drop off. The offer to redeem the gift will populate in your account on your birthday. It is valid for 30-days afterward. There is no promo code anymore so once the offer no longer populates and you cannot select it, you can no longer redeem the free highlighter. In the past, the promo codes usually worked past their stated expiration date.

It surprises me that Urban Decay did not give me the option to select the shade. While this is the shade I would have selected, I do not think this would work for all skin tones. That is a missed opportunity for this gift.

This is an extremely opaque highlighter.

When blended out (left), it is still blinding, but it is still possible to wear this with a natural look. One would need to apply it with a light hand and a lot of blending.

It is everything I want in a highlighter. The light, champagne color sits beautifully on my warm undertones with cool overtones. I love that it is not powdery at all, which is the first thing that comes to mind with Powder in the product title.

My skin looks wet without looking glittery or too shiny. There is just a beautiful shimmer that glows when it hits the light.

I blend/sheer my highlighters out a lot, because I want them to look somewhat natural from most angles. When they can blind from certain angles and seamlessly blend into my face from others, they are exactly what I want. This fits the bill.

A lot of powder highlighters disappear on my skin. This was still noticeable at night when I washed it off. There was some slight fading, but I think calling it an 8-hour highlighter is fair. I would happily pay $26 for this so I love that I got it for free (well, as a GWP).

To make the most of Urban Decay direct purchases I suggest creating a Beauty Junkie account. It awards a $10 kickback each year for hitting 100 points and additional $20 kickbacks for every 200 points you hit after that. You cannot redeem a kickback with your birthday or a discount code. There is no set purchase minimum to get the gift, but when I tried to purchase it with an item from the sale section, I kept getting an error stating I did not spend enough. Even an expensive item from the sale section got the same message. My guess is this does not work with (most or possibly all) sale items. The item I purchased (Naked Petite Heat) to get this gift was full-price ($29) with no discount. I have not decided if I am going to review that item yet (and still have not tried it). If I do, I will write a separate article.

What are your thoughts on this Urban Decay Birthday Gift review. Let me know below. See all Urban Decay articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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  1. Sadly it’s no longer a free product but 15% off and free shipping. I’m really bummed about it.

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