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FabFitFun Spring 2018 Edit Sale Haul and Review

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FabFitFun held its first ever Edit Sale from April 9th through April 15th. It was a subscriber only sale where FabFitFun sold items from past boxes, past add-ons, and new items for 25-70% off. Annual subscribers had first access starting on the 9th, and seasonal subscribers got to shop the sale starting on the 11th. This was held at the same time it usually runs the warehouse sale, but there was a change in format to go along with the change in name. In the past, the Warehouse sale was similar to the Capsule Sale. The major difference was the Warehouse Sale could have anything, but the Capsule Sale would only have items related to its specific theme. The New Year Sale, Valentine’s Sale, and Made in America Sale are examples of a Capsule Sale. Another difference is the Warehouse Sale happened once after each season and the Capsule Sale could pop-up any time. During a Capsule Sale or the old Warehouse Sale, you pay for items as you go, but you are free to place multiple orders throughout the event. All orders you place ship separately so each order is subject to the $25 free shipping minimum.

Under the new Edit Sale, you reserved items throughout the sale and only paid for them once after the sale wrapped. Yes, this is exactly the way add-ons work for the boxes. Only instead of shipping with a box, all your Edit Sale items shipped together at the end. This means you were only subject to one $25 free shipping minimum. It also means things that sold out at the beginning of the sale released before it was over. Some people acted impulsively and grabbed a lot more than they otherwise would. Just like with add-ons, people had more time to think because the sale lasted a while. When people had time to think over their purchase decisions, some people pared down their cart opening up items for others. Considering select (annual subscribers) members got a two-day head start to purchase items, it gave the rest of us a chance to grab some nice things. Granted, we still had to stalk out-of-stock items throughout the sale hoping they would come back. While that was a pain, it was mostly fruitful. There was only one kit I really wanted that never opened up.

Read more about the edit sale and future edit sales. There was a free 3-piece mystery gift set on orders over $100. It has a value over $100. I spent over $100. My three free items were: a Luv AJ Full Bloom Lariat in Rose Gold, a GLAMGLOW Pout Mud Tint in Love Scene, and an AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream. While I do not wear jewelry often (the reason I do not usually but it), I like this necklace. The GLAMGLOW is an item I almost purchased so I am happy I got that. This is a hand cream I already know and love so I always welcome more.

My items shipped on the 21st so it was six days after the sale wrapped and five days after FabFitFun charged me. They arrived on the 27th. While that is not the fastest shipping ever, it was faster than the quote. According to the terms, shipping was to start 10 days after the charge got processed.

This is everything I got for $140, including my freebies. I will go over the value at the end, but it is clear from the picture alone that I made out like a bandit.

Even when you take the freebies out, I still think I made out pretty well.

This is the 5.1oz AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream that retails for $33. I received one of these in my winter 2018 FabFitFun box. As a FabuFind, I can never receive too many of these. It is a beautifully hydrating hand cream.

The Luv AJ Full Bloom Lariat in Rose Gold retails for $75. I do not wear jewelry often enough to purchase it separately so I would never spend $75 on this. This is a piece I liked and considered purchasing at the discounted price of $9. Considering everyone who placed a $100+ order got the same three gifts, I am glad other things piqued my interest more. Otherwise, I might have ended up with two. Gifting the second would not be a big deal if they offer a GWP again, and I end up with a duplicate. In person, this is a lot more rose than gold (some rose gold items can look more gold than rose, which I prefer), but it is still really pretty.

The GLAMGLOW Pout Mud Tint in Love Scene is another item I considered purchasing for its discounted price of $9. At full-price, it retailed for $19. While preparing for the 15% off discount at Sephora, I noticed it was $9 there as well. With the 15% off discount, it was cheaper to get it from Sephora. It was out-of-stock when I went to purchase it the first and second weekend. Of course, it is back in stock now that the discount has passed. I am writing a lip balm comparison article (that I’ve been working on for a while so I want to try as many as possible). Getting it as a freebie was awesome, because this is probably the color I would have purchased if Sephora did not lead me astray.

That brings the value for this free bundle to $127.

The item I wanted the most but kept going back and forth on adding it to and removing it from my cart as it went in and out-of-stock was the Mama Bear Bliss Bundle. I really wanted all three items, and even though it is a steal at $32, I was hesitant because of the price.

Although I am not a huge fan of the body lotions from Whish, I love its shave cream. I wanted to try the Whish Lavender Body Oil to see what it is like. Had I known none of the stores I shop at carry this brand any more, I would not have been as excited to try this. Now, I am hoping I do not fall in love with it. Considering it is even sold out on the direct site, I wonder if this is a discontinued product. The 3.5oz size retails for $28 so this 2oz size is worth $16.

The Zoe Ayla Professional Ice Roller was recently on Hautelook for $14.97. It sold-out at that price though. To get it directly from the site, it costs $69.99. I’ve always wanted one of these, but I would never pay $70 for it. I am happy that I pulled the trigger on it (and two other products for $32). When my head is throbbing, I rub this over my forehead now before opting for Advil or Excedrin. This does not take away the pain, but it does numb the area a little. That makes it more tolerable. It is too big for my under eyes so I would like to get a smaller one at some point. A big one like this is great for bigger areas of the body. I can already see this coming in handy next time one of my boys bumps his head.

The 9oz dpHUE ACV Scalp Scrub retails for $38. My scalp gets dry even though my roots are oily. Someone told me my hair overcompensates with oil production because of how dry it is. I use a scalp spray and it usually keeps the flakes at bay. This is a scalp scrub I have not tried yet from a brand I like a product from. Without even looking at the ingredients, I wanted it. Well, avocado is one of the main ingredients. Avocado and I do not always get along. In case I react to this, I will grab a lot with clean hands on my first use. That should keep me from re-dipping dirty hands in it for whoever I pass it along to. Fingers crossed that I can keep this for myself though.

That brings the value for this $32 bundle to $123.99

The #MermaidHair Bundle was $19. I really only wanted two of the items in this set, but they retailed for $5 and $11 on their own through the sale. Paying an extra $3 for the third one, which might be nice, seemed worth it.

As I mentioned above, my roots get oily quickly. If I wash my hair in the morning, I can see the oils by that night. To skip a day of washing, I need to either wear my hair up (which I often do) or use a dry shampoo. I have yet to find the dry shampoo I am in love with that fits all five of my desires. My perfect dry shampoo: does not leave a residue, removes oil, builds volume, keeps my hair feeling soft, and smells great. Until I find one that gives me all of those, I like trying new ones. Getting them at a discount is an added bonus. This 4oz tarte Hair Goals Dry Shampoo retails for $19 on its own. Trying it and two other items for the same price made this set a must.

I actually have found a split end mender I adore, and it works almost flawlessly. It is a drugstore brand so it is super affordable. You’d think I’d be set, but I like to compare and review things. That is one of the reasons I started this site. I’ve never tried a more expensive one (for an extended period). This 4oz Marrakesh Endz Split End Mender retails for $17.99. My plan is to see if I get any split ends while I am using this. Considering I hate split ends and am giving up a product I know works for one I am unsure of, I think this desire to review so many things might be a little silly.

I received a Nelson J Argan Moisture Healing Mask in my winter 2017 FabFitFun box. My mask stockpile is large so I have not even tried it yet. It might be incredible, and I would have kicked myself for missing a 16oz size of it for an extra $3 if it is. This mask retails for $62. Even if I hate the smaller one from my box, I can gift this large size to someone. Whoever I gift it to is worth the $3 investment.

That brings the value for this $19 bundle to $98.99.

The Mrs. Clean Bundle was $19. There was one item I really wanted and two I did not mind having at all. That made this bundle worth it.

The item I really wanted was the Poo~Pourri Lavender Vanilla Spray. This is the 4oz size that retails for $14.95. I already owned this in the original scent, and I knew it is a great product. While I prefer the original scent, I did not know that until I received this one. It gave me a chance to try it and figure that out.

What I love about this Mine Design Noted Candle in Ink Pot is I can erase it and re-write on it as much as I want. This candle retails for $30. While the scent is extremely subtle while burning and almost nonexistent after burning, I am happy I received it in this set. It is worth $6.33 (the cost of the bundled divided by three). Six months ago, when I was in my deepest depression, I could have written something a little more dark. As I climb out of this depression and remain cautiously optimistic that life will get better, my mind sways back and forth.

For those looking at what the candle says, I’ve got you covered. I wrote, “The past year has forever altered who I am. I’ve lost more than I ever could have imagined. Through this grief, I’ve also learned a lot about myself. Some of my journey was good, even though most was bad. It reminds me that I am capable. Life throws curveballs and whether you are ready or not, you must adapt. The person I confided in now only exists in my heart, and the person who promised to stand by me forever taught me that you need to stand on your own.”

Who knows how long I will keep this message. As I look into the future, I have no clue what it holds. Though I sincerely doubt it will be positive any time soon, I am fully aware things could get a lot worse before they get better. I am truly taking life one day at a time and rediscovering who I am, because I changed when my life turned upside down. People I relied on before made it clear I was on my own. Things can change so fast one way or the other. It may seem like you’re going down a positive road only to find that road will lead you to complete despair. The realist in me knows that the opposite must also be possible. Having my luck change would be extremely welcome.

To the only man who never let me down, I miss you. A huge piece of my heart died when you did, and I am unsure how to recover. My life has less meaning without you, and I pray that the boys will never forget you. It breaks my heart that they did not get more time with you. They’ve been through so much this past year as well, and I need to do what is best for them. In my heart, I hope you’d be proud of me and know that I am trying to move on.

The last item in this bundle was the Wild Sprout Eucalyptus Refresh Mist. This 4oz bottle retails for $18. I am always happy to receive mists. Even though I have dry skin (so mists seem like they’d be perfect for me), I have yet to find the one that makes me feel hydrated. Misting without locking it down with a moisturizer or blotting off is not something I do either.

That brings the value for this $19 bundle to $62.95.

The 32oz AHAVA Natural Bath Salt retails for $22. I’ve wanted to try this for a while but felt it was a little too expensive for bath salts. It does use dead sea salt, which I know is expensive to extract. Getting it for $11 is perfect.

I left most my stuff with my ex when I moved out of his house. For two months, I was doing my makeup using the mirror from whatever palette I was using. As someone who is already unskilled at applying makeup, doing it without a nice mirror only added to the challenge. This Crown Brush Pro LED Makeup Mirror was $19. It retails for $25. That is not the biggest savings in the world, but $6 is still a savings.

It is about the size of a sheet of paper so it is not the biggest mirror. I like that it lights up. According to the product description, the lights dim. Unless I am just a fool who cannot figure it out, my lights only have one setting. That is fine, because I either want the lights or I don’t. Using the dimming function was not a selling point for me. The magnification mirror has suction cups so I can stick it wherever I want or remove it altogether. There is a little section at the base to hold a few things.

The Crown Brush 35 Color Back To Basics Eyeshadow Palette retails for $18. I’ve wanted to try a Crown Brush Palette ever since I watched Stephanie Nicole’s Morphe video.

Getting one for $7 in this sale seemed like the perfect time to pick one up.

I also picked up some Morphe products (which I have not tried yet) so I can compare them. My plan is to eventually write an article comparing them. The Morphe Palette I picked up that has a very similar case is the 35O. I made sure I got the original, because people say the new one uses the same formula as the Jaclyn Hill Palette (which I also picked up and have not yet tried). That way, I can also compare the old formula to the new formula.

I did get my 35O from Ulta so it has the new packaging. That means while the case is similar to this Crown one, it is not the same. A bh Cosmetics palette I also own (and have not tried) has the same packaging as the new Morphe one. Of course, I have to throw them into the mix as well, because the packaging cannot be a coincidence.

There is no mirror in this palette. It is funny that the size of this lid is about the same size as the mirror I just purchased from this brand. Offering a palette with 35 shades for $18 already makes them less than $0.50 each. For that price, I forgive them for the lack of mirror.

There is inconsistency in this palette. Some swatches only took one swipe for full opaqueness and others took as many as four. The average was 2-3 swipes.

Some shades were chalky and others were smooth. While there are a few colorful options in here, most of these are basic, neutrals.

I tried to use the pink shade in the fourth row for this look, but the color kept blending away into nothing. It is a matte shade so I did not want to add an extra eye primer or a MAC Fix+. Mattes should stick to the primer base. This one just would not.

The colors were not easy to blend so they muddied up more than I would have liked. You can see the pink in the close up, but from even a few feet back, they looked extremely neutral and earth toned. That made me change my mind on going pink. I switched out my lip color and shirt for something more bold and red.

The shadows did not crease, which is a plus. They did fade a little over the course of the day. This is a huge palette so it will take me some time to play with it for a proper review. On first impressions, I think you get what you pay for. It is not the worst I’ve ever worked with and at $0.49 a shadow, I think it is worth it. If you have nice palettes in your collection, you will almost certainly never reach for this.

I just wrote an article on the worth of the $25 Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel. For those who want the Cliff’s notes, it works (or I would not have purchased another in this sale. Since there is another peel that works and only costs $6.50, I would not pay $25 again (as I did the first time). This was $9.

The Callyssee Fizzy Macaron Bath Bombs retail for $29.95. I love taking a nice relaxing bath (after a shower to make sure I am sitting in clean water). Bath bombs make it so much more fun and relaxing. Cute bath bombs shaped like food just add to the experience. There are six in this set.

As cute as they are and even if they are amazing, they are way too small to justify a $5 price tag for each one. Getting all six of them for $5 in this set was worth it, even if I hate them. It gave me a chance to try them at a great price.

The 2.82oz Callyssee Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub retails for $14.50. FabFitFUn sold this for $5. I purchased this, because I always wanted to try a coffee scrub. They are pretty expensive for what they are, so getting one for $5 seemed like a great way to try one for a decent price. When I went to open this seven months after it arrived (it takes me time to get to things as I have stockpiles), it was covered in mold. The packaging is obviously not right for this product, as cute as it is. That is a shame, because I wanted to repurpose this container after I used the scrub. Since I did pay for this, I reached out to the company to see what if anything they are willing to do. Yes, the purchase was 7 months ago, but that is too fast for a product to go from fine to moldy without even opening it.

The Minetan Violet Self Tan Foam + Bronze On Applicator Mitt set was $14. Self tanning is not something I do often, but I do like to have some on hand, especially in the summer. I had never even heard of this tanning brand, but the mitt looked really nice. A quick Google search and a few reviews later, and I wanted the tanning foam as much as I wanted the mitt.

The 6.79oz Minetan Violet Self Tan Foam retails for $34.95. I think this is a new product at Ulta, because it only has 5 reviews and they are all recent. Every review has 5-stars.

The Bronze On Applicator Mitt retails for $7.95. It looks as thick in person as it does in the photo so I have a good feeling it will apply everything without leaking through to my hand.

My overall value is $590.28. I paid $140, and I want to try every single item I received (even the freebies and the items in sets I am less excited about). Yes, I spent a lot more than I would have on a box, but I received a lot more in value and there is not an item here I am not planning on trying for myself. That is always the best type of haul. My actual value and personal value are the same at $590.28. While being a FabFitFun member is expensive (if you take advantage of all the deals), it is absolutely worth it.

Ready to subscribe? Add-ons for the summer box open to select subscribers on the 5th. I actually upgraded to an annual membership after this event, because I like what I see to stay on another year. Getting first access to add-ons and the ability to make more selections with each box also make it worthwhile. Visit my FFF Page for more information about this subscription and shop purchases for subscribers. All available offers get posted there as well as everything I know about the retailer and links to helpful sections of the site. See all FabFitFun articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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