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Sephora Play May 2018 Subscription Box 719 Review

Sephora Play! is a subscription box that offers five deluxe beauty samples and a bonus foil packet or perfume vial for $10 a month plus tax. Shipping is free. Only items sold at Sephora come inside the box so most items are from well-known, high-end brands. While Sephora does carry a few low-end and luxury brands, they do not really appear in the subscription boxes. There is not a traditional rewards program with this box so you cannot get points for referring friends or writing reviews. It does award 10 Beauty Insider points and applies $10 toward your purchase minimum to maintain your Beauty Insider status. Visit my Sephora page for descriptions on points and status. The $10 charge processes immediately for new subscribers and from the 1st through the 4th for succeeding months. Boxes usually ship from the 11th through the 15th.

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Birchbox May 2018 Subscription Box 54843679 Review

Birchbox gives at least 5 deluxe beauty samples each month for $10. Some boxes have more than 5, but anything over 5 is usually a foil. Boxes get customized to your beauty profile, and you can opt out of one type of sample per box during sample choice. All boxes are a mixture of haircare, makeup, and skincare. There are times when body care items pop up, and you can select an option to receive no more than 6 fragrance vials a year in your profile. You could get a box with 2 haircare items, 2 makeup items, and 1 skincare item or any similar variety, but you will rarely see more than 2 items from any category unless the third is a foil. If you are looking for a box that is mostly makeup or mostly skincare, this is not it. Those looking for a well-rounded sample box may enjoy this subscription.

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Walmart Beauty Box Spring 2018 Trendsetter Subscription Box Review

Walmart Beauty Box is a subscription box delivered once per quarter. The items are given to you free of charge, and you pay $5 for the shipping. Your first $5 charges when you subscribe, and a box from the current season will ship to you within a few weeks. Future boxes will incur the $5 charge as the box ships. There are two boxes, Classic and Trendsetter. Within the two boxes, there is some variety. Newer subscribers may receive samples others got in past boxes. At times, you may even see a repeat in your box. There is no way to opt into a certain box. It does seem most younger women have the Trendsetter box while mature women have the Classic box. Some change their birthdate to possibly get a different box. I’ve always used my real birthdate. Walmart started me with the Classic box, but it switched me to Trendsetter boxes in the spring of 2016.

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Target Beauty Box Mother’s Day Review

Target releases seasonal beauty boxes. A new box released today. Some of the past releases, which I’ve already reviewed are still available. I only mention and review the boxes I purchase. These are not subscription boxes so I pass on the ones that do not interest me. They used to sell out the day they release but most last longer lately. A Sonia Kashuk box released today as well, but it sold out before I even logged into the site. It must have been popular on the east coast and with the early risers. It is one I definitely would have purchased if there was stock left. Shipping is always free, and you will know what is in each box before you make the purchase decision. Most items are sample sized, but there is almost always a full-size item or two inside. Value is usually at least triple the cost. The only variation in box content is on color items. Unless the color is specifically stated in the description, colors will vary. Boxes usually range in price from $5 to $10. Most boxes are $7. The Target Beauty Box Mother’s Day for $7.

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List of FabFitFun Add-ons for 2018

See the FabFitFun 2019 Seasonal Add-ons, and the 2019 Edit Sale items.

Instead of writing an article every time FabFitFun add-ons pop up, I will update this article (in reverse chronological order) with the add-ons I see in 2018. I know I should have written this article before the spring add-ons, but I did not realize how big of a deal add-ons are with this subscription. Prior to the summer box, I was a seasonal subscriber so a lot of the better add-ons were gone before I even got a chance to select anything. Opening add-ons at 9am on a Saturday does not really work for me. It is my only day to sleep in, when we do not have any plans. Thankfully, I still got everything I wanted in the spring box, but it took some stalking. That means I would have just covered the items I received in that article anyway.

Add-ons are items that get discounted from 30-70% that you can purchase to come along with each seasonal box. These items come with the box so there is no shipping charge. Subscription boxes already get free shipping. Select Access (annual) subscribers get to shop add-ons for one week before add-ons open to everyone. Seasonal subscribers and Select Access subscribers shop add-ons together after the first week. I will go over the timelines for each season below.

During the selection period, you click the add-on to reserve the item. Items have quantity limits, but you can see the limit (usually from 1-3) as you add the item to the cart. Any item you still have reserved once the period lapses gets charged to the card on file for the subscription. Then, those items ship along with the box within 10 business days. The beauty of this method is you have time to think over your purchases and pare down your cart. It also gives you time to grab things you wanted that others eventually pared down from their carts.

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Urban Decay Birthday Gift Review Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter Sin

Urban Decay has a birthday gift with purchase offer. The 2019 Urban Decay Birthday Gift is the same as the 2018 Urban Decay birthday gift, which I review below. It is always a full-size product even when it changes. Many retailers offer birthday gifts, so check my master list before your big day. A purchase and a Beauty Junkie account is required for this gift. Joining Beauty Junkies is free. In addition to the birthday gift and other special promotions throughout the year, members get free shipping on every purchase, points for purchases, and points for a variety of other tasks, including referring a friend. Even though it limits receiving points to 4 referrals per year (so I usually meet my maximum on the first or second day of each year), I still attached my link. Anyone who signs up with a referral link (from me or a friend if s/he prefers) gets 10 bonus points. There is no limit to how many people can get points for being referred using my link.

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FabFitFun Spring 2018 Edit Sale Haul and Review

See all 2018 Edit Sale offers.

FabFitFun held its first ever Edit Sale from April 9th through April 15th. It was a subscriber only sale where FabFitFun sold items from past boxes, past add-ons, and new items for 25-70% off. Annual subscribers had first access starting on the 9th, and seasonal subscribers got to shop the sale starting on the 11th. This was held at the same time it usually runs the warehouse sale, but there was a change in format to go along with the change in name. In the past, the Warehouse sale was similar to the Capsule Sale. The major difference was the Warehouse Sale could have anything, but the Capsule Sale would only have items related to its specific theme. The New Year Sale, Valentine’s Sale, and Made in America Sale are examples of a Capsule Sale. Another difference is the Warehouse Sale happened once after each season and the Capsule Sale could pop-up any time. During a Capsule Sale or the old Warehouse Sale, you pay for items as you go, but you are free to place multiple orders throughout the event. All orders you place ship separately so each order is subject to the $25 free shipping minimum.

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ebates In Store Cash Back – More Stores Added, Including Sephora

See all 2019 Sephora Promotions, Sales, GWP, Deals, Discount Codes, and Events.

For those who are not familiar with ebates, I have an article going over it and five other Pay-to-Shop programs I recommend. Those who are familiar with ebates but not In-store cash back, I have an article going over that as well. This article is just a reminder to use this amazing perk of being an ebates member. It is also an alert that more stores are participating (and are constantly added). The list of stores revolves, but there are usually at least 30. In-store cash back is an easy way to make money. As long as you remember to set up the offer (simply by entering or activating the card you plan to make the purchase with) before shopping, you should get cash back. It removes the linked offer from your account after a qualifying purchase so you will need to link it again if it is a store you shop at often. I’ve received my cash back on every in-store purchase I’ve qualified for, but you could always file an inquiry if you did not receive yours, just as you can for missing online transactions.

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