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FabuFinds: Product Spotlight Winter 2018

After I review my Empty Products, I like to take a little extra time to go over the standouts. These FabuFinds are products I love so much they seem like they’re made for me. They are items I would repurchase, even without a deal. Items I am loving but cannot finish any time soon make it into Deal Discoveries. To eventually spotlight all of my FabuFinds, I will never repeat items already mentioned in a past article. That does not mean they lost their magic. It is also possible an item not spotlighted in a past Empties article may get promoted as I try it more and fall deeper in love. Over time, past FabuFinds may get demoted as I find things I love even more. There are 2 products I consider FabuFinds in my Winter 2018 Empties that I have not discussed yet.

Luvena Daily Therapeutic Wash is a very gentle cleanser. While you can use this anywhere, it is most beneficial for vaginal cleansing. By this, I mean the outside as cleanser should never go inside. A healthy vagina has a ph between 3.8 and 4.5. Bath water, harsh soaps, periods, semen, and more can upset the balance. Some women have a hard time keeping the balance. To combat this, some say just cleanse yourself with warm water. Others say use a gentle cleanser. I say do whatever works best for you. This product leaves me feeling clean, does not upset my ph balance, and does not leave me feeling dry. The product is fragrance free, but the ingredients do give off a scent. It is not the most pleasant scent, but it is still a lot better than the scent one gets when her ph goes over 4.5. Only Walgreens carries this for a reasonable price so I do grab other things in between Walgreens purchases. After I finish using the other items I have, I will exclusively purchase and use this. My favorite thing about this wash is my gynecologist recommended it.

I was sad when my Wet Brush broke, but it did live a great life while it was here. This is one I purchased in September 2015 and used pretty regularly on wet and dry hair since then. It is the first Wet Brush that has broken on me so far, which includes the one I bought before I started blogging and two I bought after the one that broke. Unlike the others, this is the one that lived in my car so it was probably weakened by extreme heat. As I’ve purchased 4 Wet Brushes, it is pretty clear I love them. My favorite thing about them, other than the very affordable price, is they do not pull my wet hair too hard. Almost every other brush (including some more expensive ones I’ve tried) have pulled my hair so much that even when I hold my hair near the roots while brushing I feel pain. I love how easily this brush works through tangles (when combined with a nice detangler).

They also do not scratch my head as many detangling combs and brushes do. The round bristles are gentle on my scalp. When I brush wet hair with a regular brush, my hair always looks more frizzy than it does when I use this brush. That leads me to believe that this brush is great at reducing frizz in my fine, wavy hair. This also seems to cause less breakage than other brushes so I have less baby hairs and fly-aways than I used to before I discovered this. On dry hair, this brush is nothing extraordinarily special. It brushes dry hair no better or worse than a standard brush. Then again, the name is Wet Brush for a reason. That is where the magic lies.

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