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WalMart Beauty Box Winter 2018 Trendsetter Subscription Box Review (Yes, My Winter Box Arrived in the Spring)

Walmart Beauty Box is a subscription box delivered once per quarter. The items are given to you free of charge, and you pay $5 for the shipping. Your first $5 charges when you subscribe, and a box from the current season will ship to you within a few weeks. Future boxes will incur the $5 charge as the box ships. There are two boxes, Classic and Trendsetter. Within the two boxes, there is some variety. Newer subscribers may receive samples others got in past boxes. At times, you may even see a repeat in your box. There is no way to opt into a certain box. It does seem most younger women have the Trendsetter box while mature women have the Classic box. Some change their birthdate to possibly get a different box. I’ve always used my real birthdate. Walmart started me with the Classic box, but it started sending me Trendsetter boxes in the spring of 2016.

I’ve been subscribed to the Walmart Beauty Box for over 3 years. The only one I missed was the first one from the Fall of 2014. While I got my boxes around the same time as everyone else in 2015 and 2016, that changed in 2017. Other than the summer 2017 box, my subscriptions came later than they did in past years. Walmart decided to carry that over into 2018 as well. Four of my boxes came during my blogging break, and I’ve decided not to share them. Those were the winter 2016, spring 2017, summer 2017, and fall 2017 boxes. After a little research, I noticed that Walmart did not send any winter 2017 boxes out at all. This was because everyone got the Fall 2017 box pretty late. It looks like most people received their winter 2017/2018 boxes in late January of early February. Mine never came, but I was never charged either. This happened to some others as well from comments I read on other blog reviews.

I figured Walmart was just going to skip giving me a winter 2017 box. Then on 03/12/18, I got an email asking me to confirm my shipping and billing information by 01/25/18 to receive a winter box. That’s right. It wanted me to confirm my information by a date that was over a month and a half ago. It looked like I was getting a winter box after all. In 2015 and 2016, my spring boxes shipped in March. Getting a winter box in March is a first for me, but hey, better late than never. On 03/22/18, my winter box finally arrived. Yes, my winter box arrived two days into spring.

The box design does change at times. This one has a copper rectangle with a black border on a white box. It is more sleek than Walmart boxes in the past and is the first one that looks almost like a Target Beauty Box.

Everything comes loose inside a box lined with tissue paper. This tissue seems very festive.

Damage is more likely when boxes are loosely packaged. Thankfully, everything arrived intact.

None of the inserts have coupons. Although I never factor coupons into box values, I love getting them. Walmart boxes used to have a lot of coupons. It has been a while since I received more than one or two.

There were only five items inside my box. Yes, you may have seen other reviews where people got a lot more items in their boxes. One of the things I dislike about the Walmart Beauty Box is how much discrepancy in value you see from box to box on each round. Click on that link to see pictures of all boxes I’ve reviewed. One time when I received 4 items, they were all deluxe sized so the box only had a $1.69 value over what I paid. Another time, I received 10 items and that value was almost 3x what I paid. I’ve also received boxes with over 4x what I paid in value. It is all a crapshoot. This one has 3 full-size items and 2 deluxe items. The product that looks like a foil is actually full-size. That makes this far from the worst.

The full-size 2.6oz Degree MOTIONsense UltraClear Black + White Invisible Solid antiperspirant retails for $3.88. I am using a Degree deodorant, because I forgot to pack some for a recent trip. That was the only thing the gas station had. This is different from the one I am using, but the one I am using works nicely. My expectations are high for this.

The 0.86oz Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Ointment Body Spray is worth $2.32. I am a fan of how deeply Aquaphor moisturizes. One of the things I dislike is how greasy it feels until it settles into the skin. This spray offers that deeply moisturizing feeling, but it spreads the product evenly making it easier to work into the skin. It is the best of both worlds. If the price per ounce was a little cheaper, I would regularly buy it. Getting samples is great though.

The 10z Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion sheer hydration is worth $0.58. I always use the cheapest possible buy-in for price per ounce. This is not a lotion I’ve tried before, but I have never disliked a single moisturizer from this brand. With its soothing oatmeal in every product, it is a great line for eczema sufferers. Both of my boys struggle with that so I will have them try this.

The full-size 0.35oz SOO AE Purifying Brightening Peeling Gel retails for $2.50. This is a lot of product for a single use on the face so I am not impressed with the packaging. I really do like these types of peels and look forward to seeing how this one stacks up.

The full-size 0.4oz p2 Volume Gloss gel look polish 440 double agent retails for $2.94. This is a pink-based red. My swatch spoons are at my ex’s house so I swatched it on my fingernail for now. It is very glossy for a crème. As with all of my swatches, this is one coat. I can see the white of my nail so it is not fully opaque. With another coat, I bet it would be. Since I do not have any base or top coats where I am now, I will not review the wear time of this swatch. That is not how I wear my polishes so it would not be a proper review. Compare this to my other red polishes.

My box value is $12.22. This is also my personal value, because I will try everything in this box. That brings the average box value for the year to $12.22 (of course, because it is the first box of the year). While the box value is never particularly high, I stay subscribed, because this is a great way for me to explore items at the drugstore. There is usually a better mix of products for those thinking two body moisturizers is a bit much for a 5 item box. As someone who works through body moisturizers faster than anything else, it is actually perfect for me. Have you subscribed yet? The spring boxes could release any day now so it is the first time I am really unsure which season you would start with if you subscribed now. USA, LLC

Remember to check all WalMart offers before shopping online. See all Walmart Subscription Box articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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