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Deal or No Deal Review Too Faced Chocolate Gold Metallic/Matte Eye Shadow Palette Metallic/Matte

By Kimberly

My plan was to have this article go up on Saint Patrick’s Day, but my product photos and swatches got lost. Natural light is best for swatches so I had to wait for daylight to retake them. Happy Belated Saint Patrick’s Day! As someone who is 64.3% British and Irish, I like to celebrate. Yes, I know that is a specific number, and I also know that those are two different countries. 23andme never told me how much of each I am. The scores were just combined. Thankfully, I there are a lot of green eyeshadow shades in my collection. Tom Ford Emerald Lust is still at my ex’s house so I decided to go with the palette I’ve tested for a deal or no deal review.

For a deal shopper, paying full price for any product is never ideal. We do not always have a choice. There is always a chance that items will get discounted after their launch. You can always wait for the price to drop if you think it is not justified. That means you will get it after everyone else, but that’s never bothered me much. Waiting allows real reviews to filter in to see if the product is living up to the hype. It also lets you dedicate full-price purchases to the items you really want and cannot wait for. What happens if you’ve waited, but the price never drops? You either have to make your peace with never trying it, hope you will get the item as a sample, or pony up the full-price. The bright side is most retailers offer free samples, or a gift with purchase to slightly soften the blow. Waiting until a GWP you really want pops up is an excellent way to finally get the item you want to try. If you pay full-price for a $40 palette that is sub par, you cannot call the product you paid for a deal because the GWP was worth over $40. You can say your overall purchase was a deal if you feel that way. These reviews will only take the product itself at the full retail price into account. A low price is not always a good deal and a high price is not always a deal breaker.

I purchased this for full-price. The Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bar Eye Shadow Palette retails for $49. There are 14 0.03oz shades and 2 0.06oz shades for a total of 0.54oz. That makes the price per ounce $90.74. This is right on par with the Naked palettes from Urban Decay, which go for $90 an ounce.

I really like the look of this palette. There are some serious Kylie Cosmetics vibes with the gold drips, but I always liked that about her design. Unlike the other chocolate bar palettes, which are metal, this is plastic. The interior has a gold outline around the shadows and a large mirror. It is stunning. That also makes this great for travel.

All shades have the signature chocolate scent, which is common to the chocolate line. I am a huge fan of this and enjoy it every single time I open a product. The Metallic shades have real gold mixed in to make them sparkle. They probably pay for the gold with what they saved by using plastic packaging. As long as the price of the Chocolate Eye Shadow Palettes does not go up, I am happy with plastic. These are creamy mattes.

The shades inside from top left to bottom right are:

  • Money Bags (metallic warm green)
  • Chocolate Gold (metallic pure gold)
  • Rich Girl (metallic silvered taupe)
  • Cocoa Truffle (matte chocolate-brown)
  • Decadent (matte deep black)
  • Love & Cocoa (metallic deep bronze)
  • Old Money (metallic pure copper)
  • New Money (metallic shocking pink)
  • Famous (metallic pure bronze)
  • Classy & Sassy (metallic rose gold)
  • So Boujee (matte cashmere)
  • Holla For A Dolla (metallic golden hunter)
  • Gold Dipped (metallic champagne gold)
  • Livin’ Lavish (metallic plum)
  • Drippin’ Diamond (metallic pure silver)
  • Rollin’ In Dough (matte soft beige)

Too faced claims these colors are richly pigmented with one swipe. That is true with: Chocolate Gold, Love & Cocoa, Old Money, Famous, Holla For A Dolla, Gold Dipped, and Drippin’ Diamond. It is semi true with: Rich Girl, Classy & Sassy, and Livin’ Lavish. While you can get color with one swipe on those, they are best with two. Other shades take multiple swipes to build pigment like: Money Bags, Cocoa Truffle, Decadent, New Money, So Boujee, and Rollin’ In Dough. Only Money Bags and New Money need a lot of work. The mattes take more passes, but they are decently pigmented.

For all looks, I either used concealer set with loose powder or Too Faced shadow insurance set with loose powder. Although I am not a huge fan of Shadow Insurance, the eyeshadow primers I prefer are still at my ex’s house. When I used a glitter primer, it was from NYX. My Too Faced Glitter Glue is at my ex’s house. I used Rollin’ in Dough on my brow bone, So Boujee as my transition, and Cocoa Truffle in my crease on every look. They applied nicely every time. None of them were patchy, and they were easy to blend out. While they are not the most pigmented mattes either, they build nicely. I really like that, because I can lighten or darken the shades to the look I want. Considering how few mattes are in this palette, I appreciate that.

My first look used New Money in the center of my lid, Chocolate Gold on the inner lid, Decadent on the outer lid, and Rich Girl in the inner corner.

I did not foil these or lay down a glitter glue, because I wanted to see how the palette performed all ways. By the end of the night, New Money had severely faded. My lids are hooded so it is no surprise that the glitter also traveled into crease. Other than some Decadent on the outer corners (it was a windy day and my eyes were watering), everything else looked nice.

New Money was not a swatch that impressed me so it did not surprise me that it needs help to perform on the lid. The star of this look is Chocolate Gold. I cannot express how much I love this color. While I’d stop short of saying I love it as much as I love Urban Decay Half Baked, it is up there in the same level. They are different enough to justify saying I’d prefer one over the other based on the look I want.

I wanted a neutral look for the next round as I was planning on wearing a bold lip. For this look, I decided to focus Old Money on the center of the lid, Holla For A Dolla on the outer lid, and Rich Girl on the inner corner.

I foiled Old Money, and it looked beautiful. Once again, I did not lay down a glitter glue. The color did not hold on, and it transferred to my hooded lids. Holla For A Dolla was not foiled on the outer corner of my eye, because I wanted it to look less metallic. It worked.

This was the day I decided I do not like Rich Girl as an inner corner highlight. It is just a tad too chunky for that. The color is beautiful so I wanted to use it in other places.

I wanted a cooler look the next time so I opted for Drippin’ in Diamond on my lid with Decadent in the outer corner.

This was the first time I foiled the eyeshadow and laid down a glitter primer. The product dried on my eyes before I could blend it as much as I wanted to. It definitely stayed in place all day. There was no creasing and the glitter did not travel to my hooded lids.

I tried to use Rollin’ in Dough as my inner corner highlight, but it is too close to my skin tone.

My final look is the Saint Patrick’s Day look I mentioned above. For this, I used Money Bags on the center of my lid and Gold Dipped on the inner and outer corner for an ombre effect. Yes, I need to work harder on my ombre specifically and makeup in general.

I was able to blend the shades before the color dried down. My eyes are different shapes, and I made the mistake of matching the colors to each eye instead of each other. When I look down, it looked uneven.

On my lid that has an extra fold, the shadow did crease. This was with laying down a regular primer, foiling the shadow, and using a glitter primer. Money Bags was the weakest shade in the swatches so I am trying not to take the lack its performance too personally. Even though it was a little harder to work with and creased on one eye, I am in love with the color. If I use it again, I will probably foil it less. My guess is over foiling (after seeing the weak swatch) probably prevented it from drying before my hugely hooded eyes got in its way.

Since it was Saint Patrick’s Day, here is a picture of my $0.20 hat. I got it in a set of 5 at the Dollar Tree. It has a similar green shade to Money Bags. If Money Bags transferred as well as it looks in the pan, it would have been a perfect match.

Verdict: Deal

The original Chocolate Bar still leads this line. Let me know if you want a separate review on that. I purchased the Semi-Sweet and Bon Bon Palettes from Too Faced during the winter of 2017 and have yet to try either. Once I do, I may pick a different leader. Reviews of those may come later. While I still prefer the original, I think this is definitely worth $49. As much as I love shimmers, I use more mattes. I would have preferred an extra matte shade or two thrown into this palette so I can use it for a complete look without relying on the black shade to darken my outer V. While having the black is great, a dark matte brown or even a dark matte taupe in place of one of the metal shades would have made this even better. That said, the four matte shades do make this a complete palette. Every time I use this, I do not grab anything else to supplement it. This is also something I would grab with an all matte palette to add a nice shimmer shade to my lid. New Money and Money Bags are weak, but they can work with some effort. All the other shades are nice or even stunning. They make up for the two weak shades.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (12 and 7) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 12-year-old to apply it.

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