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Very Late Review of My Sephora Beauty Insider Community Gratis Featuring: Tom Ford, Too Faced, STELLAR, and Gucci

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The Sephora Beauty Insider Community at times sends gratis to its members. As some of you may know, I took 2017 off from most social activity. Those in my personal life saw me a lot less. My blogging was almost nonexistent. Social media also slowed down. I just needed some time off from most of my responsibilities. On 08/16/17, a Beauty Insider Community moderator at Sephora reached out to me to see if I wanted some free products. The answer to that question is always yes. Who does not love free products? Everything is always better when it is free. In exchange for the free products, Sephora and the brands want honest reviews. It is impossible to review makeup when your break from life completely halts makeup application. Well, I finally tried all the items Sephora sent me on behalf of these brands, and my reviews are ready. Better late than never.

The gratis arrived at the end of August with a letter requesting we (me and the other recipients of this gratis) review the products and mention that we received the products for free in the reviews. That is something I always mention when I review products sent to me. While receiving something for free never alters my review, I believe it is important for the reader to know. For one, we are typically less harsh on products received for free. It also speaks to honesty. If someone forgets to mention a product was free, what else is she leaving out?

The box arrived in the same type used for products redeemed in the Rewards Bazaar.

Red tissue lined the box.

The products inside were individually wrapped in black and red tissue. This added to the surprise. While the private message mentioned new launches, it never said what they were.

Sephora has sent me one of those avatar stickers a few times, and I cannot seem to remember where I put any of them. Here’s hoping I either find one or get another one somehow. I have an idea of where I want to stick her cute, sassy face.

There were six beauty products included in this round of gratis. That is by far the most I’ve received.

Every single item included in this round of gratis came in extremely sleek packaging.

Here are all the color items together. The Tom Ford quad is on the left, the Too Faced Bronzer is next, and the Tom Ford Lip Color is on the right.

I decided to share the products in the order of how much I enjoyed them starting with the Too Faced Sweetie Pie Radiant Matte Bronzer from the Peaches and Cream Collection. Too Faced has always been a cutesy brand to me. It has some nice products, but their packaging was just so cute. That changed with the Peaches and Cream Collection. The packaging for every single piece in this collection is beautiful. If I did not know any better, I would think this was from a high-end brand.

The 0.47oz bronzer retails for $30. That makes this $63.83 an ounce, which is on par for mid-range bronzers.

Inside, Too Faced managed to capture cutesy and beautiful at the same time. The bronzer looks like a Peach (well more pink than peach) Pie. When something is this pretty, I hate using it. This design deserves to stay intact. Plus, I wonder what is underneath the pink. Will this be a blush once I work past the bronzer?

This is a matte bronzer, but the overspray on the top gives off a little sheen on the first couple of uses. I do not mind a little sheen in my bronzers, but I also like matte bronzers. When I swatched this, I was not sure what to think about the color. It is almost as if I can see the pink tone, which is odd for bronzer.

On my light skin, which has warm undertones and cool overtones, it looks amazing. The color is nothing short of beautiful. When I use a really light hand, like the photo above, it looks so natural.

Yes, the picture above is from today, Saint Patrick’s Day. With a heavier hand, it warms up my skin perfectly. I did not have contour on in either picture so my face just looks warm. It is a really great color for my skin tone and looks smooth on my skin. This is a 5 out of 5 star product.

I was already in love with Tom Ford Lip Colors and Satin Finishes are my favorite.

The 0.10z Tom Ford Lip Color in 16 Scarlet Rouge is a satin finish that retails for $54. That makes this $540 an ounce, which is expensive even for luxury lipstick. This is the main reason I do not own a lot of my beloved lipsticks.

This shade was new to my collection. It is a beautiful red.

This is another shade that looks great on my skin tone. Tom Ford has my favorite lipstick formula. It is very moisturizing but somehow still long-wearing (for a bullet lipstick). They never seem to accentuate lip lines or highlight dry patches on my lips. The formula is just really comfortable. Despite my poor application, which is a perpetual problem with shaky hands, this does not move around much. This is another 5 out of 5 product.

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, there is nothing more sleek or beautiful than a Tom Ford Quad. These are my favorite palettes from the outside in my collection. What comes inside the palettes varies a little.

The 0.21oz Tom Ford Eyecolor Quad 04 Honeymoon retails for $85. Sephora lists this at 0.35oz, and the older Tom Ford quads that retailed for $79 were that size. These newer $85 palettes are usually 0.21oz. Back when they were bigger and sold for less, they were reasonable for a luxury brand at $225.72 an ounce. Now, they are $404.76 an ounce. This is the main reason I do not buy them anymore.

I love the colors in the Honeymoon palette. This makes me think of peaches and berries, which are very popular eyeshadow shades. What I am a little less impressed by with this particular palette is all the shades are satin.

I prefer matte shades for my transition and crease colors. With hooded eyes, I need them. The swatches are nice and show how the pigmentation can build.

Everything blended nicely and applied easily. While the overall result pleased me, I would use a supplemental palette for my crease and transition shades in the future. The satin shades just do not give me the depth I want. It makes everything look like it is sitting on the surface where matte shades make it look recessed.

Everything remained crease free and though the shadows are not the most vibrant, they looked the same way when I removed them as they did when I applied them. The good thing about Tom Ford shadows is you can build them. I chose to wear them with a softer look. This was Valentine’s Day so I had a romantic theme in mind. This is a 4 out of 5 product. Replacing the satin on the top right or the bottom left with a matte would have made this a 5 out 5 palette for me.

The 0.25oz Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum For Her Rollerball retails for $34. That makes this $136 an ounce. I am not a huge fan of florals so this surprised me. It has rangoon creeper, jasmine bud, and tuberose. The fragrance is not overpowering at all, but the scent is very noticeable. At the end of the night, I can still smell this. Describing fragrance has never been my forte, but I would call this a fresh floral scent. There is almost a hint of powder. This is a 4 out of 5 product.

The 1.12 STELLAR Brilliant Primer retails for $35. That makes this $31.25 an ounce. It is a lightweight primer to illuminate and hydrate the skin. There is dimethicone in this to blur imperfections, and it definitely has that silicone feeling. The oils and extracts should make my skin feel soft. My makeup does seem to last longer when I use this so it does the main thing it should, prolong makeup wear time. I do not feel any added moisture when I use this, and my skin does not feel soft. For an illuminating primer, I think it falls a little short as well. When I use it by itself, I can see the illumination. How often does one apply primer with nothing on top of it though. My skin looks no different after adding foundation than it does when I use a mattifying primer. This is a 3 out of 5 product.

The 4oz Too Faced Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray retails for $32. That makes this $8 an ounce. It also comes from the beautiful Peaches and Cream Collection. There is a label on the bottle that tells you to shake it before using. One day, I was feeling exceptionally lazy and did not shake it much. That was a huge mistake, because it sprayed little white dots over my face. While I fully admit that was a user error, I’ve never had another spray do that. Spending minutes trying to remove the dots from my face and hair was not something I enjoyed. Thus, I remember to shake it until it stops making sounds inside now. I am seriously shaking for a good 30 seconds or so. When I shake a lot, it does not shower me with white dots. The mist is nice, and it coats my face evenly. There is a beautiful peach scent when I spray this, and I really enjoy that. My makeup lasts longer when I wear this, and it does mattify my skin. It also seems to suck all the moisture out of my skin and make it feel as dry as possible. I cannot wait to wash the makeup off my face and get some moisture on days I wear this. Considering I do not need much mattifying, this spray is just not for me. This is a 2 out of 5 product.

As with all reviews, these are my opinions based on my stats. I am a 38-year-old woman with light, dry, mature skin. Based on my skin type and tone, only the STELLAR product was somewhat disappointing. An illuminating, moisturizing primer is exactly what I want, but it did not do either really well. Even though I do not have the right skin type to fall in love with a mattifying spray, white dots on the face and sucking the moisture out of skin is never okay. That said, I can see how someone with oily skin and always remembers to shake forever could love the setting spray.

I am grateful Sephora selected me for this gratis. It is not only the best one I’ve received, but it was the one I had the most fun with. Considering how long I had been absent from BIC, I am glad they still thought of me when selecting recipients. This was a nice gift, and it came at a really great time., Inc.

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