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Ulta Beauty 2x UltaMate, 3x Platinum, and 4x Diamond Points on Anything for 2018

I love reading blogs, but bloggers sometimes spread misinformation. A while back, I happened upon a blog talking about Ulta Point Multipliers. The blog mentioned Ulta has done lots of promotions, including 4x points. Prior to 03/11/18, I can say with certainty Ulta had never done a 4x points promotion. That officially changed today. After the Diamond Tier launched in 2018, Ulta decided to add a 4x points offer to its usual 2x UltaMate points and 3x Platinum points offers. This is the first time in 2018 we’ve seen this offer. This promotion usually repeats at least 5 times each year. Instead of writing a new article every time I see a new promotion, I will just add the new dates here. There are also 3x points on anything for UltaMate members, and 5x points on anything for Platinum members that repeat each year. As soon as those offers pop up for 2018, I will start new articles.

What I like about this new 4x points addition on this existing promotion is Ulta Beauty is doing more to differentiate between its tiers. They are underpromising and overdelivering, which is the best way to run a business. It only advertises three bonuses over the Platinum tier, which is an extra 0.25 per dollar spent, free shipping with a $25 purchase instead of $50, and a free $25 rewards card. After its official launch on 01/16/18, we’ve seen an exclusive Diamond Perk each month on the 5th. My guess is we will continue to see more bonuses given to the top-tier to truly differentiate between the tiers.

03/11/18- UltaMate members get 2x points, Platinum members get 3x points, and Diamond members get 4x points on all products and services. This promotion runs through 03/17/18. The 21 Days of Beauty starts right after this ends so Ulta Beauty is spoiling us.

The offer did not show up in the Bonus offers section until late in the day on the 11th. If you made a purchase after activating the offer and your points did not calculate properly, you may need to contact Ulta for a manual adjustment.

In 2017, the 2x points for UltaMate and 3x Points for Platinum members on all products and services ran 11/05/17 through 11/18/17, 10/01/17 through 10/14/17, 08/02/17 through 08/19/17, 06/04/17 through 06/17/17, 05/19/17 through 05/27/17, 02/26/17 through 03/11/17, and 01/29/17 through 02/04/17.

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