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Target Beauty Box March 2018 Review Hello Spring!

Target releases seasonal beauty boxes. These are not subscription boxes and almost always sell out the day they release, usually in the first few hours. There is a limit of one box (of each type) per order. One new box released today and is still available. Shipping is always free, and the box contents announce as soon as the box goes on sale. Most items are sample sized, but there is almost always a full-size item or two inside. Value is usually at least triple the cost. The only variation in box content is on color items. Unless the color is specifically stated in the description, colors will vary. Boxes usually range in price from $5 to $10. The Target March 2018 Beauty Box Hello Spring retails for $7.

Everything comes inside a white box Target Beauty Box. As you can see, this box took a beating in shipping.

All Beauty Boxes contain a coupon for $3 off any $15 Beauty purchase. This applies to cosmetics, skincare, and haircare. The coupon is valid for about a month from the order date. By the time the box arrives, you usually only have about 3 weeks to redeem it. This coupon works online and in-store. It expires 04/08/18.

The theme of this box is Hello Spring. Other than the hair color, which is great for spring, all products seem great for any season.

A product card comes in each box with a brief explanation on each item. Like the outer box, my product card looks beat.

Each box has slightly different wrapping. This one has yellow tissue, which is a great spring color.

Other than the tissue, there is nothing to keep the products in place. With things moving around inside, disasters can happen.

There are 7 items inside the Hello Spring! box. That makes the cost of each item $1.

The 1.7oz Olay Cleansing Infusions Body Wash is worth $0.42. This body wash has micro-scrubbing infusion with crushed ginger to gently exfoliate while cleansing. I have not tried this particular wash, but I’ve never tried an Olay wash I did not like. My expectations are high.

The 0.16oz No7 Early Defence Glow Activating Serum is worth $4. Target mistakenly listed this at the full 1oz size. This retails for $24.99 so a full-size serum would have made this box a steal. It promises clear and refined pores after one week thanks to a unique technology to boosts skin’s natural renewal process. I’ve never tried this before, but it sounds amazing.

The 2oz St. Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer is worth $0.46. It has 100% natural moisturizers and promises to work to improve skin’s elasticity and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 7 days. Those are bold claims for a body moisturizer, especially at this price.

The 1.4oz Pantene Foam Conditioner Sheer Volume is worth $1.40. This in-shower conditioner contains air-light microbubbles that claim to strengthen, moisturize, and bring shine to every strand without weighing hair down. I love the idea of a foaming conditioner and am looking forward to trying this. Plus, my fine hair can always use more volume.

The full-size 1.5oz Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup Amethyst retails for $9.99. This temporary hair makeup goes on clean, dry hair. You set it with heat (or let it take a while to air dry). It washes out as soon as you clean your hair again. My boys have been really into hair color lately so I hope this works. After purchasing $10 hair gel in two colors that barely adds anything to their hair, I am looking for something more significant. While this color (not sure if everyone for the same color) may have not been the perfect shade for them, I am willing to buy the right shade if this works nicely. Sampling it for less than I would have paid separately is perfect and the main reason I purchased this box. I am happy with this color. UltraViolet is the color of the year, and this looks close.

The full-size 0.16oz wet n wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad in Sweet as Candy retails for $2.99. This is the second reason I purchased this box. As you can see, the crease color got pulverized in transit. A different wet n wild palette I ordered from Ulta at the end of last year also got pulverized in transit. Surprisingly, very few of my items (given how many I receive by mail) arrive damaged so I felt it was important to share that. If you are ordering wet n wild palettes, they like to break in transit.

I started to clean it, but I thought I should get a picture of the before and after. There is too much damage and product everywhere to even attempt to repress the crease color. As such, I am not even going to try. Thankfully, there is some of the crease shade holding on to the top and right side of the pan. That is enough to complete at least a look or two so I can have at least a one look utilizing all four shades in the palette. Getting the crease color off the other shades (and all the other products in the box) was a little difficult.

These shadows are enriched with macadamia oil to give crease-resistant wear and continuous moisture to the delicate eye area. That sounds nice. I do think it is funny that they are crease-resistant and the crease color broke. How foreboding! The swatches did not impress me, but they’ve been through a lot. Hopefully, they have time to chill and will perform better once I put them to the test. Once I do, I will edit in pictures and a review.

The 1.5oz Nexxus Clean & Pure Refreshing Mist Dry Shampoo is worth $3.60. I am not sure if I’ve ever tried an unscented dry shampoo before and admit I prefer when dry shampoos fragrance my hair. It is nice when they help it look and smell clean. We’ll see how this goes. Trying new dry shampoos is always nice, because it is a product I have not found my holy grail of yet.

As with all drugstore products, price variation is huge depending on where you shop. For this box, I used Target prices on all items. This box has a $22.86 value. My personal value is also $22.86, because I will try everything in this box. While this is not the highest valued box ever, I am happy with it. Granted, I would have been a lot happier if the eyeshadow palette was not broken, and it is hard to say it is worth the $2.99 when only 3 of the 4 shades arrived intact. I also had to remove a lot of the three that arrived intact to get the busted shade off them. Target did refund the cost of the entire box, which I thought was great. In the past, they’ve only offered to refund the price for the damaged item, but then never issued the refund. I’ve already received the refund on this.

Remember to check all Target offers before placing an online order, but these boxes always sell out fast. You get free shipping when you order this, but the regular $35 shipping minimum applies if you add anything to the order. Look for extra items as quickly as possible. Boxes release almost every month and although the exact release dates vary, the first Monday of each month is the most common release. Months with five Mondays will usually see the last Monday of the month with a box. If you want to make sure you get the next box, subscribe to Target emails and look at them when they hit your inbox. Of course, I will always alert you on the front page when they come back in stock as well.

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