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Fabletics February 2018 Subscription Box Review

My workout wardrobe has stepped up its game since I joined Fabletics in May of 2015. When taking advantage of the VIP member discounts I get with my Fabletics subscription, I get quality workout gear for a great price. The outfits are stylish and high quality. Workouts in quality clothing not only make you look better, but they also make the workouts more comfortable. There is a large selection of outfits every month from plain to fun to sexy. Outfits are usually 2-3 pieces and run from $49.95 to $89.95. From the 1st through the 5th of every month, you select the outfit of your choice or opt out online for the month. Reminder emails get sent, but forgetting is still possible. If you do forget, Fabletics will charge the card on file $49.95 and give you a credit toward a future selection. You will not receive anything you do not hand select so you build your workout wardrobe based on what you want. You even get a huge discount off your first outfit making it an incredible deal too good to pass up.

I do not work out as often as I’d like. Even if I worked out every single day, I doubt I would need a new outfit every month. As such, I skip most months. By keeping an active membership, the points I earn stay in my bank (for 12 months), and I get access to member only sales. Lately, I shop those sales more than I get monthly outfits. In the nearly three years I’ve been subscribed, I have forgotten to skip the month three times. The first time it happened I called and Fabletics refunded me reversing the credit. When it happened the second and third time, I just kept the credit until I saw an outfit I wanted. For those who do not want a membership, you can shop Fabletics without one. Only subscribers get the VIP discount so I do not recommend shopping without a membership. I would suggest joining and skipping months that do not speak to you.

I did purchase a handful of outfits during my 2017 blogging break, but I’ve decided not to share the past articles. None of the pieces I purchased during that time that were bad enough to complain about. There was a free beach towel that was way too thin, but I did not pay for it. Like most of the items I purchase from Fabletics, I loved almost everything else. Most of their items are true to size, but I have occasionally noticed things that run big or small.

These outfits are almost all machine washable. They recommend laying them flat to dry. While I recommend using the care instructions on each piece, I can tell you I own a lot of Fabletics pieces. I wash and dry all of them. None of them have shrunk, faded, or gotten damaged by the dryer. That is my experience and not necessarily what I am recommending to you.

I had a credit for a month I forgot to skip, and I got an email offering a free Demi Lovato top with a purchase of an outfit from her collection. She had a lot of really cute pieces, but most of them sold-out. That’s what I get for skipping without really looking. As I was in the process of moving, I just did not know where to send the outfit. The Sonata outfit really spoke to me, even though it is too cold for it. Spring is right around the corner.

The Sonata outfit is $49.95 for VIP members so it costs the same amount as the credit (I was charged before this month). It retails for $89.90 to everyone else.

Even if I was in the best shape of my life, I would not wear a sports bra with nothing over it to work out. As such, I really like that I got a free Demi Lovato Tank Top with this order.

I really like this Logan tank top. It retails for $39.95, but it is available for $34.95 to VIP members (subscribers). It is 88% Polyester and 12% Elastane. The shirt has mesh-trim racerback strap, dropped armholes, all-way stretch, step hem with side slit, semi-cropped, moisture-wicking, and it is very soft and comfortable.

As I will wear all three pieces together, this is what my final outfit will look like once I finally wear it.

The bottoms to the Sonata outfit are Lita High-Waisted Shorts. They retail for $49.95, but are available for $34.95 to VIP members (subscribers).

This is one-piece with the lining sewn into the looser shorts.

The lining is 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex, and the outside is 100% polyester. They have a high-rise waist with shirred elastic waistband, moisture-wicking, compression technology, back zipper pocket, laminated mesh and ripstop fabric, and a dolphin hem. Though they are comfortable, they make a little noise when you move around. Working out quietly would not happen in these.

The top to the outfit is the Gabrielle Sports Bra. It retails for $39.95, but it is available for $29.95 to VIP members (subscribers). This has a metallic (look) elastic band, moisture-wicking, all-way stretch fabric, removable cups, and a breathable keyhole back cutout. I think it wears very comfortably and looks stylish. It is 88% Polyester and 12% Elastane.

You get two rewards points for every dollar you spend. That means I got 100 rewards points for this $49.95 purchase. I also got 80 points (20-points per item) for reviewing the 4 items I received with it. This order gave me a total of 180 points. At 300 points, you can start redeeming for rewards. Points expire in 12-months so I usually redeem a 300-point freebie as often as possible. With 300 points I received for past orders, I selected the 6-pack of Headbands. These retail for $9.95 for VIP members and $12.95 for everyone else.

Not including the magazine subscription or the coupons (mentioned below), my Fabletics items have a $142.80 value. My VIP price was $49.95. I did have to pay an extra $4.37 to cover the tax for the purchase. As all of my subscriptions and other purchases charge tax now, I consider it a part of every purchase even though I use the retail price to calculate value. Purchasing an outfit will save you money over buying items individually with a VIP membership. The top retails for $39.95 or $29.95 for VIP members. These shorts retail for $49.95 or $34.95 for VIP members. That means buying them separately would cost you $89.90 or $64.90 for VIP members. There is no savings on the retail price, but you save $14.95 on the VIP price. You can buy full outfits outside of the selection period so run the numbers to see if an outfit will give the best deal. Items placed in the Sale section can go for less than the original outfit prices, but that is not always the case either.

You also get to select a free magazine subscription with each purchase. I selected Sports Illustrated with this one. Does anyone pay for magazine subscriptions anymore? Between redeeming unused airline miles before they expire and all the places that give them free with orders, I cannot remember the last time I paid for a magazine subscription. They do not give your credit card info to the magazine either so your subscription will not auto-renew.

Coupons come in every order as well. While I never factor the value of coupons into a subscription, it is nice when they are coupons for products or services I will actually use. I have considered a meal service in the past and may still in the future. As someone who does not drink, I cannot see myself ever redeeming the wine voucher.

I’ve attached the codes for mine, because I am not planning on using them. If the code does not work for you, someone else already claimed it.

If you have not joined yet, you can get 50% off your first order. You can opt out of any month you do not want to purchase. Read more about the program or visit the retailer page. Although you can shop Fabletics without a membership, these special prices are only available to subscribers. See all Fabletics store and subscription purchases. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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