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Birchbox Limited Edition A Toast to the Host Box Review

Limited Edition Boxes are my favorite items to purchase from Birchbox. These are a mixture of full and sample sized items that usually fit a specific box theme. All boxes have a value far greater than the cost so they are a great deal when the items you want to keep exceed the value of what you’re paying. Better boxes sell out quickly, but the ones that linger will occasionally pop up in the sale section for 30% off. Aces sometimes get 40% off on sale items. Predicting which ones will sell out is not always easy so I buy the ones I really want close to the release date. If you’re on the fence because of price, wait it out.

The Limited Edition: A Toast to the Host retails for $62.

While the value is inside this box, it has lasted longer than most. My guess is it has to do with the theming. Most Birchbox shoppers are looking for beauty products, and a box with only 2 items may not appeal to them. This box has 5 full-size items. It is one of the rare limited edition boxes with no samples. I think this box could have done better just by throwing in a few deluxe sample sizes of beauty products or lowering the price.

The contents are loose inside of a box with white crinkle cut paper.

A product card going over the items is inside, an important note for those planning to take select items before gifting the box to someone else. You could either omit the card or have no shame in admitting you took things. Unlike the cards that come inside the subscription boxes, the price to buy the full-size is not listed. Some of the items inside these boxes are already full-sized.

The back of the card goes over the box theme. This theme is Celebrate Good Times, which is not the best fit. Try saying that without signing the song. While the pineapple tumbler, the candle, and the gummy bears could be used for celebrating, none of the items would get you very far. You cannot host anyone with one tumbler, even if it was only a celebration for two. I think they could have included a larger box of candies from sugarfina as well. That tiny thing would not serve too many people.

This box also came with a card to gift the box to someone else. As I plan to keep the box, I can use this card to gift something else. To combat the problem of not being able to host with this set, I purchased two boxes. That left me with two of each product, including pineapple tumblers. Now, a friend or companion (and at some point a date) can use the second tumbler.

The full-size 2.53oz Davines OI Hand Balm retails for $20. My ex and I both loved the Davines Hand Cream we tried in the past. He even stole the second tube of that one from me. Though this brand is known for its haircare, it makes beautiful hand creams. I gave my ex the tube from the second box this time so he did not even have to steal it.

The full-size 0.25oz Oribe Balmessence Lip Treatment retails for $35. Other than my beloved By Terry Baume de Rose, which is $60, I do not own any lip balms that cost this much. Since I am working on a lip balm review article (hoping to finish it in the next couple of months), I thought it would be nice to throw this one into the mix. I have not tried it yet, but I noticed my ex was using the one I gave him from the second box I purchased. Even if I love it, I have so many others to work my way through, I just thought it would be better to let him have it.

The full-size 16oz W&P Design Large Pineapple Tumbler retails for $99. There are a lot of knock offs and smaller versions of this product on clearance for a lot less. For the original, 16oz size, it is still only available for $99. This is the number 1 reason I purchased this set. I thought the design was adorable and knew I would never pay $198 to have a set of these. My plan was to store them in my beauty room and take them out for themed parties when I just need a pineapple drink holder. Since I no longer have a beauty room or anyone to entertain, it might take a while before I get to use these for practical or decoration purposes. It is a very sturdy tumbler and even the straw is brass. While the “gold” on the lid does not perfectly match the “gold” on the bottom, it is barely noticeable unless you stare directly at it. As both tumblers have the same discoloration between the top and bottom, I think this is intentional.

It even comes with a handy guide to make drinks for the tumbler.

The full-size 7.2oz  P. F. Candle Co. No. 29: PIÑON retails for $18. I love this soy candle. Like most soy candles, very little product disappears as you burn it. I’ve already burned it 5-6 times for about an hour each time, and it still looks pretty new. While I love pine, it is usually an overpowering scent. Pine makes me think of Christmas time, but this one has other aromas that do not give it an overly woodsy smell. With notes of Piñon Pine, Balsam Fir, Amber, Black Pepper, Vanilla, and Smoky Cedarwood it smells like the outdoors with some familiarity of home. Until I tried this beautiful candle, I considered gifting the second one. Now, I am keeping both for myself.

The full-size 8oz sugarfina Champagne Bears® retail for $8.50. I despise alcohol so I gave both sets of these to my ex after tasting a single bear. It impresses me that sugarfina offers these at such a reasonable price given that dom perignon is infused into them. That is an expensive champagne. My ex enjoys that champagne and says he enjoyed these gummy bears despite not being much of a gummy bear person. As someone who is a gummy bear but not an alcohol person, I can tell you these were very off for me.

Whenever you spend over $35, you can add a free 2-piece sample pack to your cart. This combines with any promo code, because you add it directly to your cart. Discount promo codes are on my Birchbox page, but you can always view the Bonus Shop for GWP promo offers. Promo codes cannot be combined. Choose the one you like best. For this order, I used SAVEHALF, which gave half off select items in the these products are not selling category after Christmas. I had a feeling there would be an after Christmas sale. The $10 for the sample pack gets deducted after the subtotal so the price of the sample pack gets factored into the purchase requirement for a promo code. As an Ace who purchased this with other things, I also got free shipping for spending over $100. That goes off the pre-discounted amount so I would have received that just for purchasing these two boxes.

That promo code essentially gave me 2 boxes for the price of 1 so I got both of my A Toast to the Host boxes for the original $62 price tag. While I felt it was worth $62 (based on my desire to have the pineapple tumblers), I had a feeling the box would go on sale based on the bad reviews. I also got 50% off two other items. As they are both discontinued, I am not even mentioning them here. The items I received in my mystery sample pack were: a 1oz Briogeo Blossom & Bloom ginseng + biotin volumizer ($4) and a 0.34oz foil of Kerastase Cristaliste Luminous Perfecting Conditioner (I do not assign value to foils). This is another reminder never to pay $10 for the mystery sample pack for small orders. It has been a long time since the value has gone over the $10 charge (that charge drops to zero when you spend $35+).

All limited edition boxes are 30% off using the code LIMITED. I saw this code on Facebook on 02/26/18. It does not say when it will end.

The box retails for $62, and it has a $180.50 value. That is just over the $180 Birchbox quotes. Since I bought two boxes and obviously gave away duplicates from my second box, I am using the first box to calculate my personal value. My personal value is $172, because I did not keep the champagne gummy bears. The main draw for this box is the pineapple tumbler so anyone who is not interested in that will probably not see the value in this box. While the other items do cover the cost of the box, those who do not want the tumbler would have to ask themselves, if I spent $62 on items, are these the items I would buy? If not, this box is not for you. As the only item I did not want was only $8.50, this was an easy purchase decision and great deal for me.

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If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers. Look at discount offers and items available in the Bonus Shop when shopping the store. Remember to add your free two-piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus ShopTips For Getting the Best Deal lays out all the ways I know to save money at Birchbox. See other Birchbox articles and Limited Edition Boxes. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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  1. The good news about boxes like these is you do not have to be a subscriber to purchase them. You just grab them from the shop whenever you see one that interests you.

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