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Birchbox Limited Edition Meet The Latest and Greatest Box Review

Limited Edition Boxes are my favorite items to purchase from Birchbox. These are a mixture of full and sample sized items that usually fit a specific box theme. All boxes have a value far greater than the cost so they are a great deal when the items you want to keep exceed the value of what you’re paying. Better boxes sell out quickly, but the ones that linger will occasionally pop up in the sale section for 30% off. Aces sometimes get 40% off on sale items. Predicting which ones will sell out is not always easy so I buy the ones I really want close to the release date. If you’re on the fence because of price, wait it out.

The Limited Edition: Meet The Latest and Greatest retails for $49.

While it is not unusual for boxes to last a long time, it surprises me this one is still available. This box has 7 full-size items, 3 deluxe items, and 2 mini items that sell in these sizes.

The contents are loose inside of a box with white crinkle cut paper.

A product card going over the items is inside, an important note for those planning to take select items before gifting the box to someone else. You could either omit the card or have no shame in admitting you took things. Unlike the cards that come inside the subscription boxes, the price to buy the full-size is not listed. Some of the items inside these boxes are already full-sized.

The back of the card goes over the box theme. This theme is Say Hello, which is a somewhat good fit. Many of these items are new to the market and instant hits.

The TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patches in Berry, Honey, and Mint are all full-size. They retail for $4.50 each. I love using lip masks when my lips are super chapped after a long day in the sun or over the winter when they need the most help. These have olive oil, honey, witch hazel, vitamin C, and green tea. Those ingredients will probably make my lips feel great.

The 0.08oz Benefit Cosmetics GALifornia Sunny Golden Pink Blush retails in this size for $15. One of the main reasons I purchased this box is because I wanted this blush. I never hit pan on the Benefit Box O Blushes so I probably would have purchased this size. It is just too bad the mini does not have the sun baked into the product. That likely changes the overall color of the product that you’d get from the full size until the sun wears off.

I love this shade even without the sun. The swatch was a little more powdery than most Benefit blushes, but that did not seem to transfer to the face.

It applies nicely and is easy to blend out. The shade has just the right amount of gold and the right amount of pink to wear it with cool looks like the one above or warm looks like the one below. Like most powder blushes, it did not last long on my cheeks. While it was there, it looked amazing. I keep reaching for this blush, because I am in love with the color.

The full-size 6oz R+Co TROPHY Shine + Texture Spray retails for $30. I am enjoying texturizing spray more than I used to so I look forward to trying this. It is nice that this one claims to add shine. One of my biggest complaints with texturizing sprays is they make my hair look dull and like there is something other than added texture in it.

The 1.5oz OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam is worth $7.92. I am still on a quest to find my holy grail dry shampoo so I love getting dry shampoo samples. This is one I have not tried yet. My hair gets really oily by the end of the night when I wash it. To wear it down at all without washing it on the second day, I need help. In the past year, I mostly just wore my second day hair up. It is time for my hair to go back down.

The 0.06oz MAC Cosmetics Matte Lipstick Little MAC in Chili retails in this size for $10. It is a brownish orange-red shade.

While I can see all the colors and quite like the overall effect, it looks more orange than anything else on my warm toned skin.

The full-size MakeupDrop™ The Original Silicone Makeup Applicator retails for $20. This is another reason I really wanted this box. I’ve seen these things demoed all over YouTube and they never seem to blend well. Preserving makeup as it does not absorb creams like brushes and sponges, easy clean up, and preventing bacteria from breeding are great selling points. I did not want to drop $20 for this gimmick yet I still really wanted to try it. Instead of purchasing a cheaper knock off, I decided to get the original inside this box. It is really thick so this thing will still be around long after I am gone. While I have literally no expectations for this, I am happy I get to try it. That is strange I know. Once I try this, I will report back on how it does.

The full-size STARSKIN® The Master Cleanser Mask™ Detoxing Sea Kelp Leaf Face Mask retails for $15. I love sampling expensive sheet masks, because there is no way I would ever drop that much for a single sheet mask. This is one I have obviously not tried yet. It looks awesome.

The 0.07oz Stila Cosmetics Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Kitten Karma is worth $10.98. These look amazing on everyone I’ve seen try them. I cannot see myself paying $24 for a single one, but I have and will continue to purchase the minis when I see sets.

Kitten Karma is a champagne, silver/copper sparkle. Like the original kitten eyeshadow, I see hints of pink in this. The color is everything and from the swatch alone I can tell this will be amazing. Here’s hoping it sets and does not crease. I will let you know how it goes.

The 0.5oz Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream – Normal to Dry is worth $14.12. My skin is very dry so I always like seeing kits with moisturizers for dry skin. This is one I have not tried yet.

The only place I found a listing for this Sorbus Cosmetic Organizer Case is eBay. It lists this at $18. I doubt that is what it originally sold for, but I am rolling with it. This does have a removable mirror and it is nice acrylic. Six of the slots are lipstick sized. Two of the slots are slightly larger and will fit two smaller lipsticks side by side. A set of post-its easily fit into the biggest slot. Though the mirror is not huge, it is about the size of a mirror inside a medium to large eyeshadow palette.

Here is a look at the color items together.

Whenever you spend over $35, you can add a free 2-piece sample pack to your cart. This combines with any promo code, because you add it directly to your cart. Discount promo codes are on my Birchbox page, but you can always view the Bonus Shop for GWP promo offers. Promo codes cannot be combined. Choose the one you like best. For this order, I used FRESHQUEST to get a 5-piece deluxe sample kit with a $50 purchase. The $10 for the sample pack gets deducted after the subtotal so the price of the sample pack gets factored into the purchase requirement for a promo code.

All limited edition boxes are 30% off using the code LIMITED. I saw this code on Facebook on 02/26/18. It does not say when it will end.

I purchased this on Black Friday so the 25% discount for Aces automatically applied. When the discount is automatic, you can use a free product promo code. The one I used included a 0.5oz MALIN + GOETZ grapefruit face cleanser, a 1oz Origins Checks And Balances™ Frothy Face Wash, a 1oz Paula’s Choice Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser, a 1oz Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser, and a 0.67oz Vasanti® Detox Nutrient-Rich Purifying Facial Cleanser. That was a pretty valuable GWP, but I never made a note of the items I received in the mystery sample pack. Thus, I cannot place a value on all of my freebies.

The box retails for $49, and it has a $154.52 value. That is just over the $153 Birchbox quotes, but I did make a guess with the Sorbus product. My personal value is also $154.52. Even though it is my second Kitten Karma, I already gave the first one away when this one arrived (as I had not used it yet). I am extremely happy with the items in this box, which is why I it surprises me that there are still some left so long after it released. Of course my opinion might change as I try the items, especially if I end up disliking any. When it comes to kits and subscription boxes, I do not mind encountering some misses and long as the items that hit exceed the box value. This was a great deal for the chance to try these new products.

Birchbox Women

If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers. Look at discount offers and items available in the Bonus Shop when shopping the store. Remember to add your free two-piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus ShopTips For Getting the Best Deal lays out all the ways I know to save money at Birchbox. See other Birchbox articles and Limited Edition Boxes. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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