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Deal or No Deal Review: Lush Elf & Aliens and Monsters Fun

For a deal shopper, paying full price for any product is never ideal. We do not always have a choice. There is always a chance that items will get discounted after their launch. You can always wait for the price to drop if you think it is not justified. That means you will get it after everyone else, but that’s never bothered me much. Waiting allows real reviews to filter in to see if the product is living up to the hype. It also lets you dedicate full-price purchases to the items you really want and cannot wait for. What happens if you’ve waited, but the price never drops? You either have to make your peace with never trying it, hope you will get the item as a sample, or pony up the full-price. The bright side is most retailers offer free samples, or a gift with purchase to slightly soften the blow. Waiting until a GWP you really want pops up is an excellent way to finally get the item you want to try. If you pay full-price for a $40 palette that is subpar, you cannot call the product you paid for a deal because the GWP was worth over $40. You can say your overall purchase was a deal if you feel that way. These reviews will only take the product itself at the full retail price into account. A low price is not always a good deal and a high price is not always a deal breaker.

Lush is notorious for not using promotion codes, and it is one of only a few large retailers left that does not. There are no free samples or gifts with purchase either. It basically lacks almost everything deal shoppers love. While it does have a BOGO sale after Christmas that does at times restock shortly afterward, there are not a lot of opportunities to get Lush products for anything other than full-price. Purchasing Lush products is not ideal for me, because I literally get nothing other than the exact thing I paid for. I do not really like that so it limits how many products I buy from Lush. Because they have some quality things they are worth exploring even without anything extra, I will continue to try some things.


An important storage tip for fun users. Either remove all the product from the plastic and store it on a soap dish in the shower or only take small portions of it with you into each shower. The problem with the latter is guessing the right amount is difficult. It is way too easy to end up with too little or too much. Creating something with it is also harder when it is not all stored in the same place. If you keep it in the plastic in the shower, it will get moldy. I learned that the hard way with Rainbow Fun. This is not as solid as a bar of soap, but it is not as liquid as soap in a bottle. When it comes into contact with water, which is almost a definite when it is anywhere inside your shower, parts of it will start to turn more liquefied. This product needs to breathe and needs space for it to dry down again. Those who choose to store the product in the shower on a soap dish will notice that parts of the product get mushy and cling to the bottom of the dish. Once they’ve solidified (usually by the very next shower), you can scoop it from the bottom of the dish and use it again.

Aliens And Monsters Fun is $9.95 for 7oz of product. It was $6.95 when I purchased it over a year ago. With its new price tag, it breaks down to $1.42 an ounce. It works as shampoo or bubble bath as well, but I would not recommend it for shampoo. The dies in the product are difficult to rinse off skin and the bathtub. The die would latch onto hair more than the other two surfaces, and we cannot see our heads in the shower to make sure we are rinsing it all off. Plus, I am not a fan of multi-use products. They almost always work better one way, and I refused to even try this the second way. Unlike bar soap, this does not leave a sticky film on my skin. After the color is finally rinsed off, my clean feels soft and smooth thanks to the oils. This actually has a nice lather thanks to the Sodium Laureth Sulfate. As such, it would probably make a suitable bubble bath. Given that we already use bath bombs in most baths, I usually avoid more expensive products to make bubbles.

The shades in the Alien and Monsters Fun are green, dark pink, and purple. Those are great shades typically known for aliens and monsters. My ex molded the shades together to create something fun for my kids, because I have no creative ability whatsoever. Sadly, I cannot find the picture he sent me and we no longer talk for me to get it again. The ingredients of this one are: Corn Starch (Zea mays), Talc, Glycerine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Black Pepper Oil (Piper nigrum), Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin), Vanilla Absolute (Vanilla planifolia), Gardenia Extract(Gardenia jasminoides), Limonene (bi-product of essential oils), Fragrance, Red 33, and Blue 1. It gives a spicy black pepper and vanilla scent, although I am almost certain the dies in each color slightly change the fragrance. I liked the green one the most from this set.

Elf Fun was $7.95 for 7oz of product. With that price, it breaks down to $1.14 an ounce. Although I purchased this in November 2016, we did not use and assemble it until Christmas 2017. We were in the middle of packing for a move at the end of 2016, and this never made it out before Christmas. Thankfully, it did not expire until November 2017. Once three people start regularly using it (me and my boys), it does not last long. We were able to finish it by the end of November. Shortly before Christmas in 2017, I wanted to buy another one. We made a huge in store purchase but we could not find this. I checked online, but it was not there either. The link for the product listed it as out-of-stock, and the dates on the reviews made it clear that the product was not available in 2017. If it was, I am sure it would have had the same price increase as Monsters and Aliens. Is this returns for Christmas 2018, I anticipate a $9.95 price tag.

This product has the same notes as the one above so I am not going to copy and paste the full review. Just scroll up if you skipped over that one. The only fun difference is when using the red shade from this one it actually looks like you murdered someone and showered afterward.

The shades in Elf are white, green, peach (a smaller sliver than the other colors), and red. Those are great shades for creating an elf. My ex molded the shades together, and though it did not impress me, it was still better than anything I could have created. The ingredients of this one are: Corn Starch (Zea Mays Starch) ,Talc, Glycerine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cinnamon Leaf Oil (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), Ginger Oil (Zingiber Officinale), Grapefruit Oil (Citrus paradisi), Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Limonene (bi-product of essential oils), Eugenol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Lilial, Coumarin, Hexyl Cinnamal, Fragrance, Rosie, Red Lustre (Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Red 7), Red 4, and Blue 1. It gives a fruity cocktail-scented lather, although I am almost certain the dies in each color slightly change the fragrance. I liked the red one the most from this set and not just because of the staining effects.

Verdict: No Deal

The price per ounce is a little too high with the new Aliens and Monsters pricing. If Elf returns, I predict it will have the same inflated pricing. It was on the border of no deal with the old pricing so the new pricing just pushed it over. You only get 3 (Aliens and Monsters) or 4 (Elf) colors and cheap paper print-outs with each set to make something fun. Unless you have the creative skills to actually mold these into something, you are better off skipping this or getting 12oz of Rainbow Fun for $12.95. My ex, who is artistic but still had somewhat boring creations, no longer lives with us so I would not be able to make something fun from this for my kids. I have purchased Rainbow Fun in the past and used it without molding it into anything. At $1.08 an ounce, it is more affordable. It also comes with 7 shades, which are all unique and all great. The red in that one will give you the same effect of looking like someone got murdered before you showered the evidence away.

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