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Physicians Formula Makeup Sets – Try The Brand For Less

When it comes to the drugstore, Physicians Formula is on the higher end of the price spectrum. It surprised me to learn that they produce a lot of value sets. These value sets include full-sized products. There are times when the set featuring 2-4 products is cheaper than the cost of a single item inside the set. Even more surprising is many people do not seem to notice the sets or assume the sets have sample-sized products. Over the past five months, I’ve noticed that these sets were often lower in the best-selling line-up than the highest priced item inside the kit. This means there are some people who go in and look specifically for the item they want. By grabbing the item they want without looking at the set, they are sometimes paying more for the item and not getting freebies they could receive. My goal is to have anyone shopping for Physicians Formula look through all the items available at the retailer of their choice to see if their item is inside a set. Sure, it takes a few extra minutes but paying less for more is worth the effort.

Drugstore prices have a lot of fluctuation depending on where you purchase the item. Walmart and Target typically offer the lowest prices, but they have less sales. Both retailers carry this brand so naturally you’d think they have the cheapest prices. When it comes to single products, they usually do. Never discount Ulta though, because Ulta offers buy one, get 50% off this brand a lot. Ulta is actually running that promotion through the 17th now. Even when purchasing under that promotion, there are times when Target or Walmart sell the 2 items for cheaper. It is always worth taking a look. These sets are typically excluded from buy one, get one 50% off promotions. Surprisingly, Ulta sells these sets for cheaper than any other retailer though.

I thought about linking the individual products, but I realized I want you to go through all the products to see what is out there any time you shop this brand. These sets are almost always available and they tend to sell less than the single items inside no matter which retailer you look at. As such, I am providing limited links.

Since Ulta has the best prices, I am starting there. Ulta is also the only place I’ve purchased these sets from so far. Though I have purchased a handful, I did not get the idea for this article until I purchased my last two. As such, I only have pictures of the boxed sets for these two. When a product goes out of stock at Ulta, I can no longer grab a screen shot of the product page. There were some that went out of stock that I never bought so I am unable to prove the were the same price or cheaper than other places for these sets. My order history on the ones I did get will help me prove the pricing for the ones that are out-of-stock that I did get.

I took pictures of the products out of the boxes to reiterate these are full-sized products. If you purchased a full-size item individually, it would look and perform exactly the same.

I purchased the 2-piece set with the mascara called the Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Makeup Non-Toxic Glamour Makeup Kit for $8.99. This is still available on the Ulta site. It includes: a 1.5oz Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer in Light to Natural and a 0.26oz Organic Wear FakeOut Mascara in Ultra Black. The mascara retails for $9.99 at Ulta so anyone wanting the mascara would already save $1 over purchasing the mascara separately. You can see that the mascara sells more than the set (as of the date this went up) so people are overpaying. Ulta does not sell this tinted moisturizer, but the BB and CC cream from this line go for $14.99. The direct site sells the same set for $12.99 so you save $4 at Ulta.

I purchased the 3-piece set with the CC cream called the Super CC Balm Kit for $11.49. This is no longer available at Ulta, but it is available elsewhere. It includes: a 0.14oz Super CC Correct + Conceal + Cover Concealer SPF 30, a 1.2oz Super CC Correct + Conceal + Cover Cream SPF 30, and a 0.3oz Super CC Correct + Conceal + Cover Powder SPF 30. The concealer retails for $12.99, the CC Cream retails for $13.99, and the powder retails for $13.99. No matter which product you wanted, the set was cheaper than the product. Like the other set, this was lower on the best-selling line-up than all the individual products.

I purchased the 4-piece eye set called Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Makeup In the Nude Kit for $8.99. This is no longer available at Ulta, and it is not available with any reputable sellers that I can see. It includes: a 0.28oz shimmer strips Glam Green Eyes Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo, a 0.03oz shimmer strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Nude Eyes Black, a 0.03oz shimmer strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Nude Eyes Brown, and 0.26oz shimmer strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner Nude Collection. The mascara is not sold at Ulta, the eyeliners are worth $4 each, and the palette sells for $11.99. Anyone who wanted the eyeshadow palette could have paid less for this set, got 2 eyeliners and a double ended mascara free. The direct site still sells this for $14.99

I purchased a 2-piece set with a BB Cream called the Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Bronzers Kit for $8.99. This is still available on the Ulta site. It includes: a 0.42oz Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Cream Bronzer in Light to Medium, and a 1.2oz Bronze Booster Glow-Boosting Beauty Balm Bronzer in Light to Medium. Neither of these products are on the Ulta site anymore, but I remembered seeing the BB cream a while back. Though I cannot remember the price, I remember it was over $8.99. The powder bronzers from this line are $14.99 so I assume this cream version is comparable in price.

I purchased the 6-piece eye set called The Smokey Eye Look Kit for $6.97. It was originally listed at $9.95, but I got it on sale. This is no longer available at Ulta, but it is available elsewhere. It includes: a 0.016oz Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash-Boosting Ergonomic Felt-Tip Liner + Serum Ultra Black, a 0.056oz shimmer strips Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Gel Cream Shadow & Liner Trio Smoky (cream, pink, brown), a 0.06oz Brow Pencil/Highlighter, and a 0.23oz Tinted Brow Gel with a built-in Brow Brush. Almost all the items in the set retailed for more than $6.97 individually. The only item Ulta still sells is the last 2 items, which are both dual ended. That set of two retails for $14.99.

There were also 3 more sets that dipped to $6.97 before Christmas. Every item in the set retails for more than $6.97 so I am not going to break these down. My best advice for these crazy cheap sets is check the site a couple of weeks before Christmas. Sets will go on sale and they will not last until the after Christmas sale. On that note, any Christmas curated sets that last (from any brand) after Christmas can get discounted by as much as 50%. All of the makeup is just as good after Christmas and it does not even look Christmas-y when you unbox it so this is a great time to shop makeup sets.

Target sold this set I got at Ulta for $8.99, but it charged $15.19. It was also $8.99 at Walmart.

This is one I barely missed at Ulta so I can confirm Ulta had this same $11.49 price. It is still available online for this price at Walmart.

I did get this set from Ulta for the same $11.49 price it retails for at Target.

This set is actually still available. Though you will not get the $6.97 price I paid at Ulta, these were originally $9.95 there as well. There are 6 full-size items in this set. It is an amazing deal. Grab it.

This is one I never saw at Ulta, but it is still available online at Walmart for $15.44 and through the direct site for $14.99.

This is another one I got at Ulta for $6.97, but it originally went for $9.95 there as well. It is still available at Target. There are 3 full-size items in here. Grab it.

This is overpriced at $19.96. I got the blush and bronzer in a slightly different set from Ulta for $6.97. The direct site sells this set for $14.99, and it is still available online.

This 3-piece set at Walmart includes 3 full-size items for $15.44. I never saw this set at Ulta so this is another reminder to look around. You can find different sets by doing that. The direct site sells this for $11.29.

This set went for $11.49 at Ulta, Target, and Walmart. It is still available and a fantastic deal. Get it.

I never saw this set at Ulta. It went for $15.59 at Target and it is still available for $14.99 through the direct site.

This $19.96 set is still available but it went for $11.49 at Ulta and Target. The markup is disappointing.

This is another set that I never saw at Ulta, but it is only $11.99 through the direct site.

This set also went for $8.99 at Ulta, but it was $15.19 at Target.

I got a set that included these product and 4 others at Ulta for $6.97 (originally $9.95). This specific set is at Ulta for $14.99 now, and it is only $11.39 at Walmart. Here is a reminder that the sets that are cheaper at Ulta usually have 3 or more items. While there are some 2-piece sets that are cheaper, the closer you get to 1 item, the more likely it is that Ulta will charge more.

This $8.97 set was not available at Ulta. It retails for $5.99 through the direct site.

This $9 set was not available at Ulta.

There is always the option to order direct from the Physicians Formula site. Many of the prices on the direct site are more expensive, but there are some exceptions. As long as you want to spend over $35 (the free shipping threshold) on Physicians Formula products, you can also get a GWP. Using code VDAYGIFT, shoppers can get a free Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush in Warm with a $40 purchase.

I’ve never ordered direct from their site before, but I read that using a referral link should give 50% off a purchase to the person being referred and the person doing the referring. If someone wants to use that link to see if they really get 50% off when being referred, I will let you know if I get 50% off for referring someone. It would also be nice to list what the exclusions are if there are any. I wonder if you can combine the promo code with a referral link and if the discount only applies to full-price items. Considering I only want the sets and a lot of them are already “on sale,” the 50% off may not work for me anyway.

This is $15.44 at Walmart so it is one set that is already cheaper even if the referral link does not discount this further.

This set went for $8.99 at Ulta and Walmart. It went for $15.19 at Target so this $14.99 price is not the most expensive. Considering this is the only place left to get it and there are 4 full-size items, I’d pay it (even if the referral link does not apply).

This went for $19.96 at Target so it is cheaper here than anywhere else. I did get a similar set with 2 of these products for $6.97 at Ulta marked down from $9.95.

This set went for $11.49 at Ulta, Target, and Walmart so this $14.99 price tag is the highest. If the referral link discount does not apply to this, it is still available at Walmart.

This is still at Ulta for the same $8.99 price.

This went for $15.59 at Target and is still available for $15.44 at Walmart.

This exact set is unique to the direct site but getting 3 items for $13.95 when it is not much less for 2 at other places is a better deal.

This is another unique set to the direct site but the $8.99 price for 2 full-size items would likely be the price if Ulta sold it.

This was $11.49 at Ulta, but it sold out before I got a chance to buy it. I am really hoping the referral discount applies to this, because I cannot pay $17.99 for it when I barely missed it for $6.50 less.

This retails for $15.44 at Walmart so this $11.29 price is great.

This is still available for $8.99 at Ulta.

This set retails for $8.99 at Walmart.

I will not keep you any longer. The takeaway is these wonderfully priced sets are everywhere and the prices fluctuate a lot. When searching for a Physicians Formula product make sure it is not available in a set before buying it individually. If you can find it in a set, there is a good chance you will pay less and get other items for free. Purchasing the set from Ulta almost guarantees that. Ulta has the cheapest prices for sets, especially those of 3 or more items. It tends to have the highest price for each item. Hopefully, this article helps you try more products from the brand for less than you would have paid buying them individually. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised with the CC powder. It really has great coverage!

  2. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried from this brand so far. No brand can get them all right, so I am sure I will find a dud at some point.

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