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Over A Year of Empties: Finished Product Reviews from November 2016 through January 2018

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed since I last reviewed my empty products. This has been hard time with a lot of loss so my mindset was not focused on beauty as much as it usually is. During 2017, I barely ever wore makeup, although I continued to collect some for the day I once again had the desire to spend quality time getting ready. Since this was a year of bare minimum pampering (other than moisturizers, which I consider a necessity), I have a lot less than I usually would. It is still important that I tell you what I thought of the items I finished and saved (as I spent a lot of time between two houses and hotels this year so I did not save all of my empties). My ex also started throwing things away after we separated when he used to save the items we both used when we were still together.

I love reviewing my empty products, because I usually know by the time I’ve finished something how I feel about it. Reviews based on first impressions can always change so empty product reviews are much more comprehensive. For items that I neither love nor hate, I am always willing to try them again, but I will not seek them out. This generally means I will only try them again if I receive them for free, on sale, or in a set (sets are a great way to get a deal as long as the value of the items you want to try exceed the cost you are paying). The article will be very long based on sheer volume from a year of finished products. Rest assured I will review empty products more often (probably once per season), so I can continue being as verbose as usual without producing the longest article ever each time I review empties.

Anything in my Love category are items I consider a deal (even if purchased at the full retail price). That does not mean I will not seek out deals if I can find them. These are items I will typically buy again, although I will take a break from purchasing when I have too many similar items waiting to get tested. For items I really love, I spotlight ones I’ve finished and others I have yet to finish so I can discuss them in even more detail. Items in the Not for Me category are items I say no deal to (even on sale). Occasionally, I will just toss them before they’re empty, but I try to finish items unless I can’t (allergic reactions or extreme loathing). If they are really bad, I will not even use them again if I get them for free. Thankfully, I can usually find someone to take them from me, because we all have different wants and needs in our products.


365 Foaming Hand Wash Herbal Mint-  This has a fresh scent. The only thing that keeps this from being a FabuFind is the inconsistency and potential product waste. Sometimes, one pump is enough and does a thorough job foaming (as it should according to the product name) and cleansing. Other times, it takes 2-3 pumps to get the same effect. While I am unsure why this happens, I am not okay with it. Unless a soap is very cheap, it is unacceptable to use multiple pumps for one hand wash.

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash Tropical Pineapple & White Peach- I love everything about these body washes. They smell great (have yet to try a scent I did not like and they are all so different), lather beautifully, moisturize my skin, rinse clean, and last a long time. A big bottle of this lasts months, because a little product goes a long way, even when using it without a sponge. After naming this product in a different scent a FabuFind, I would say I still prefer that scent. If I wanted to smell like I went on a tropical vacation, I’d pick this one.

AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream- The scent is not my favorite, but it fades quickly. This is a moderately thick cream that moisturizes deeply. It does not leave behind a greasy feeling, and it makes my hands soft (which is not their usual state).

air repair Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid- My skin feels really soft when I use this and dry patches disappeared. It is a medium density cream, but it does not feel overly thick. This is a great moisturizer for warm weather when my skin wants moisture but also wants to breathe.

Alterna Caviar Daily Root & Scalp Stimulator- This is still a FabuFind. It helps remove build up and provides some relief to my dry scalp. Before I started using this, my scalp was always flaky. Flakes disappear when I use this with regularity. If I skip a week, they return. My hair also looks more full when I use this.

Arnica Goicoechea Body Lotion- This did nothing for my varicose veins, which was a huge claim to begin with. It did have a cooling sensation so my muscles always felt relaxed when I applied it. While it was not the deepest penetrating lotion ever, it provided enough moisture to my legs in the warmer months. So, on hot days when I knew I’d do a lot of walking, I used this.

Assured Multi-Purpose Epsom Salt- I had never really seen the point of Epsom salt so I decided to start my journey into discovering the product with this Dollar Tree brand. Every time I used this, I felt more relaxed in the bath than when I did it. While I cannot explain this mystery product or even decide if the results had a pseudo effect on my psyche or really worked, it is hard to pass this for $1. It gave me the courage to try more expensive ones to see if this is all I need or if nirvana gets even better.

belif The true cream – moisturizing bomb- I have never enjoyed a facial moisturizer more in my entire life so I expected it to cost $100. It is only $38! This is something I will definitely buy and almost did (if not for my insane stash at the moment). The best part is this is a medium density cream so my skin has never felt more hydrated but it can also breathe in the winter. My skin never gets to breathe in the winter.

bliss triple oxygen energizing vitamin c day cream- This citrus smelling moisturizer is so refreshing. It moisturizes very well, except during the coldest time in winter where I needed to add an oil to aid moisture. Every time I apply it, I just felt a boost in energy. I know that’s strange, but I really love the way applying this made me (not just my skin) feel.

Blue Stop Max Massage Gel For Body Aches- This is still a FabuFind. It picks up where Icy Hot and Ben Gay left off. My skin feels cooled and dull aches seem to disappear. Unlike Ben Gay and Icy Hot, it manages to do this without overpowering me. I can focus on other things, because neither my pain nor the cooling are too powerful.

Bolero Bath Fizzer Coconut & Chamomile- I actually used more of these and while this scent was okay, it was not my favorite. Since the empty for the scent I loved more than this disappeared, I cannot remember the name of it. Hopefully, these make a return to the Dollar Tree so I can get some more. While these do not moisturize as well as others, they leave my bathroom smelling as lovely as more expensive bath fizzers. I always apply moisturizer to my body after exiting a bath anyway so I love these for $1.

Bolero Bath Soak Aromatherapy Coconut Oil and Sea Salt- This scent on this is light, so it does not interfere with the scents of bath bombs when I pair them together. I did not find this as relaxing as the Assured Epsom salt, but it was still relaxing. At $1, the price is great, too.

Carol’s Daughter Ecstasy Frappe Body Lotion- This is still a FabuFind. The scent is what has me so in love with this product. It indeed smells like Ecstasy. I think it does a good job moisturizing as well.

Carol’s Daughter Ecstasy Shea Body Butter- This is still a FabuFind. It is so deeply moisturizing and smells like pure ecstasy. There is nothing not to love (as long as you do not get dressed for about 20 minutes). That is how long it takes for my skin to absorb most of this.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream- This is still a FabuFind. I found myself buying this over and over, because it moisturizes so well, is relatively easy to work into the skin (so even my six-year-old can use this), and has a great price. We used to by Eucerin and while I still feel that moisturizes better, neither of my kids are patient enough to work it into their skin.

 dr. Brandt microdermabrasion- This is a beautiful exfoliant. It is so gentle that my skin never gets irritated. My skin feels soft and smooth after each use. When I regularly use this with a nice moisturizer, my dry patches go away.

dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion Pore Perfecting Exfoliator- This is similar to the microdermabrasion one. It is gentle and works well. That one just leaves my skin feeling a bit softer so it is better suited for dry skin. I do not notice any change to my pores when I use this either.

dr. brandt Power Dose D Sunshine Vitamin For Skin- This serum is slightly thicker than many others I’ve tried. That density helps my skin feel more hydrated where many serums do not. With the hydration, my skin does look more supple and feel more radiant. It does everything it claims and more, because my skin almost glows with this.

Dr. Dennis Gross alpha beta medi-spa peel Firming Peptide Milk- This was step-2 in the medi-spa peels I finished a while ago. Even with liberal application, I had leftover firming peptide milk. While I really love this on top of a peel, it did not give enough moisture with my regular routine. It has an almost calming effect on top of a peel, leaving my skin feeling relaxed and soothed. I saved this until I had more peels to use it with. That is where it works its magic.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel- I love when Sephora gives a 3-pack of these for 100 points. When my skin is going through a huge breakout, I turn to these. They magically breakdown the acne. My products always seem to penetrate deeper leaving my skin really refreshed on days I use these as well. It makes my skin glow.

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream- This is still a FabuFind, and I dedicated an article to this fabulous product. My love for this product is never-ending. If I live a long time, I will still use this. Yes, it takes a long time to penetrate the skin. Once it does, it feels amazing. I wonder if I can get rid of all my fine lines by slathering in this from head to toe every single day! No lines would break through this, and then no one would know how old I am. My favorite use for this is still on the heels of my feet. Nothing prevents cracks better than this. Whenever my boys get an eczema flare up, nothing calms it faster than this.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream- I haven’t tried this on my face yet, but I love it on my body. It is pricy, and I am notoriously cheap with body products. When I find this in kits or on sale, I will scoop it up. It is so hydrating. My skin loves it.

fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15- I loved all the fresh sugar balms, but there is something really special about this one. When I put this on before I sleep, it is still on every time I wake up. Not all balms do that. Not even all fresh balms do that. This leaves my lips soft and moisturized. Even after the product rubs away, my lips feel great for a while. There are days I can skip lip balm altogether when this has worked its magic. My only complaint if I had to think of one is this container leaves behind so much product. A Q-Tip will help you get every precious drop, but the fibers sometimes come with it.

Gold Bond Ultimate Skin Therapy Lotion Healing Aloe- This is still a FabuFind. It is the only drugstore lotion I’ve bought for my hands lately. Most lotions are not moisturizing enough for my hands so I usually prefer hand creams. One pump keeps my hands feeling moisturized until the next wash. I apply lotion or hand cream after every hand washing, because even the best creams usually cannot withstand a hand washing. My skin is changing, because this cream never even feels greasy to me anymore. It melts beautifully into my skin. The more I use this the more I love it.

h2o+ Crisp Cucumber Shower Gel- This smells lovely. It lathers nicely and rinses clean.

h2o+ targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream- I’ve always loved this. It is a thick cream that moisturizes beautifully without feeling greasy at all, and I really liked the scent (my ex did not). While I was sad to see they no longer make it, I actually prefer the replacement (which I have not emptied yet).

Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Ultra Light high performance sunscreen 30- I never burn when I wear this (as long as I remember to reapply on time). It smells more like a tropical vacation than a sunscreen. If someone hates the smell on sunscreen, s/he should try this. While it does leave a little shine to the skin (so I do not apply it to my face), it actually looks healthy, not greasy.

hello fluoride toothpaste supermint- This works nicely for my sensitive teeth, and I really like the taste. It is fresh without overpowering my mouth as some toothpastes do. I still prefer my Pronamel and Sensodyne, but this is something I would purchase.

J.R. Watkins Hand Soap Savon Lemon- All J.R. Watkins product take me back to the gym, because our old gym exclusively used their products. This one even smells like the shower gel they used. Their products lather well and rinse clean.

Jergens Extra Moisturizing Hand Wash- I bought so many of these at the Dollar Tree, because I loved them so much. Even though they all disappeared, only two made it into the empties bin. After washing my hands one night, I forgot to put lotion on and cleaned the kitchen. There is no way I could have gone that long without lotion after using most soaps. This soap left my hands somewhat moisturized. I am not living on the edge so I would not say forgo lotion, but you could. It lathers nicely, too.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter Apple Crisp- This is my favorite body moisturizer of all time. It is so hydrating without being overly thick. I wish it was not so expensive so I will not buy it at full price. The scent on this one was really nice. Too bad I did not purchase more when it was on sale.

Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub- This makes my hands feel soft. It does a great job keeping them smooth and is gentle enough for me to use it multiple times a week.

Julep It’s Fun to Exfoliate- This is still a FabuFind. Not only does this cleanse my skin with very gentle exfoliation, but it helps me use less product. I’ve noticed all of my body washes stretch farther when I use one of these. It dries out overnight so it does not harbor bacteria the way sponges that stay wet do.

Julep Konjac Sponge- This is still a FabuFind. Not only does this cleanse my skin with very gentle exfoliation, but it helps me use less product. I’ve noticed all of my face washes stretch farther when I use one of these. It dries out overnight so it does not harbor bacteria the way sponges that stay wet do.

Julep Konjac Sponge Green Tea- I really do not notice much difference in this versus the regular one. Not only does this cleanse my skin with very gentle exfoliation, but it helps me use less product. I’ve noticed all of my face washes stretch farther when I use one of these. It dries out overnight so it does not harbor bacteria the way sponges that stay wet do.

Julep Konjac Sponge Kaolin Clay- I really do not notice much difference in this versus the regular one. Not only does this cleanse my skin with very gentle exfoliation, but it helps me use less product. I’ve noticed all of my face washes stretch farther when I use one of these. It dries out overnight so it does not harbor bacteria the way sponges that stay wet do.

Julep love your bare face Hydrating Cleansing Stick- I love everything about this other than how it wears down. It stops pumping up when there is still a bit of product left. All of that excess product falls to the bottom. Unless you are willing to waste a lot, the ease of twisting the product in the beginning gets negated by having to dig it out at the end. While that flaw keeps it from being a FabuFind, I loved it enough to order it again. My skin feels clean without feeling dry every time I use this. Very few face washes leave me with both of those feelings at the same time. They usually do one or the other.

Kate Somerville EradiKate- This works beautifully on most acne. If I have a particularly large pimple or cystic acne, I apply this before bed. By the morning, the large pimple is seriously reduced in size and the cystic acne has come to or is close to the surface. Those deep painful pimples are the worst. There are times, although it is rare where this does not do the trick. When that happens, I use Blemish Dots by skyn Iceland. The price per dot is more expensive than the price per application of this so I always try this first.

L’Occitane 20% Shea Hand Cream- This is still a FabuFind. It has a strong scent, which I am not a huge fan of. A small amount leaves my hands so soft and moisturized. They never feel greasy.

L’Occitane Amande Cleansing & Soothing Shower Oil- The price of this shower gel makes me want to refrain from naming this a FabuFind. I can’t though. It smells amazing and feels amazing. My skin feels very soft but still clean. Very few products give me the soft and clean feeling. This is one of them.

L’Occitane fleurs de Cerisier Bath & Shower Gel- This smells like a cherry blossom tree. It is invigorating. My skin always feels so fresh and clean.

Lancome Pure Empreinte Masque- Unlike most clay masks, it dries fast. If you leave it on longer than 5 minutes, it can almost dry out your skin. After tweaking how I use it, I learned to love it. When I apply this to my pores and a hydrating mask to my drier skin and leave them both on for 5-7 minutes (as this suggests 5 and the other suggests 10), my skin feels soft and unclogged.

Lancome Renergie Lift Makeup- My skin is dry and aging. This sits beautifully on the skin and does not emphasize either problem. I like that my freckles peek through. If I had to give it a con, it would be that it does not always pair well with liquid products I place on top of it, like concealers or highlighters. Some of them make this slide around. It does play nicer with certain ones than it does with others though so trial and error can get a nice combination.

Lancome Tonique Confort- This is still a FabuFind. It is a dense toner that gives my skin a great, hydrated base to apply products on top.

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Shea & Coconut- My nephew told me about this Etsy shop he orders bath bombs for my sister at. I decided to order 58 (50 small and 8 large) based on his recommendation. After trying several (again I am missing a lot of empties), I can say she does a great job making these. They all have different scents and beautiful colors to brighten my bathtub. Most of them leave my skin really soft, too. Some of you know I hate paying for shipping and there is no way to avoid shipping charges on Etsy. Supporting a small business by paying shipping and still saving over ordering a brand name is worth it. If you buy in bulk, it offsets some of the cost per unit. Hence, why I bought 58 from someone I had never done business with before.

Listerine Cool Mint Antiseptic- I do not use mouthwash often. When I do, I prefer Listerine. It burns like the dickens, but it makes my breath fresh and my mouth feel clean.

Living Proof restore mask treatment- This is still a FabuFind. It leaves my hair really soft and shiny. My normal frizz is also reduced.

Lush Aliens And Monsters Fun- I am not going to say a lot here, because I want to write an article on these Fun soaps. They very messy but fun. They smell great, leave my skin super soft, and lather nicely.

Lush Elf Fun- I am not going to say a lot here, because I want to write an article on these Fun soaps. They messy but fun. They smell great, leave my skin super soft, and lather nicely.

Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb- I am not the biggest fan of overly floral scents. This smells like pure roses and thankfully smells nothing like sex. For some reason, I really like the rose scent on this though. The rose petals that float in the tub around this beautiful pink bath bomb are an added bonus. My skin feels amazing when I get out the tub, and the bathroom smells great for hours.

Lush The Experimenter Bath Bomb- I never thought I would be into glitter bath bombs. The idea of glitter getting where it does not belong scares me. This one is so pretty though, and I actually liked the way the glitter that stuck to my skin looked. It all washed away nicely after my next shower. The water turns a greenish, blue shade that looks like a lake. When the sun hits the lake, it can almost look like glitter is in the water. That is what this reminds me of. I love the way this smells during and after the bath. It leaves my skin very soft.

Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Masque- This is still a FabuFind. It makes my stringy, frizzy, dull hair look full, smooth, and shiny. My hair is always soft and moisturized when I use this.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap- This has a nice sent and rinses clean.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen- I almost never burn as long as I reapply this in a reasonable amount of time. It feels great on my skin, because it does not feel thick or sticky. There is almost zero shine added with this, too. When I need a new sunscreen, I find myself buying this one often.

Nexxus Humectress Replenishing System Conditioner- This is one of the best conditioners I’ve ever tried. It leaves my hair very soft and manageable without weighing it down. Frizz almost disappears.

Not Soap Radio To sleep full of sweet dreams (without waking up in a mad panic at 3 am)- For something that is not a soap, it cleanses extremely well. My skin feels great after using this. The scent is just lovely, and I still wakeup in a mad panic at 3am sometimes. That is a side effect of being a Mom.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream- This is a lovely hand cream with an almost non-existent scent. It starts off medium to thick density, but it becomes thick the more you use it thanks to the open air of the jar. The formula is moisturizing and long-lasting.

Olay Fresh Outlast Cooling White Strawberry & mint Body Wash- These Olay body washes always make my skin feel nice. They smell nice, lather well, and rinse clean.

Olay Regenerist Luminous dark circle correcting hydraswirl Eye- This is a deeply hydrating cream that brightens my undereyes and makes them look plump thereby hiding the fine lines around them. When I ran out of this, I tried several offers in my stash and none of them come close. I’ve aged a lot, but this eye cream totally hid it from me. Hydrated undereyes are the key to looking younger.

Oral B Glide Pro Health- This is still a FabuFind. Nothing glides through my teeth as smoothly as this floss. It makes flossing so much easier and almost never gets stuck in my teeth. That is a grating feeling that gives me goose bumps so I need a good floss.

Oral B Glide Pro Health Original- This is not as good as the newer one, but it is a close second. I will gladly use this if the newer one is not available.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray- I go back and forth on this one. It does give my hair nice volume and I like the texture a lot. These sprays are typically reserved for my Day 2 hair and it does almost nothing for my oil. The dry shampoo from this brand, which my ex borrowed and never returned, removes the oil but does not give me the volume. Both are nice and work even better together. They are too expensive to justify purchasing both so I need to decide which one I love more once and for all. I just got a new sample of this in my Beautylish Lucky Bag (saves me $22 so yay). If my ex ever returns my dry shampoo, I can decide which one I need in my life and which one I love but will not purchase.

original raw Chan-mool Patting Essence- I have an entire article on this product so I am not going into too much detail here. Just know that I love it and until the end never pat it. This is the best essence I’ve tried at this price, but I am still on a mission to find others.

Original Sprout Hair & Body Babywash- This is another product I plan on dedicating an article to so I will keep this short and sweet. It lathers well, smells great (so light and fresh), rinses clean, and leaves some natural oils behind on the skin.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask- This lasts a ridiculously long time, because this is a large tube. It is not even the full-size either! A little product goes a long way, and I like the clean, refreshing scent. I feel so incredibly moisturized when I wear this, because it is so thick.

Pantene Pro-V Expert Intense Repair Shampoo- It only takes a little of this product to get my hair very clean. That helps tangles stay at a minimum, which reduces frizz. I love the way it smells, too.

Paula’s Choice Mystery Product- I cannot tell you what this product was, but I can use this picture (the plain white tube) to remind you to sign up if you have not already. They use humans instead of animals to test their products. If you want to test free products for Paula’s Choice, view this article for more details.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid- This makes my skin soft, smooth, exfoliates beautifully to remove dry patches, helps with breakouts, and keeps more pores clean. Is it any wonder that I am smitten?

Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Head- This is still a FabuFind. Other than my hygienist, nothing cleans my teeth better.

Q Tips- These are my favorite cotton swabs, because they are thickly wrapped and leave behind less lint than others.

ReVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum- I definitely noticed this made my eyes look fuller and less wrinkled. It is way too expensive for me to ever buy it though.

Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Completely Clean- This is still a FabuFind. It keeps me dry (mostly) and smelling great (even when I sweat).

Sensodyne Pronamel Daily Fluoride Toothpaste- This is still a FabuFind. I like the taste, and it keeps my teeth from getting too sensitive.

Sensodyne Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth and Cavity Protection Deep Clean- This is not as good as the Pronamel one, but I do really like it.

Sephora Quick-Fix Hair Tie- These never leave much indent in my hair (although it has happened). I like that they fit my wrist nicely (other than the ones with prints that are a little tight and never really loosen). They look as nice on my wrist as they do in my hair.

Sephora Lotus face mask- This is for moisturizing and smoothing. It does both of those well.

seventh generation natural hand wash Mandarin Orange & grapefruit scent- I really loved the scent, and this rinsed really clean.

Shea Moisture Sacha Inchi Oil Omega 3, 6, 9 Rescue + Repair Clarifying Shampoo- This makes my hair feel so squeaky clean like no other clarifying shampoo I’ve ever tried.

Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor- Nothing has ever given me a closer shave with less nicks than this razor. I think the disposable body is a waste but there are times when it is cheaper to buy the disposable one than it is to buy a disposable head. If you love this as much as I do, make sure you price it out.

Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor Head- This is still a FabuFind. Nothing has ever given me a closer shave with less nicks than this razor.

skyn Iceland Blemish Dot- For $5, you get 12 dots. That breaks down to $0.42 a dot or $0.42 every time you treat a pimple. These do work, because they stick very well. Even while sleeping, they mostly stay on. By keeping the medicine in place all night long, it is able to work better than something you apply and remove on your pillow overnight. I use these on stubborn areas regular acne treatments cannot help.

skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels- I never really appreciated these before, and I really tried since I bought them without getting a sample first. That all changed. After a night of crying, I woke up to the puffiest eyes I’ve ever seen. They were so swollen. These eye gels took almost all the puffiness away, and I started to look human again. For really puffy eyes, these are amazing. I already purchased another set so I am glad I finally figured out when to use these.

Soap & Glory Fizz-a-Ball Bath Bomb Smoothie Star Sweet Vanilla Musk- Admittedly, this did not make my skin as soft as most bath bombs do. It does have that classic Soap & Glory scent that I love so much. That really is a love it or hate it scent. The pretty pink bath with glitter was not just relaxing but fun. My skin was sparkly, and I liked it.

Softsoap clean splash Hand Soap- This smells very fresh. The soap lathers well and rinses clean.

Softsoap crisp cucumber & melon Hand Soap- I’ve always loved cucumber melon since high school Bath and Body works days. This is a more subtle scent than the one I fell in love with, but I prefer it more subtle now that I am older. The soap lathers well and rinses clean.

Sonoma Pure Cotton Hand Soap- This really smells like cotton. It reminds me so much of the Clean fragrance I love so much. I really love smelling my hands after washing them with this soap.

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash Island Splash- I prefer a ph balance cleanser in delicate areas but my gynecologist urged me to stop using this one. It seemed to work fine, but I do prefer the one I switched to.

Supergoop! Play Everyday Suncreen- This is a nice sunscreen. It is not super shiny so I can apply it to my face or my body. When I remember to reapply it on time, my skin does not burn.

tarte Tarteguard 30- I heard this was a great non-chemical sunscreen. It does look and feel nice on the skin, and it prevents my skin from burning. My only complaint is everyone says chemical sunscreens are what burn your eyes. If this gets in your eyes, it also burns. Granted, some eye creams with no sunscreen burn when they get into my eyes. However, I am still on the hunt for a facial sunscreen that protects, looks great, and does not burn my eyes. If you know of any, please share.

The Bathery 2-in-1 Pumice Stone- I kept this in the shower and smoothed my feet after cleaning them. It worked beautifully. Because of the material and where I kept it, I probably tossed it sooner than I needed to.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter- I love all the body butters from The Body Shop. They are all really thick and are worth the extra effort to buff them into the skin. Whenever I use one of these, my skin feels so incredibly moisturized. Every scent seems to have the same formula. All of the scents I’ve tried smell really great, too.

The Body Shop Mango Body Butter- I love all the body butters from The Body Shop. They are all really thick and are worth the extra effort to buff them into the skin. Whenever I use one of these, my skin feels so incredibly moisturized. Every scent seems to have the same formula. All of the scents I’ve tried smell really great, too.

TonyMoly Changing Magic Foot Peeling Shoes- This was my introduction into foot peeling. I loved it so much that I purchased more from other brands to try it again. It takes about a week from the time you wear these before your feet start peeling (give or take), but they peel for almost a week after that. If you need to expose your feet in public for any reason, apply these at least two weeks out. They will look great and soft once they’re done peeling.

TreSemme Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Smoothing Serum- This is foolproof. Even when I use a lot, my hair never looks oily. Some smoothing treatments can make hair look borderline oily. The trade-off is that hair never looks super shiny either. There is a really fine line and this product does not toe it. If you want something that tames a little frizz, this is for you.

Ulta Beauty Freshwater Mist Moisture Gel Hand Soap- This lathers well, rinses clean, and smells great.

Ulta Beauty Moisture Cleanse Hand Soap Freshwater Mist- This lathers well, rinses clean, and smells great.

Ulta Beauty simply clean Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Hand Soap- This lathers well, rinses clean, and smells great.

Ulta Citrus Fizz moisture cleanse hand soap- This lathers well, rinses clean, and smells great.

Ulta Peppermint Cracked Heel Treatment- This is still a FabuFind. I use this all over my feet, not just my heels. It is so rich, and my dry feet drink it up. When used with my Egyptian Magic, my heels usually look great. Though I purchased the clearance section out of these, I only have one left after I finish the one I am using now. Nothing else has ever come close to this so I need tips on what to try next. Please help.

Ulta Sugared Vanilla moisture cleanse hand soap- This lathers well, rinses clean, and smells great.

Ulta Sweet Bloom foaming fresh hand soap- This lathers well, rinses clean, and smells great.

Unite 7Seconds Condition Leave In Detangler- This is a great detangler, and I love the way it smells.

Volition Detoxifying Silt Gelee- My sample was probably around 0.25oz. That was more than enough for my full face, but not enough for a second application. Thus, I opted for one super liberal application. This is like no mask I’ve ever used before. It dries like a clay mask, but it leaves my face super soft like a moisturizing mask. Of everything I sampled, this is my overall winner. I would purchase this again and again. Even though I left this on longer than the 5-10 minutes, it never completely dried out. My skin looked brighter and firmer so I can tell it purified as promised. There was no redness or irritation, and my skin just felt calm. This gets 5 out of 5 stars. Simply a beautiful product.

Volition Turmeric Brightening Polish- I received 2 0.07oz foils. One foil is more than enough for my face. Even with the leftover from the first, I did not have enough to do my full body. This scrub is incredible. While I generally prefer a slightly smoother exfoliant on my face, I noticed a definite glow. My skin was also a lot softer after using this. A small amount got in my mouth. Although it does not smell the best, it surprisingly did not taste bad. At $9.50 an ounce, I would not mind using this on my face but would limit how often I used it on my body. You will not glow as much when using this on your body, but your skin will be just as soft. This gets 4 out of 5 stars as both a face and body scrub. I deducted 1 point as a face scrub, because I want one that is slightly more gentle. As a body scrub, it is a little expensive.

When The Last Choice Sheet Mask- This is a hydrating mask. It did a beautiful job in making my skin feel moisturized and soft.

whish Shave Cream Blueberry- This is still a FabuFind. The formula is thin, but coats beautifully. That thin formula helps give me an extremely close shave without drying out my legs.


Willing to Try Again

12 Benefits™ Instant Healthy Hair Treatment- When products try too hard to do too many things, they usually struggle to do the one thing I really want it to do. Depending on why you’re using this, you may love it. It did not detangle as well as a straight detangler would. As that is the main reason I use this type of product, I would not buy this. Should another sample come my way, I’d use it, because I did notice some of the other benefits, including slight frizz reduction, softer hair, and that it did not weigh my hair down.

Acure Day Cream- This smells amazing (almost like a sweet citrus) and does a good job moisturizing my skin when the weather is warm. It struggles as the weather gets colder. While I would certainly use it again in warm weather, I cannot say I’d purchase it. Other than the scent, I was not overly impressed.

AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate Serum- This feels more like an oil than a serum. While it does illuminate as promised, it does not illuminate as much as others I’ve tried. My skin does feel very hydrated and does feel like it absorbs the serum. The dropper is great, because I am able to distribute the perfect amount for my skin, which I discovered is 3-4 drops. When I use less than 3, I do not notice much difference. If I use more than four, it takes too long to absorb into my skin. Products that follow also do not seem to penetrate as well with more than four. After continued use, I can say that I am not a fan of these thick serums unless I apply them later in my routine. Whether it’s true or not, I just feel like other products have a hard time penetrating them. If I received these sample again, I would apply it after my moisturizer, as I would an oil. Then, I could move this up to loves or down to not for me.

Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Conditioner- My hair did not look great because I did not have enough shampoo. It makes it too hard to judge the conditioner. I literally applies this to semi dirty hair.

Alterna Caviar Replenishing Moisture Shampoo- This sample is just too small. This is a sulfate free shampoo so I need more than 0.25oz to really clean my hair with it. Because the sample was too small, my hair looked oily and unclean. That does not mean the shampoo does not work. I would only try this again if I had a bigger sample. Because this is so expensive, I am reluctant to buy it even if it is great. If you need a lot to get it to work, I would fly through these bottles too quickly.

Assured Sore Muscle & Back Soak Epsom Salt- I was not 100% sure this was working so I completely submerged myself in the tub. Holy hell the salts burned the inside of my nose. Do not, I repeat do not ingest this stuff. By the time I got out, my muscles were aching less. It could have been because the pain from burning my insides overshadowed it, but it is also really possible this works. My ex used the rest before I could try it again, but I will buy some more and give it another whirl.

belif The true cream – aqua bomb- Trying this in the heart of winter was the ultimate test. Water based creams or gels never seem to hydrate my dry skin deeply enough. Surprisingly, it did a pretty good job. My skin was not the most hydrated it has been but it did not feel desperate for moisture either. This could actually work well in the warmer months. Its sister product works extremely well in the winter months so I would purchase that over this. That is more suited toward my skin type anyway. If your skin is oily, you’d probably prefer this one.

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Leave-In- My feelings are mixed on this product. On the one hand, it makes my hair look and smell great. My hair looks less frizzy and is softer to the touch when I use this. It just does not detangle very well, and that is the main reason I wanted it. While I am sure I could have the world’s best hair if I used 20 products, I already use 5 products (when I am not even styling). Leave in conditioners need to detangle.

Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream- This is a super rich cream and my dry skin drinks it up. There are two reasons why I would not buy it. The fragrance is strong and though it is not bad, I do not prefer it. I also find myself using a lot, because it takes a lot of effort to move it around. Using that much of a product that is already way too expensive would make this a pain to constantly repurchase. That said, I will happily use any samples that make it to me, especially in the heart of winter.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet- This actually moisturizes pretty well for a medium density cream. Unless the weather is very cold outside, it actually makes my skin feel hydrated. The price is not unreasonable either. I am just at a point where I’ve found too many I prefer so while I would definitely use a sample again, I would not buy it.

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser- This does not lather at all, and I prefer lather. It is just harder to tell if I am really cleansing when it does not lather. I am fine with using this most of the time, because it does seem moisturizing and removes less natural body oils with its lack of lather. When I’ve had a healthy workout, I cannot reach for this. My son loves this so I will continue to buy it.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser- My son is adamant that CeraVe is better than this one. I think they are very similar. Neither lather. Neither have much of a scent. Both leave my skin softer. Both make me wonder if my skin is really clean.

Clarisonic gentle hydro cleanser- The best way to describe this is just unremarkable. It is nothing special or nothing horrible. I would not purchase it, but it does what it should. If I received another sample, I’d probably use it.

Clarisonic Pedi-Balm Sonic Foot Softening Treatment- This is not the worst foot cream I’ve ever used, but it is one of the thinnest. I like my foot creams extra thick. For a thinner cream, it moisturized better than expected. It is better than nothing at all so I would use it if another one made its way to me.

Crest 3D White Fluoride Toothpaste For AntiCavity & Antigingivitis- When used with step 2, this does whiten a little. The more I used it the more sensitive my teeth felt. I have very sensitive teeth and the fluoride in this did not help them. Where fluoride helps my sensitive teeth, whitening products irritate them. My ex finished this, because my teeth needed a break. If I ever got this again, I would alternate this with my regular toothpaste.

Crest Cavity Protection Toothpaste- These travel toothpastes are okay. I never use them long enough in a row to irritate my sensitive teeth. I would never purchase this though. My teeth need fluoride.

Curel Comforting Lotion For Dry Sensitive Skin Fragrance Free- There was a time when Curel was all I ever used. My skin was either not as dry when I was younger or the formula changed. This was not even as thick as I remembered it being. I could not even make it 24 hours before my skin started feeling dry again. As someone who does not always shower at the same time each day, I sometimes need moisturizers to go over 24 hours. If I knew I would shower for sure within 24 hours and this product made it back to me, I would use it again.

Curel Hydratherapy Wet Skin Moisturizer- My skin is really dry, but it still feels as hydrated 24 hours later as it does immediately after applying. The product works better than many dry skin moisturizers I’ve used, but I am not convinced it works better than all the dry skin moisturizers I’ve used. It does not leave a greasy feeling that some of those rich body butters do. While I would definitely use this again, I would not purchase it.

derma e Hydrating Day Crème- This smells incredible. It has a fresh and clean scent. I can sense the fragrance, but it is not overwhelming at all. This crème is somewhere between moderate to thick density and melts beautifully into the skin. When I was back home (drier climate), I had to add an oil to my cheeks to feel enough moisture. After moving to a slightly more humid climate, I noticed this cream was enough by itself during the warmer months. In the colder months, it still needs a little help around my cheeks. Surprisingly, my forehead (which is more dry than my cheeks) feels fine.

Dermal Herb Collgen Essence Mask- I used a few of these (although this is the only empty I found). All of them left my skin feeling more hydrated. That is the main thing I want from a sheet mask so I would use them again. If there were any other benefits to the different masks, I did not notice them. This is a very cheap mask so that’s an added bonus.

Dollar Tree Owl Lotion- The lotion in here was acceptable. It was not the worst I’ve ever used so I was able to finish it. I liked the blueberry scent. This owl will live with me now that I’ve stolen all of her lotion.

Dove Refresh + Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo- My perfect dry shampoo: does not leave a residue (this does), removes oil (this does somewhat), builds volume (this does), keeps my hair feeling soft (this does somewhat), and smells great (this does). I like the scent, which smells like baby powder. Like baby powder, it leaves a white cast in my hair. It does remove some of the oil but not as much as I would like. This is something I’d use again (which is great given I have more samples already).

dr. brandt Power Dose C Age Fighter Vitamin For Skin 20%- This was initially used with the Vitamin D serum from this line (this in the day and that one at night). I noticed that this evaporates a little and even stopped using it at one point to confirm. Even when I was not using it, I noticed the bottle getting more empty. That is proof that no matter how great or stable a Vitamin C serum claims it is, it belongs in a sealed bottle. It uses a unique 20% tri-blend concentrate of natural source and stabilized Vitamin C to improve clarity, help smooth, and help firm. My skin definitely received these benefits, but at $69 for 0.55oz, I would not purchase this unless the container is sealed.

Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer- This is just a step below the belif Aqua Bomb for me. It is lightweight, but it really moisturizes. Other than in really cold weather, it does a nice job even on my dry skin.

elf Hydrating Water Sheet Mask- I never use new products more than once a day and my face got a mild rash the day I used this. My face did feel really hydrated though. For science, I will try this again (purchased a 2 pack so I already have another one). It is just taking me a while to work up the nerve. Once I see that I am truly allergic, I will move it down to the not for me category.

eos hand lotion berry blossom- I cannot say I hated this enough to never use it again, but this was not hydrating enough to get me from one hand wash to the next. For someone who washes her hands a lot, that is not good. If I got this in a kit, I would use it again.

Erno Laszlo Soothe & Calm Sensitive Hydro Gel Mask- This really did make my skin feel soothe and calm. It also felt super hydrated. The problem is it would not stay in place. I had to keep adjusting it the entire time I had it on. There is no way I would purchase any mask that gave me so much hassle, especially one that charges this much. That said, I liked the benefits enough to use it again if I received another one in a kit.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum- This was fine. I did not notice any dramatic results, but it did add a layer of moisture. My undereyes are very dry and desperately need that.

evanhealy Rose Geranium Facial Toner HydroSoul- This has a strange smell. It almost smelled bad, but the expiration date has not elapsed. I took that as a sign that the product probably just always smells bad. The sprayer on this was not the best either. It did the main thing I want my toners to do, hydrate my skin. That helps all of my other products absorb better.

Goodie Ouchless No-Metal Hair Elastic- This is fine. I have others I prefer so I would not buy these. If more make it my way via kits, I would use them. They leave a kink in my hair, but they rarely pull it or feel uncomfortable.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer- This was fine. It was not the most moisturizing cream ever, but I used it in the summer.

Julep rethink your shower Hydrating Body Cleansing Oil- I really liked this, which is great considering I already had another one before I tried it. This is not the best body cleansing oil ever and the price is a little expensive for what it is. If I can get it at a great discount inside a kit or Maven box, I would purchase it again. Around full price, I would rather buy the L’Occitane Amande Oil.

Lancôme Absolue Bx Ultimate Night Recovery and Replenishing Serum- This is such an expensive serum, and I just did not notice enough difference to justify the price. I would try it again, but I feel the sample was large enough to see if it was worth it.

Lush Fairy Ring Soap- I liked the way this smelled and though Lush does better than most bar soaps, it still left that sticky film on my skin. As the film is not as bad as other brands, I will continue to explore Lush bar soaps. Why do they all leave films?

Lush Refresher Shower Jelly- This is a lot of fun. It is so jiggly, like jelly. The lemon scent on this is heavenly. Why is it not a love? For one, it is expensive for what you get. Try to use this without dropping a ton on the ground. You lose almost as much as you use. Picking this off the floor of the shower is not only difficult (falls apart every time you touch it), but the consistency is not like a bar soap. I cannot bring myself to use the amount that falls on the tub surface for fear of what germs and bacteria I would be running all over my body. So, it was fun to shower with jelly soap. It was also wasteful.

Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Conditioner- I love the masque so much so I naturally thought I would love this, too. It did not do much for my hair. This is not bad, but it is nothing special either.

Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Shampoo- I love the masque so much so I naturally thought I would love this, too. It did not do much for my hair. This is not bad, but it is nothing special either.

Marc Jacobs Lip Lock Moisture Balm- This was okay. It was not deeply moisturizing and did not last on the lips for a long time. The mint flavor was nice. I would not purchase this, because it is too expensive for what it is.

Mario Badescu Aloe Lotion- This is okay as a moisturizing toner. I’ve tried better and I’ve tried worse. The price makes this acceptable.

Marvis Whitening Mint Toothpaste- I do like this toothpaste in moderation. If I use it too many days in a row, my sensitivity comes back. The taste is nice, and it does gently whiten.

Nubian Heritage Coconut & Papaya Bath Bombs- These are small so I used both of them. I did not notice much scent or change to the water. My skin did not feel soft afterward either. Thankfully, I have another set to see if these actually do anything.

Origins A Perfect World SPF 25 Age-Defense moisturizer with White Tea- I cannot remember everything about this one. That’s sad, I know. It was nice but obviously not my favorite.

Paul Mitchell Kids taming Spray Ouch-Free Detangler- I liked this a little more than I did the first time I used it. Considering I bought both bottles at the same time, I highly doubt the formula changed. It just seemed to detangle slightly better than the last bottle. Maybe it had a smidge more conditioning agents or it was all in my mind. I still think there are better detanglers available, but this is not a bad one at all.

Peter Thomas Roth Firmx Peeling Gel Exfoliant- This does work, but it is a lot more gentle than others I’ve tried, including my favorite. The peeling effect is minimal, but it makes my skin feel really soft.

Philip B pH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist- I could not get over how bad this smelled. It did detangle, but I would never purchase something that makes my hair stink.

Sephora Seamless Hair Tie- It took too long to break this in. I prefer hair ties that are not too tight on my wrist when they’re new. It was fine in my hair, but it does cause more indentation that the ones with seams.

SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Weightless Crème Rinse- This was okay. I prefer conditioner, because it is thicker and leaves mohair softer. This does weigh hair down less than conditioner so I can see the appeal for some.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream + Broad Spectrum SPF 50+- This sunscreen prevents me from burning, does not react on my skin, or make me look greasy. The only thing that keeps it out of the love group is the white cast it leaves on my skin. If I am spending that much on sunscreen, I want perfection. While I like this sunscreen and will gladly use it from any kits it arrives in, I would not purchase this on its own.

Suave Dry Shampoo Refresh & Revive- This definitely removes excess oil, which is the number one thing I look for in dry shampoo. It also smells great. One of the biggest deal breakers to me is dry shampoos smell awful, and so many of them do. My perfect dry shampoo: does not leave a residue (this does), removes oil (this does), builds volume (this does), keeps my hair feeling soft (this does not), and smells great (this does). I also found that by spraying it more than 12 inches back can reduce some of the residue and straw like feeling this leaves in my hair. By doing that, it does not remove as much oil or build as much volume as I want though. Until I find a product that gives me all five of the qualities I look for in a dry shampoo, I will keep searching.

Suave Silkening Spray Lotion Body Moisturizer Moroccan Infusion- I like spraying a moisturizer on and going. This one took a little more effort than that, but it was a lot easier to work this in than most products. The product actually moisturized decently in the summer, but I found it did not moisturize well enough in the fall as the weather got colder. It has an amazing smell.

suki exfoliate foaming cleanser- I really loved this when I started using it. The exfoliation was not too rough or too gentle. It smells like lemons and sugar. When it got near the bottom, it hardened. All the moisture just disappeared, and the jar had not been open that long.

TreSemme Expert Selection Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Pre-Wash Conditioner- This system does give more volume when used in reverse, but it also gives more frizz. While I would like more volume (most of the time), I never want more frizz. Thus, I mostly used these products the traditional way. They work nicely that way, too. The conditioner is lighter than most and the shampoo cleanses as well as most.

TreSemme Expert Selection Beauty-Full Volume Reverse System Shampoo- This system does give more volume when used in reverse, but it also gives more frizz. While I would like more volume (most of the time), I never want more frizz. Thus, I mostly used these products the traditional way. They work nicely that way, too. The conditioner is lighter than most and the shampoo cleanses as well as most.

Ulta Peppermint Hydrating Foot Cream- I prefer the Cracked Heel Treatment, but this is still better than a lot of foot creams. Like the Cracked Heel treatment, Ulta discontinued this.

Ulta Relaxing Bath Bomb Coconut + Almond Milk- This did not color the water, leave my skin soft, or give much of a scent. I will use up what I have left, but I do not think I’d buy more.

Ulta Relaxing Bath Bomb Lavender + Berries- This did not color the water, leave my skin soft, or give much of a scent. I will use up what I have left, but I do not think I’d buy more.

Ulta Smooth Exfoliating Body Scrub Coconut + Almond Milk- I did like this, but I’ve tried others I love. It exfoliates nicely without being too rough, and I like the way it makes my skin feel. When these have deep discounts, I would purchase them again.

Ulta Whipped Luxe Body Cream Dreamy Love- This is moisturizing and it smells great. It is just not as moisturizing as similar priced creams. Unless it has a great sale, I would not purchase it.

Vaseline intensive care advanced repair- This was just okay. It was not overly moisturizing.

Vita Liberata Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Dry Oil- I liked the way this look, but my skin got slightly burned. Oils never seem to protect my skin the way creams do.

Volition Oceanene Defense Gel- My sample was probably around 0.25oz. A little product goes a long way. Even with working down my neck, I was able to get 5 uses out of this sample. That means 0.05oz is all you need per application. Like all gels on the market, my skin felt instantly hydrated. I did not notice any plumping effects. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a gel that is hydrating enough for my dry skin. While this held on longer than a lot of others, it could not make it to the next face wash without making my skin feel a little tight. Gels and dry skin just do not mix well. This gets 3 out of 5 stars with an important caveat that it is better suited for combo or oily skin.

whish body butter pomegranate- This actually smells incredible and does a nice job moisturizing. The problem is there are cheaper formulas that moisturize better. It feels more like a lotion than a body butter. I cannot justify the price on this one.


Not For Me

Bolero Moisturizing Body Cream Coconut Oil & Sea Salt- This feels great when you put it on and the scent is soft and subtle. It really smells like coconut and sea salt. The problem is my skin fully absorbs it within a few hours and reverts to feeling like I put nothing on at all. My skin starts getting really dry and flaky. Despite my better sense, I decided to finish it. Even alternating it with a more moisturizing cream every other shower did not help. I would scratch my legs so hard that it would draw blood. These Bolero products are not always in stock at my Dollar Tree so I bought two. There is no way I could subject my skin to that torture again. Hopefully the lovely lady I gave the second one to does not have overly dry skin. The rest of my body felt okay, but my poor legs just hated this stuff.

Carol’s Daughter Lip Butter- From the beginning, I disliked this product. I tried to force myself to use it before it got too old. The older it got the less I liked it. It feels like Vaseline mixed with shea butter, but I hated the way it sat on my lips. I also really hated the way it tasted. This felt very waxy and tasted like chemicals. For the last year of its life, which was toward the beginning of the empties phase, I could only bring myself to use it twice. So, I tossed it 3/4 full. Seeing that it is no longer sold does not surprise me. I cannot imagine anyone would have bought this twice.

Clariol Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask Infused with Honey Apricot Fragrance- This boasts a honey, apricot fragrance, but it does not do either fragrance super well. It is not a bad scent, but it is off the mark of what they were going for. My hair does seem more full when I use this so it is not heavy at all. With that fullness, comes an interesting texture. It feels like I’ve added texturizing spray, which is probably the reason for the added volume. I am just not sure what this product was going for. If I want texture and volume, adding a spray seems a lot easier than forging my usual hair mask and using this instead.

Fizz & Bubble Bath Fizzy Cupcake Passionfruit Guava- The bath bomb and bubble bath alone are fine. You need Superman to break them apart though. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get the bomb on the bottom to separate from the bubble maker on the top. I finally gave up and threw the thing in the tub. I enjoyed great bubbles, so I think they would have been even better if I could have run it under the water like I should have if I could have broken it. This scent was great and my skin felt somewhat moisturized when I got out. While I have already purchased other bath bombs and bubble bars from this brand, I would not purchase any more cupcakes.

Fizz & Bubble Bath Fizzy Cupcake Watermelon- Sadly, I bought this at the same time I bought the other one and did not know how much trouble it would be. They were both a lot of trouble. The bath bomb and bubble bath alone are fine. You need Superman to break them apart though. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get the bomb on the bottom to separate from the bubble maker on the top. I finally gave up and threw the thing in the tub. I enjoyed great bubbles, so I think they would have been even better if I could have run it under the water like I should have if I could have broken it. This scent was great (although I preferred the other one to this one) and my skin felt somewhat moisturized when I got out. While I have already purchased other bath bombs and bubble bars from this brand, I would not purchase any more cupcakes.

Gilchrist & Soames purifying bath bar- Like most bath soaps, this leaves a film on my skin. I am so over that sticky film and will not use a soap I know for a fact leaves it ever again unless I am staying at a hotel and did not pack my soap (which I almost never do). Short of that, no more. Life is too short.

Gilchrist & Soames purifying facial bar- Like most bath soaps, this leaves a film on my skin. I am so over that sticky film and will not use a soap I know for a fact leaves it ever again unless I am staying at a hotel and did not pack my soap (which I almost never do). Short of that, no more. Life is too short.

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter Sweet Apple Cider- This is my favorite body moisturizer of all time. It is so hydrating without being overly thick. I wish it was not so expensive so I will not buy it at full price. The scent on this one was awful. If apple cider vinegar could rot, this is what it would smell like. If a free one made its way to me, I would endure smelling like I have not showered to feel that hydrated. There is no way I would pay to smell that bad again.

Malin + Goetz peppermint Shampoo- My husband actually bought this when we were still together and abandoned it in the shower. I decided to finish it, because we were getting ready to move. It takes a lot of product to really cleanse my hair. Given that it is not cheap, I did not like that. The smell is not especially pleasant and it did not do anything for my hair. His abandonment, at least of this product, actually makes sense.

Marlowe Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion- This is another product my husband abandoned while we were still together. I bought this for him so I wanted to use it. When applied, it feels great. Within 30 minutes to an hour, my skin completely absorbs it. My skin does not feel as dry as it did before applying so it is imparting moisture. Strangely, I like to feel the lotion. Even though it moisturizes as it absorbs, I do not like the feeling of skin with nothing on it. As someone who hates greasy skin, I thought my ex would have loved this.

Nuxe Nirvanesque Light Emulsion- This has a strong fragrance. It was not intolerable but the cream was not remarkable enough for me to justify using it again. The emulsion is on the lighter side and did not moisturize as well as I would have liked.

Ranir Dental Floss- This is thin so it breaks easily. It also gets stuck in my teeth and gives me goosebumps when it does. I do not know why I forced myself to finish this.

Sephora Cotton Rounds- Over time, my opinion of these keeps dropping. For the price, are not even better than drugstore. They are just as rough and lint-filled as many drugstore brands. It is the second or third batch that started falling apart on me, too. I will never buy these again.

The Bathery Delicate Bath Sponge- I am just not a fan of loofas in general. They are too rough. There are too many places for germs to hide, because they never really dry all the way. Like all loofas, this one started to fall apart in a short period.


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