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Sephora Free Face Mask Friday With a Pantone Moisture Meter Hydration Reading, but How Does My Personal Oasis h2o+ Beauty Moisture Meter AKA MiLi Pure Skin Moisture Analyzer for Smart Phones Compare

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The Sephora free face mask Friday is only available today, 01/26/18. If you are reading this any other day, the offer is gone, but scroll down for information on the skin moisture meters. Sephora has a free face mask event today. It is for a Sephora sheet mask, which retails for $6. There is no purchase required to redeem it, but you must go a Sephora store and have a Moisture Meter hydration reading to receive it. This is available at SiJCP and freestanding Sephora stores until closing. Sephora has pushed us to get us into to the stores to try out their new moisture meters all month, and this offer finally got me to go.

I first noticed this event advertised on BIC, the Beauty Insider Community for Sephora. It is the featured post on the site so anyone who has logged in since Monday had to have seen the post.

The fine print on the offer posted was too difficult to read so I hoped we would get a better one in our emails. My gut told me that would be an issue if I could not get a better image, and I was right. Once the event date arrived without an email, I realized an email was not coming. Sephora probably wants to limit the audience for this offer. I decided to check the app. There are times when the app has offers and specials that do not come in emails. While this event is a notification in the app, it only has a picture without the fine print and a link to the Beauty Insider Community post.

Thankfully, the mod who posted the event wrote the fine print to the offer in the thread. I am copying and pasting her exact words, with quotes of course.

“We are excited to announce an exciting event this week, Face Mask Friday! Head to your local Sephora this Friday, 1/26/2018, for a free Sephora Collection face mask with a Moisture Meter hydration reading. See additional details below.”

“Valid 1/26/2018 at 11:59 PM PST. This is a one-time-use-only offer valid for one free Sephora Collection Rose or Pearl face mask with a single Skin Hydration Reading. While supplies last. Valid only at Sephora U.S. stores, Sephora Canada and Sephora inside JCPenney stores. Not valid on Not valid for cash or cash equivalent. Not valid for returns or resale and cannot be combined with any other promotional offers. This offer is subject to change, alteration or termination by Sephora at its sole discretion at any time. Void where prohibited.”

I went to the SiJCP first, because it is usually less crowded. There were two ladies working and both said they needed time to figure out how to ring up the masks. That mall has a freestanding store so I went over there. While Natasha had not heard about the event, she looked at my screenshots of the offers and did the moisture reading.

On this Pantone Moisture Meter, anything below 40 is dry. Anything from 40 to 70 is normal, and anything from 70 to 99 is moist (oily). She did my left cheek first, and the reading came back with a 70. According to their meter, this puts my skin right on the border of normal to moist. My skin is very dry, but I did wash my face and slather on all the products in my current skincare routine.

She did my forehead next and it tested toward the high-end of normal at 68. After my reading was complete, she took me over to the sheet masks section. While she initially suggested the Lotus and the Rose, she added alternative suggestions for the green tea or the algae. The Rose mask is my favorite, but I thought I already had all but the algae at home. I also wanted to see if a mask other than Rose or Pearl (the ones advertised in the fine print) actually worked with this free offer. Turns out I actually had all but the Green Tea so I chose wrong.

Natasha gave me the Algae mask and a card stating she gave me a mini makeover. I’d hardly call what I received a mini makeover, but I figured Sephora needed a way to track who goes in for their specials. Mini makeovers are free for everyone so it does not matter if they wanted to ring up the few seconds she spent measuring the moisture in my skin that way.

When I was on Facebook on the 4th, I noticed an offer for a free Caudalie sample to reveal glowing skin. If you ever see offers like this, make sure you take screenshots. No one will ever know what you’re talking about if you ask. Natasha told me that they have new birthday gifts and looked genuinely confused when I told her this was not the birthday offer, although I am aware this was one of the birthday offers last year. The lady who checked me out had never seen this offer either. She called someone from the skincare department who had seen the offer only once before.

After disappearing in the back for a while, the skincare lady came back with the “free” Caudalie samples. When they were rang up, the serum came up free, but the cream tried to charge me 100-points. While I probably could have gotten the 100-points back for the cream, I did not want to hassle with calling customer service. I told her to keep it. The lady checking me out said she had some skincare samples to make up for missing that one. She gave me three Amore Pacific items that were at the register: a single use Vintage Single Extract Essence, a 0.03oz foil of the Essential Creme Fluid, and a 0.01oz ampoule of the Treatment Enzyme Peel.

She asked me for my Beauty Insider information, and I gave her my card. Then, she asked me to pay for the mask. Apparently, she had not heard about the event, so the people who did not get an email were not the only ones. I showed her the screenshot from BIC, but she complained that she could not read the fine print. Instead, I showed her the offer on the app, which led to the BIC post with a moderator who manually typed in the fine print (that I quoted above). The problem was she did not know how to ring it up to give it for free, which was the same reason the ladies in the SiJCP were reluctant to help me.

Once again, the skincare lady came to the rescue. I am sure everyone in line behind me was upset that the other register was moving, but mine was not. It was the second time she had to run to the back for me. When she returned, she had a printout of codes. She remembered seeing something on the fax this morning. Here I was thinking only medical offices still used fax machines in 2018. After scanning one of those codes, the $6 for the mask came off so I received everything above, including the $6 Sephora Algae face mask for free.

So, the visit was not without hassle, but I hope anyone who went early this morning already prepped the store for this event. If you are reading this now and decide to go, I hope they are ready for you. Sephora really needs to plan better for these events. The last Face Mask Friday Sephora had on October 2, 2015 was not completely without hassle either. That was a VIB Rouge event (not a private one), and while I did leave without a mask, I got a beautiful umbrella. Both experiences (from 2015 and today) turned out nicely thanks to the staff who rolled with things and did what they could to assist the patron (me).

I decided to stop by the SiJCP on my way out. Since I already received my free mask, I told one of the ladies I spoke with earlier that I just wanted a reading. Because I told them I did not want another mask, I am unsure if they ever figured out how to ring them up. Hopefully they have by now. My goal was to test the accuracy of the Pantone Moisture Meter. She tested my left cheek first and got a reading of 54. That is 16 points lower than the reading I got in Sephora about 15 minutes earlier.

My forehead measured at 70, which is 2 higher than it was 15 minutes earlier. While a 2 degree variance is acceptable, I highly doubt my skin received added moisture just from being out and about.

When I discussed my concerns with her and showed her my readings from Sephora, she checked my left cheek again. This is the same place she tested a minute before and Natasha at Sephora tested a little over 15 minutes earlier. This time, the reading came back at 63. It jumped from 54 to 63 in less than a minute after dropping from 70 to 54 in about 15. I told her that I did not have confidence in their meter, and she tested it several places on herself. Other than on her hand, she could not get a similar reading when re-testing this thing in the same place right after testing it.

Moral of this story is if you are going in for a moisture reading, you are wasting your time. It is inconsistent and does not really work. If you are going in for the free mask, go for it. Getting something for free is always nice. Since Sephora got me in to test a moisture meter that does not work, I would be remiss not to discuss one that actually does.

The Oasis h2o+ Beauty Moisture Meter gives me pretty consistent readings so I am confident in its accuracy. I tested my face (on the same left cheek both ladies did) before I left and soon as I got back home.

The meter is not as easy to use as the one at Sephora. It pairs with the MiLi app and connects via bluetooth by opening the app on your phone and pressing the button on the bottom of the meter. Without fail, I have to remove the connection and reconnect it to Bluetooth every time so it is not without hassle. You also have to select the area you are testing at the bottom of the screen and hold it on the area for a bit longer than the 5 seconds it suggests.

Eyes are normal with a 35%-45% reading. Face is normal with a 32%-42% reading. Hands are normal with a 30%-38% reading. Neck is normal with a 35%-45% reading.

The machine only holds average levels on the main screen when tested close together. Before leaving for the event, my left cheek measured at 34.2%. That meant in was within the normal range. After returning from the event, it measured at 31%, which placed me in the dry range. That is a 3.2% difference, but it was more than 2 hours later.

My hands, which are perpetually dry were 29% before I left and 28% when I returned. Both of those readings placed me in the dry level.

My eyes were 34.8% before I left and 33% when I returned. Both of these readings placed me in the dry level.

My neck measured 35.2% before I left and 35.6% when I returned. Both of these readings placed me in the normal level. This is the only reading that went up, but it is possible I did not get the same place the second time, as it was hours in between. It is a lot easier to get the same place when you re-test back to back. As moisture does not tend to build as the day carries on (unless you have oily skin), a later reading without adding more moisture should always stay around the same (normal skin), or go down (dry skin). That is another reason I mistrust the Sephora meter. Why were the readings inconsistent and why did the moisture levels go up?

A back to back test on this day resulted in the same 32.4% reading on my left cheek. This is proof the meter is accurate.

A back to back test on this day resulted in the same 34.3% reading on my left hand.

A back to back test on this day resulted in a 28.5% reading on my right eye followed by a 37.5% reading in the same spot. This was an anomaly across my tests but worth showing. It proves that user error is capable or while this machine is accurate, it is not perfect.

A back to back test on this day resulted in the same 32.8% reading on my neck.

Here is a second back to back test on my left hand, which shows it got a 29.6% reading both times.

Here is a second back to back test on my left cheek, which shows it got a 32% reading both times.

Here is a second back to back test on my right eye, which shows it got a 39.9% reading both times.

Here is a second back to back test on my neck, which shows it got a 36.4% reading both times.

The point is the MiLi Pure Skin Moisture Analyzer for Smart Phones is pretty accurate. My model is the Oasis h2o+ Beauty Moisture Meter for $39.95, but they are the same thing. I just purchase h2o+ products a lot. If you are considering this, stop by my h2o+ Page for current offers., Inc.

What are your thoughts on the Sephora Free Face Mask Friday? Let me know below. Sephora does not inform any Beauty Insider of all promotions. It does list a great deal of them on its Beauty Offers page, but I list some it does not on my Sephora Deals Page. Between the ones it lists and the ones I list, you can catch most of them. Subscribe to emails to get targeted offers. If you’re spending over $25 online, there is always a promo code that you can apply. Most major events run on a set schedule, which is why I track them. See all Sephora articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal When Shopping Sephora. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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  1. LOL I love a good story about questionable customer service at a SiJP. At mine they rarely seem to know about specials. There seems to be a lack of training, I am not sure.

  2. The funny thing is I’ve been to a few different ones on event dates and get the same result. I would recommend visiting a regular one unless you know you SiJCP has it together or in your case where I believe SiJCP is more convenient for you.

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