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Volition Brand Review

When Volition launched at Sephora, the company reached out to me to see if I wanted to sample some items. I had never heard of the brand. After a little research, I was eager to try the samples. Volition has skincare innovators submit ideas. Someone at the brand is in charge of selecting contestants to feature on the site. Registered site users vote on which campaigns the brand will fund. This process is great for the innovator, the consumer, and the brand. The innovator gets his/her product to market with the help of the brand. Consumers get a voice in new products they want to see. If the consumer and the innovator are happy, the brand wins with sales. I love this idea and supporting it makes me feel good.

I even voted for a product I’d like to see get made. If the brand makes it, I should get a 15% discount for having a voice in the voting the process. Democracy is rewarding. What is even more rewarding is this is a cruelty free brand featuring safer ingredients. Those ordering directly from the brand get a proof tester of the item with every order along with free shipping and free returns. Customers get to try the tester first. Those who do not like the product after using the tester return the unopened full-sized item and start the refund process. As someone who never returns anything (hate wasting things), I could even get behind this idea. The returned item would still be brand new and as long as the seal is unbroken, Volition can resell it.

I adore the little sampler set Volition sent me. My six-year old commandeered my container, because wanted a new home for his crayons. This easily held 24 Crayola crayons with room for a few more. There is an extra inch or so of space at the bottom, but he is content even though they are not perfectly snug. Though I do not like the feeling of jewelry and thus rarely wear it, the bracelet they sent is beautiful. It is a rose-gold colored bracelet, which has some weight to it. This is definitely not a flimsy piece. Sephora offered these bracelets in a promo code a while back so others can confirm that it is nice. The bracelet has Volition and Sephora engraved on it to celebrate the launch of the brand within the massive retailer.

Sephora carries 5 items from the Volition brand. Those ordering directly from Sephora can also return products (within 60 days or 30 days for Canadians) even if they’re opened. They also get points for the order as well as the option to add a promo code when purchased online. I got to sample all 5 items Sephora carries and am ready to go over my thoughts.

The 0.5oz Volition Helix AM/PM Eye Gel retails for $52. My sample is probably around 0.17oz. For my extremely dry undereyes, this is one of the worst eye gels I’ve ever used. Not only did the moisture from the gel seem to evaporate without absorbing, but this showed every imperfection my undereyes have. There are wrinkles I was not even aware I had that were visible when I wore this. It claims to brighten and de-puff. Those are places where the gel delivers a little better. While I’ve never tried an eye cream that actually brightens, I can say this did not emphasize my dark circles the way some eye creams do. That is likely because the gel consistency does not reflect light. My eyes did seem less puffy with this, because the gel is cooling on contact. The cooling effect provides a slight amount of de-puffing. It will not replace eye patches for serious de-puffing though. There is just not enough moisture, but I do see slight brightening and de-puffing. This gets 2 out of 5 stars as an eye gel with an important caveat that it is better suited for combo or oily skin.

I have not worn makeup in a long time so I cannot yet offer a review on the other claim that this works as a makeup primer in the day time. If I can use a really hydrating eye cream (have yet to find a gel that is hydrating enough for my skin), when I wash my face, I can try this as a primer to see if it works any better when a cream is doing the moisturizing. Once I do, I will report back. At that time, I will give this a second rating based on its performance as an eye primer. Even if it is amazing, I cannot see myself paying $52 for an undereye primer.

The 4oz Volition Turmeric Brightening Polish retails for $38. I received 2 0.07oz foils. One foil is more than enough for my face. Even with the leftover from the first, I did not have enough to do my full body. This scrub is incredible. While I generally prefer a slightly smoother exfoliant on my face, I noticed a definite glow. My skin was also a lot softer after using this. A small amount got in my mouth. Although it does not smell the best, it surprisingly did not taste bad. At $9.50 an ounce, I would not mind using this on my face but would limit how often I used it on my body. You will not glow as much when using this on your body, but your skin will be just as soft. This gets 4 out of 5 stars as both a face and body scrub. I deducted 1 point as a face scrub, because I want one that is slightly more gentle. As a body scrub, it is a little expensive.

The 2oz Volition Oceanene Youth-Boost Gel retails for $50. My sample was probably around 0.25oz. A little product goes a long way. Even with working down my neck, I was able to get 5 uses out of this sample. That means 0.05oz is all you need per application. Like all gels on the market, my skin felt instantly hydrated. I did not notice any plumping effects. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a gel that is hydrating enough for my dry skin. While this held on longer than a lot of others, it could not make it to the next face wash without making my skin feel a little tight. Gels and dry skin just do not mix well. This gets 3 out of 5 stars with an important caveat that it is better suited for combo or oily skin.

The 1.7oz Volition Oil-Control Mattifying Mist retails for $29. My sample is probably around 0.04oz. This sample has a powerful sprayer. I was actually taken aback at how much spraying power could come out of such a tiny thing. That does not mean the nozzle on the full-size one will be the same so I do not want to deduct anything for that. It is a good thing that I did not spray this over makeup though, because it would have ruined it. My entire face got saturated. I actually had to wipe my face to dry it off. After my skin dried, it did look for matte. Was that the product or the gentle towel wiping though? It is hard to say. While I do produce some oil in my T-Zone, I am not overly oily. That makes me less qualified to review this than someone with oily skin.

This does leave my skin instantly softer, because it adds a huge moisture boost to the skin. Over time though, I feel the softness start to shift. That is likely due to the alcohol in the product. As the spray is just too strong, I would not use this as a makeup setting spray. If I used this over makeup, I would spray it on a beautyblender and use that to blot my skin. I am not saying it is bad or good. It is just too hard to tell based on the sample. Between the sprayer being too powerful and it making my dry skin feel drier over time, it is just not something I feel an urge to purchase. I will also wonder if the spray or the towel were more effective in mattifying my T-zone. This gets 3 out of 5 stars.

The 2oz Volition Detoxifying Silt Gelee Mask retails for $60. My sample was probably around 0.25oz. That was more than enough for my full face, but not enough for a second application. Thus, I opted for one super liberal application. This is like no mask I’ve ever used before. It dries like a clay mask, but it leaves my face super soft like a moisturizing mask. Of everything I sampled, this is my overall winner. I would purchase this again and again. Even though I left this on longer than the 5-10 minutes, it never completely dried out. My skin looked brighter and firmer so I can tell it purified as promised. There was no redness or irritation, and my skin just felt calm. This gets 5 out of 5 stars. Simply a beautiful product.

While this may have read like I sponsored post, it is not. I have never accepted sponsorships for posts, nor did the company offer one. As mentioned above, the brand did send me these samples. Free products for testing are always welcome from any brand as long as I can write freely. Brands that do not allow reviewers to speak or write freely will never get reviewed on my site unless I buy the product myself. Links to the brand are direct, but links to Sephora are affiliate links., Inc.

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