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Sephora Favorites Give Me Some New Lip Review

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Give Me Some New Lip is a new Sephora Favorites Set. I love when Sephora puts out a new Favorites Set. These sets retail for a lot less than the value of the items inside. As long as the items you plan on keeping exceed the value of the price you pay for the set, it is a good deal. This is one of my favorite ways to sample new items, and I like the sets even more when they have some full-sized items inside. While paying for samples is something I do often in subscription boxes, I limit how often I pay for samples in sets. The mystery of subscription boxes and desire to get things I would never purchase prevails in that case. When a set only has samples and costs over $20, I am less likely to purchase it. Paying for samples is not always a bad thing, especially when sets have items you really want to try, and you have not been able to get them for free or as a GWP.

This Sephora Favorites Set, the Give Me Some New Lip Kit, has two full-size items and 3 deluxe samples.

The contents are loose inside the box with pink crinkle cut fill. Everything arrived intact.

I am on the fence about which lip set I like better. While the brands in the Sephora set are more impressive, there is more product and more value in the Birchbox Discovery Kit 2018 The Lip Service. With Kevyn Auction, MAC, Smashbox, Milk Makeup, Stila, and more, those brands are not too shabby either. This set definitely is well-rounded, and the Birchbox kit is more bold.

The kit retails for $28, which is only $2 more than the full-size Marc Jacobs, and $4 more than the full-size Smashbox. If you only wanted one of those items, it could justify paying $2-$4 for the other 4.

The full-size 0.07oz Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Liquid Lip Crayon in Night Mauves retails for $26. This is new lip product I’ve wanted to try. I’ve never been disappointed in any Marc Jacobs products and most brands do these pencil lipsticks well.

This mauve shade is beautiful. It is very close to nude. I will edit in a picture and review once I try this.

The 0.035oz Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick in Candy Venom is worth $10.50.

This electric pink had smooth swatch application, unlike Griselda, which is a lot darker.

The 0.21oz treStiQue Mini Plumping Lip Balm in Barbados Berry retails for $12. This looks and feels like an EOS lip balm.

This pink, berry shade is pigmented, and it looks darker on the lips than it looks in the swatch.

I will take a picture and edit it in later. Like EOS lip balms, it is a little difficult to perfectly apply this on the lips due to its huge size. There is a slight hint of shimmer when this is on the lips. When the color falls out of the lip lines from wear or application, it is obvious. I definitely smell and taste the organic shea butter in this. Neither are bad. The shea butter is slippery so this does not last too long on the lips. My lips do feel moisturized after it wears off so I do believe this penetrates. Lips can look up to 32% fuller with the Maxi Lip and Marine Collagen Microspheres in this product. While I do feel an ever so slight tingling, my lips do not look much bigger.

The 0.07oz Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Snobby is worth $9. I’ve wanted to try one of these.

This swatches very pink, but it claims it is a chameleon sheer base encapsulating gold and pink pearls.

This formula is not overly sticky, but it still lasts a long time on the lips. My favorite formulas are even less sticky, so I have no regrets that I kept the sample size from this kit, which allowed me to give away the full-size I received in the bigger kit to a giveaway winner. That said, I think this is perfect for someone who wants a long-lasting lip gloss that is not too sticky. Wear this with multiple passes to increase pigmentation or with a light layer for a more sheer application. As this is not a sheer formula, some pink and sparkle is present not matter how light the application is. I like this, but I would stop short of saying I love it. It is a fun lip gloss and can perk up any look quickly.

*I wore this at night, so the flash was required. Even with the flash, the picture is a little grainy. When it comes to showing color, I firmly believe natural light is best and take as many photos as possible sans flash. All swatches are without the flash. As you can see from the swatch to the photo, the flash drowns out some of the color.

The full-size 0.13oz Smashbox Always On Metallic Matte in XO, Vlada retails for $24. This covers all but $4 of this set so anyone who wants this will probably love the set.

This is a metallic rose gold. It says it is matte but I will see if that’s true once I try this.

When I look at all the swatches together, I see Sephora was going for well-rounded vibe. Fenty is bright, and Huda will sparkle. Smashbox will probably look somewhat natural if it is really matte. Marc Jacobs is natural, and treStiQue has a soft shimmer.

See other Sephora Favorites Sets. There are always at least 20 available for purchase. The kit retails for $28 and has a value of $81.50. That is just over the advertised $80 value. My personal value is also $81.50, because I will try everything in this set. All of these items are new to me, and there is nothing I am weary about. I think this was a great deal and am happy to sample so many new products for $28. My collection really is a lot larger than it would be without sets like this one. They are a great way to grow your collection., Inc.

What are your thoughts on the Sephora Give Me Some New Lip? Let me know below. Sephora does not inform any Beauty Insider of all promotions. It does list a great deal of them on its Beauty Offers page, but I list some it does not on my Sephora Deals Page. Between the ones it lists and the ones I list, you can catch most of them. Subscribe to emails to get targeted offers. If you’re spending over $25 online, there is always a promo code that you can apply. Most major events run on a set schedule, which is why I track them. See all Sephora articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal When Shopping Sephora. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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  1. Well, you just convinced me to pick this up! 😉 I appreciate your thorough reviews and your pictures are really good! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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