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Beautylish 2018 Lucky Bag Review

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The day after Christmas every year Beautylish sells Lucky Bags. Inspired by Fukubukuro, a grab bag of surprises for Japanese New Year, these bags usually have double the value of their cost. As someone who loves subscription boxes and trying new things, this is something I’ve always wanted to buy. Like subscription boxes, this mystery bag is not for those who do not like to try new things or have fears they will hate all the items. I allowed the shipping charge and a brand Beautylish sells that I cannot support to prevent me in years past. My niece informed me she loves that brand so I even had a way to dispose of it without throwing it away. This year, I decided to go for it.

Lucky bags for 2018 are gone, but there is already a sign-up list for 2019 notifications. Signing up for notifications is the best way to make sure you get a bag. I already added my name to the list for next year. Bags usually sell out quickly, but the fair to medium bags were available for a while this year. My reminder email and schedule for bag release arrived on the 23rd. According to the email, I could purchase a bag at 11am PST on the 26th. Those who spent over $1000 at Beautylish could purchase a bag at 9am. Anyone who did not pre-register could purchase a bag at 3pm.

Another reminder email came in on Christmas Day. After a very long Christmas, I was happy I did not have to worry about grabbing my bag until 11am. It gave me some a chance to sleep in.

I wanted to sleep in, but I could not. Since I was awake anyway, I was refreshing my email every 15 minutes to get the link to purchase the bag. It would be nice if the link was available before purchase time. Some people were posting the link but it was not accessible to most who had not received it yet. When they tried to open the link others happily offered, they could not. Just before 10am, I refreshed and did not see the email yet. When I refreshed about 15 minutes later, I noticed the email came in right at 10am. People who pre-registered could shop the bags an hour earlier than scheduled. By the time I opened the link, all the XL bags were gone. That is the one I planned to purchase.

The XL bags are $150 and have a guaranteed value over $350 while the Lucky Bags are $75 and have a guaranteed value over $150. Beautylish customers who spent over $1000 during the year, and the pre-registered shoppers lucky enough to get access to the site by 10am purchased all the XL bags.

Lucky Bags have a $7 shipping fee, and XL bags have a $15 shipping fee. I usually avoid shipping charges, but Beautylish says it can offer more items in each bag by charging shipping. Those of us lucky enough to live in California, Pennsylvania, and Texas also have to pay sales tax. Regular bags were available for shipment to most countries for $15-$20, but XL bags were US only. Consumers are responsible for duties.

With taxes and shipping, my regular Fair to Medium bag came to $88.56. That is a lot to pay when I have no clue what I’ll be getting. I did like that the regular bags had options between Fair to Medium and Dark to Deep. At least the colors in each bag should suit skin tones.

Bags seem to have 6-8 items inside with values ranging from $180 to $374.70. A small part of me thinks the person who received the $374.70 in value was either really lucky or received an XL bag by mistake. My bag has six items. The chocolate coins are props I borrowed from my son, but chocolate could always sweeten any pot.

My bag weighed 1.3lbs, but it seems a lot of bags weighed that. I am absolutely in love with my bag and think it is great that I got a nice mix of products. Beautylish sent me a makeup brush, primer, setting powder, setting spray, a sheet mask, a hair product, an eyeshadow palette, and a lip palette. Everything inside is either new to my collection or something I did not have before the bag arrived. The best part is there is nothing here I would not use. Some items are even items I’ve wanted to buy.

The Cover FX Mattifying Prime & Set Kit retails for $29 It includes:

  • 0.5oz Mattifying Primer
  • 1oz Mattifying Setting Spray
  • 0.14oz Matte Setting Powder

This is something I considered purchasing myself, because I really wanted to try the setting powder and would not mind trying the setting spray or primer. Everyone raves about that setting powder, but I own too many to justify grabbing another one. The setting powder is in the shade light.

The Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mask retails for $60 in a 5-pack making this worth $12. I always love trying new sheet masks and it is a bonus that I have never tried anything from this brand. This bag is giving me a chance to try something I probably never would have otherwise.

The Natasha Denona Lip Color Palette 5 #06 Corals retails for $42. This is another new brand to my collection. I love trying new things, so I love that this bag gave me two new brands. I’ve wanted to purchase from this brand, but I cannot bring myself to do it. Hopefully this lip palette helps me understand why the brand is so expensive. Lip palettes are not usually my thing, but these were very creamy when I swatched them. If they apply and wear as great as they feel, I will be very happy with this.

I will edit in pictures of myself wearing these (once I start wearing makeup again). From left to right, the shades are: 01T bleach, 28 baby coral, 29 poppy pink, 30 matte poppy pink, and 31 bright coral. It is interesting how different 29 and 30 look in the pan and how similar they look on the skin. The matte shade looks a little cooler. Not that I ever anticipate finishing a lipstick, but 30 is not as filled as the other pans. If I used them at the same pace, that one would run out faster.

The Wayne Goss Brush 10 Cheek Brush retails for $38. I actually purchased my first Wayne Goss brush from Beautylish in October of 2017 after repeatedly hearing Stephanie Nicole rave about them. While I have not used it yet (have not worn makeup in a while), I can say it is soft and beautiful. This one is no different. It feels like I am rubbing silk on may face when I tested this (without makeup of course).

The 2.2oz Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray retails for $22. I almost bought a bottle recently. After falling in love with the dry shampoo and thinking I no longer loved this one as much, I wanted to try it again to make a final decision on which I like better. Here it is. Saves me a purchase, until I decide which one I love more and purchase it anyway.

The Viseart Theory Eyeshadow Palette 02 Minx retails for $45. This is another item I almost purchased. During the VIB Rouge sale in November, I barely selected another Viseart palette over this one. Guess it arriving now is a sign I needed to have it.

The swatches are so beautiful that I want to put makeup on for the first time this year just to play with this. I will wait though and edit in pictures of me wearing it once I do. When a brand has mattes that swatch as well as shimmers, I know I am in for a treat. This looks amazing.

My bag has a total value of $188. Even if you factor in shipping and tax, I got almost $100 in value over what I paid. With three items I almost purchased and three more I would love to try, I think it was a huge success. Getting two brands that are new to my collection, a product I already know and love, and a bunch of products I want to try is amazing. I am already looking forward to purchasing another bag next year. If I get an item I already own and cannot use up in a lifetime, like an eyeshadow palette, I can always do a giveaway. Here’s hoping for an XL bag. Beautylish only allows one bag per customer or I would get one of each. They’re so much fun.

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