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Birchbox Subscribers Get a $5 Discount When Buying a Curated Box From The Shop

Sample choice for Birchbox subscriptions this month was really tough. This was the first month in a long time where I would have been happy with any choice or the curated box. Anytime I see the Real Chemistry 3-minute Luminous Peel as a sample choice for Birchbox, I have to grab it. That is one of the best products I’ve ever discovered in any subscription box. It will be 50% off at Ulta during the Love Your Skin Event on the 24th, and I am planning on getting one there as well. I actually ended up with all three sample choices in my regular box so I got really lucky. Once I fulfilled my Real Chemistry fix, I needed to get my hands on the curated box.

Curated boxes are sample boxes where all 5 items get announced in advance. Subscribers can select it during sample choice (read more about sample choice and how subscriptions work). Others who do not select a sample may randomly receive it as their monthly box. Whenever Birchbox does not sell out of curated boxes, it places extra boxes for sale. There is no dedicated section for them, but I can find them when I search curated box. They are sometimes placed in the Discovery Kits section, but it seems to take newer boxes a while to go there. This is a section for one-time purchases on the site. I have already purchased other kits that I will review after I’ve had some time with them. These are in addition to the Limited Edition Boxes Birchbox creates, which I also review when I receive them.

The boxes are usually available for purchase shortly after sample selection. If you really want the curated box and a sample choice, get both. Select your sample as soon as you can, and buy the curated box once it hits the store. It retails for $15 in the store so anyone can purchase a curated box as a one-time purchase without a subscription. Subscribers get an automatic $5 discount to make the cost $10. Other than accepting the risk of not getting it before it sells out, this is the best option for those willing to pay for an extra box. The January 2018 curated box is Find Your Happy.

Like all Birchboxes, there is a product card that goes over the contents. The card always lists the price to purchase the full-size so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you try the sample.

The Find Your Happy Box includes:

The 0.25oz Laura Geller New York Fortifying Lashes Eyelash Primer is full-size. Other than Birchbox owned lines, it is really uncommon to see a full-size product in a Birchbox. It retails for $22. This is a primer I’ve wanted to try. I love that it is full-size.

The 0.25oz Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Radiance Primer is worth $9.25. It is rare to get a 5 sample box where you want to try all the items. This is the miss of this box for me. Smashbox primers give me a rash, although I cannot remember if I’ve ever tried this specific one. If I try it and it gives me a rash, at least I can pass it on to a family member. Should that happen, I really need to start and add it to a spreadsheet of products that make me break out and/or give me a rash. When you try so many, it really is hard to remember them all.

I am assuming the Clark’s Botanicals Age Defying Radiance Cream is 0.25oz. There is no size listed. If my guess is correct, this is worth $17.50. This is a moisturizer I’ve heard of but would never purchase without a sample given the high cost. When I saw it in this featured box, I knew I had to get it. Between aging and my desire for radiance, I hope this lives up to its reputation.

The 0.5oz Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo is worth $2.88 so it is not the most valuable sample. I will probably be lucky to get 2 washes out of this. It is the shampoo version of a dry shampoo I love. This sample gives me a chance to see if I love this as much as its dry sister. Even if I decide to go super liberal with it on a single application, I will able to tell if it packs the same magic.

The 0.5oz Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner is worth $3.82. Again, the sample size is disappointing, but I would never purchase this conditioner without sampling it first. Who am I kidding? Unless this is the most magical conditioner on the planet, I will never purchase it anyway. That does not mean I will not enjoy giving it a whirl.

This box has a $55.45 value. I paid $10 for this box so it is a good return on my investment. My personal value is also $55.45, because I will try everything in this box. Curated boxes usually have a higher than average box value, and most regular boxes have value around $30. While I do not have high hope for the Smashbox primer, I have high expectations for the others. It is nice when all the items in a box are new to me, because I love trying new things. That is why I am so hooked on subscription boxes. If you want to order this box without a subscription (an easy decision for anyone wanting the Laura Geller Lash primer as you get it and the samples for less than the full-price item), your cost would be $15.

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If you want to subscribe, remember to look at start-up offers and all available offers. When you’re ready to spend your rewards points, remember to add your free two piece sample pack when spending $35 from the Bonus ShopTips For Getting the Best Deal lays out all the ways I know to save money at Birchbox. See other articles on other Discovery Kits, Birchbox Subscriptions, and Shop purchases. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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