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Sephora 2018 VIB Rouge Qualification Gift

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The 2018 Sephora Rouge Qualification gift has officially been announced. I actually noticed it available online on the 1st when I tested a mock Rouge re-qualification order. That is the fastest I’ve ever seen Sephora prepare the new gift. My local store already has it in stock, but it still has some of the brushes from 2017 available as well. Sephora will allow you to pick up the 2017 gift (even if you’ve qualified for 2018) if it is still available. Only one gift is available per year, so selecting the 2017 gift will disqualify you from also receiving the 2018 gift. Make sure anyone picking this up on your behalf knows your email address.

The Rouge renewal gift for 2018 is a Sephora Collection Pro Flawless Airbrush Brush in 55.5. It is a red, mini brush, which is the reason for the decimal point. This is a $34 brush when purchasing the full-size, but I am unsure of the exact value when offering a miniature version. I linked the full-size brush so everyone can take a look.

I like that the bag is completely different from the one last year, but it is still equally cute. It is neat that Sephora is continuing with the Pro brushes for the gift. If this is the gift every year, long-time Rouge members will have an adorable collection of special brushes.

This is a bigger face brush than the one offered last year, but I really hope Sephora reaches out beyond the face next year.

A pop-up notifying you of the qualification gift should appear. Sephora will email you a link to redeem it if you qualify without redeeming. If you do not receive a link, you can select the gift from the Rewards Bazaar or the top right of your screen at checkout. Check out other available offers while you’re there. Contact customer service if you are unable to add it to your cart. Redemption requires a purchase online, but you can pick it up (once qualified) without a purchase in store.

I have not used the brush from last year so I cannot offer a review. Most of the Sephora Pro brushes I’ve tried are nice. This will probably be nice as well. It would be great if Sephora would spring for full-size brushes in the future. The mini brushes are not really my thing.


Those who do not want the brush can select a Sephora Makeup Clutch. This was not available when the year started.

The option to add 250-points in place of a free item popped up in November 2018. I wondered if this was temporary, because it did not pop up until after the brush had been out-of-stock for a few weeks. Even after the brush came back in stock, this gift was still available. My guess is it is a permanent addition. Both of the Rouge gifts are easily worth 250-points, so I would not opt for this unless I really needed points for an upcoming perk. Someone who hates mini brushes and has a lot of bags would probably love the idea of this option. Funny enough, I actually fall into that category. That said, I like collecting the brushes. Here’s hoping it is full-size in 2019 now.

Welcome to the Sephora VIB Rouge program or welcome back.

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