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Sephora Rewards Bazaar Upcoming Offers For 2018

See the 2019 Rewards Bazaar offers, and all 2019 Sephora Promotions, Sales, GWP, Deals, Promo Codes, and Events.

New Perks release in the Rewards Bazaar every Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-5pm PST. Smaller Point Perks get covered in my 50 to 500 Point Perk article. There is a pattern to releases. To see the pattern, get tips for obtaining a reward, or view general information regarding the program, read the program overview. You can also see rewards I’ve redeemed and other recent Rewards Bazaar offersSephora gives advanced notice of the bigger perks arriving in the Rewards Bazaar within the month.

There is always a chance that offers not listed here could appear if Sephora decides to release any surprise or last-minute offers. Every time I receive an email, I will update this. It is important to note that the offers are not listed in order they get released. Offers near the top of a perk email could be released at the end of the month and offers near the bottom could be released at the beginning of the month. This program is here to stay so there will be 104 release dates a year. Every month, I will share the advertised offerings and write separate articles on any large perks I redeem.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 1.36.31 PM

Rewards Bazaar also replaced the Beauty Insider Rewards Boutique so it is the only place to redeem points online at Sephora. Every Store has select smaller valued rewards up to 500 points for those wishing to redeem in person. Beauty Insiders redeeming 50 to 500 points online redeem as they usually do. They would add their desired items from Rewards Bazaar to an order and place it as usual. Sephora launched its first ever 50-point reward on 06/07/18. People redeeming perks 750 points and over can order the perk on its own. I explain why I recommend ordering high-value perks on their own in the overview.

Smaller perks up to 500 points can release at any time throughout the month, but most of them will release near the beginning of the month, as they always have. Everything listed below is a 750+ point offer for US shoppers (although Canadians do get some of the same perks in smaller numbers).


Sephora seems to release the first email around the 4th or 5th of the month so some of these items will be gone before the email ever arrives. If a second email comes out in one month, I will list it below as wave two. To date, I have never seen three in a single month. Whether you receive an email or not, perks will drop every Tuesday and Thursday. By the time I received the email for January 2018, the 01/02/18 and 01/04/18 perks had already dropped and mostly sold out. Listings are in reverse chronological order separated by month. Any pertinent information discovered or regarding a specific month will only appear under that month’s notes. If I notice a pattern, I will add it to the general information above. Until then, I have provided all information I know. Each month will spotlight a specific brand. Many perks from that brand get featured.

December 2018 Spotlight Atelier Cologne emailed 12/04/18

I love NARS Laguna and think it is worth 750-points for a full-size. A VIB or Rouge member who does not already own it or needs another would probably be happy with this. It looks dark in the pan, but it is buildable. That makes it a great bronzer for a lot of skin tones.

I really like this bag and think 1000 points for it and 3 samples is worth it if the bag is as cute in person as it photographs. That said, I know I will not carry this anywhere.

These are all passes for me. Other than the Mario class, which I might have attended if it was in my city and for makeup, they are asking people t pay points for something that is free by level or with a $50 purchase.

I think this are both nice deals as well. Some Atelier scents are just beautiful and all last a long time on me.

The value for these depend on how much you love this brand. Super fans might want this as having a large collection or meeting the founder are both cool. Since other founders have charged double, it also seems like a bargain.

November 2018 Part 2 (official) emailed 11/22/18.

I do like the chance to cash in points for a code to purchase anything. What I dislike is the amount of points to redeem it and that it is a code. If you have to use this as a promo code, you cannot use a promo code with the purchase. That waters down the value, because I factor in the promo code I redeem as a part of my overall deal. It feels like less of a deal when I cannot even redeem a promo. While I like that the promo removes the amount before tax, Ulta redeems 2000 points for $125 before tax is applied. You can also use a coupon and redeem as many GWP options that do not require a coupon that you qualify for. So, I think this is a good start to improving the program. Modifications are still needed though.

If you do not mind paying 250 points for the foil and bag, this is worth it. The rest is 5 deluxe samples, or a 500-point perk.

I would need to know more about the facial before I say it is worth 750-points. If it was a real facial in a spa, sure. Assuming this is a mini facial that Sephora employees at times give for free, I would say pass.

The Hourglass value depends on what is included. If you get a makeover and all the products listed are full-size, it is a great deal. Assuming some of the products are samples, the value diminishes.

I’m not even sure what to say about the Becca gift. If you love Chrissy Teigen, Becca, and cooking, it could be worth it. Of course it all comes down to the quality of those tools. I hope they did not paint gold that will flake into your food on the cooking tools.

November 2018 Spotlight drybar emailed 11/05/18

Of the three 500-point options, the full-size primer is the only one worth it to me. Paying for a makeover at Sephora is pointless, because they offer them for free with a $50 purchase. VIB members get one free makeover a year without a purchase and Rouge members get as many as they want. A play box does have 5 deluxe items, which is the same as 5 100-point perks. If the samples are listed and you want them all, it is worth it. I think it is weird that Camila had a release with L’Oreal and Lancome. Even though Lancome is my favorite brand, I would suggest her fans pick up pieces from L’Oreal over Lancome to save money.

This is a lot of points for a perk that does not even include travel. I would not even consider a trip over 20,000 points unless travel was included.

Getting Maracuja oil and what I can assume is a full-size beauty sponge is a great use of 500-points to me. If I did not already own both, I may have considered that. Ren could be nice if all three sizes or at least two are full. I like the backpack in the bosica set and like that it includes some full sizes, so the value depends on how much you like or want each item. A spa getaway is usually pretty cool, so I can see the value if you live close to the resort.

Both of these sets are a great use of the points for those who already love drybar or want to try it.

I think the first one could easily be worth it for most. Spending 50,000 points is a lot but meeting the founder could be really beat for a huge fan.

October 2018 Spotlight Fragrance emailed 10/16/18

*I did not receive an email before this nor did I search the site as I sometimes do when emails do not come. The Spotlight is generally listed in the first email of the month, so it really is possible Sephora did not send one before the second half of the month.

I love that we are getting VIB and Rouge exclusives. Getting a full-size product for 500-points is also cool. Thus is one I am interested in, but I am unsure if I will grab it.

If you like the bags that come with the Laneige sets, they could be worth 750-points. Otherwise, I would skip.

Only a working makeup artist or someone looking to gift foundation to several friends could benefit (pun intended) from the Box O’ Happy.

It could be because I remember a few years ago when 10,000 points included travel that explains why this does not impress me. Those days are gone, and I have to accept it though. However, 15000 points for a treatment is a lot. Hopefully, it includes a LOT of full-size products to take home afterward.

I am not a huge fragrance fan and never use much of even the ones I love. Thus, the spotlight and features this month do not strike any cords with me. Those glasses are cute.

This would be an easy decision for me. I’d pass on the Pinrose and go for the Tocca. A sit-down with a founder that includes a gift for 4000 points seems like a steal. I would love to attend something like this and write about it. Alas, I am not going to New York any time soon.

I love Atelier and have never even heard of Ellis Brooklyn, but experiences trump products for me more often than not. What I said above holds true here as well. It’s too bad all these events are in New York.

10-11-18 Rouge members have the opportunity to purchase a Sephoria ticket for 2 people for 3000 points

September 2018 Part 2 (official) emailed 09/19/18.

Getting a full-size product that retails for $59 is worth 1000 points if you already love or really want to try the product but won’t shell out the cash.

Thirty masks for 3000 points is 100 points per mask. That is not too bad, but Sephora puts out a huge mask set every October for around $50. Getting two of those would typically result in more masks than this.

I really love Gimme Brow, but it would have to include a lot of them for me to shell out 3500 points.

For 10,000 points, this better be the best ticket for at least two sessions or a lower ticket to all four sessions. Anything less than that would be a pass.

This could be worth it for anyone who lives near Los Angeles or has plans to travel there soon and is an Hourglass fan.

For a huge Milk Makeup fan meeting the founders could be great, but this is a lot of points.

September 2018 Spotlight FENTY Beauty emailed 09/08/18

I do like the idea of VIB and Rouge exclusive perks, but a 250-point exclusive is a little odd. A full-size item (even from eh house brand) is a good value for 250-points.

The Sweaty Betty bag with amika samples is only worth 2000 points if one really likes the bag. I do like it, but not enough to part with 2000 points.

Paying 10000 points for a spa day could easily be worth it if it covers a full day at the spa and lets users take home more than the one full-size and two samples of Guerlain items pictured. If it only includes a few services and the products listed, I would pass.

I am not sure what the Moroccanoil is offering for 15000 points, so I will withhold my opinion.

This likely includes travel, lots of full-size products, and a special experience. Anyone who loves Isle of Paradise and New York (who does not love New York) may like this. I will never save 50000 points, so this will never be me.

Both of these FENTY sets are really cute. I like that the brand is finally making more sample-sized products.

Three full-sized items for 3000 points seems a little high. I do think the items look beautiful and will likely come in beautiful packaging since it is an influencer kit.

If I was a fan of an artist, I would love to have a custom tutorial. Each person has to decide for herself/himself if 7500 hard-earned points is worth it.

August 2018 Part 2 (official) emailed 08/28/18. This got emailed later than usual, because Sephora announced that it was modifying the Beauty Insider Rewards Program on 08/09/18. Part of this change includes new rewards that are only available for certain levels. Most rewards are available to all levels. Some new rewards are only available to VIB and higher. A few rewards are only available for Rouge members. One Rouge exclusive that will repeat is a $100 Sephora gift card for 2500 points. Read more about changes to the program. For the first time, some rewards have the release date announced on them. This is an amazing change that I hope is permanent.

Rouge Exclusive Perk- While 2500 points for a $100 gift card is far less valuable than Ulta’s Rewards Program, it is something Sephora has not really offered for. That makes it welcome, although I hope they either increase the amount or decrease the number of points to redeem for it in the future. A chance to buy anything I want is ideal though. This staple will get released every Tuesday and Thursday. 

VIB and Rouge Exclusive Perk- Getting a full-size product for 750 points is not bad at all. If I did not have multiple samples of this, I would consider it.

I think this boscia kit is adorable and a really good deal at 1500 points (if you are into the items). This was beautifully curated and priced so us regular people can get the influencer experience without breaking the (points) bank.

I am not into jean jackets, but getting an exclusive jean jacket that is really cute for 2000 points seems like a bargain.

VIB and Rouge Exclusive- I know Commodity is a beloved brand by many fragrance lovers, so I can see the benefit in getting so many samples at once. As someone who rarely wears fragrance, I would not cash in 500 points for sample vials.

This belief set is adorable and seems like a bargain at 1000 points. Since I know it is getting released on the 30th, I may go for it. Wish me luck.

For anyone who likes the fragrance and the glasses, this might be worth it. I think the glasses are cute, but I have never even sampled this fragrance. No way would I take a chance on an unknown fragrance (if I even had 7500 points).

August 2018 Spotlight MAKE UP FOR EVER emailed 08/06/18

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Never spend 500 points for a makeover. Get one for free as a VIB, all for free as a Rouge, or free with a $50 purchase for anyone else.

Eight deluxe samples in a set is an okay use of 1000 points, and the value increases if you already love these TreStique Crayons.

If that is the full-size concealer in the It Cosmetics set, it is an okay use of points. I love that concealer.

I really like these makeup brushes. If the bristles are nice, it is a good use of points. Rough bristles are not worth any points, and it is hard to say which these will be.

I see value in these, as long as the spa package includes plenty of services and goodies to take home.

A signed copy of a book is always a goof use of points if you are a fan of the author.

Both of these could be a great use of the points depending on the details. Those who have friends to attend a master class with them could have a great time.

If you could extend the return trip and stay in Paris a few extra nights on your dime, a trip there would be awesome. Unless I had some reason to rush back home, I would never travel to Paris for only three days. That is a long trip for such a short stay.

July 2018 Part 2 (official) emailed 07/17/18

I can see the value in either of these, but only for a fan of the brands or products. Neither of these would work for me. Two full-sized products is not a lot for 3000 points unless you already know and love both products. The canvas bag does not look valuable, so I would not factor that into the redemption value.

Getting an at home facial from the global lead esthetician for Tatcha would be cool. I dislike introducing more than one new product at a time. That helps me know what my skin is reacting to when an inevitable rash forms, but I admit I miss having regular facials. It includes a limited edition Time to Shine kit.

Paying 750 points for 2 or 3 deluxe samples from Guerlain or Tactha may seem extreme, but the packaging is stunning and the products are expensive.

Those It Cosmetics samples are too easy to come by. Unless you place a lot of value in the bag or bracelet, I would pass on this one. Hourglass is not really known for being an eyebrow brand, so I cannot see spending 3000 points for its Perfect Your Arch service. Benefit Cosmetics perfects my arch for $21 plus tip.

I feel these are all overpriced as well. There is no way I would spend 4500 points to consult with a nutritionist, but I can see someone really into supplements doing this.

A spa is always a lot of fun. With travel excluded, I would not spend 15000 points and pay my way to get there to pamper myself. There are a lot of good spas near me that I can enjoy for less than the cost of the airline ticket to spend 15000 points.

While I can see the idea of getting an experience a regular person otherwise would never receive, paying 25000 points for something everyone else attends for free would not make me feel special at all. It would make me feel overcharged.

July 2018 Spotlight Urban Decay emailed 07/03/18

I do think these are a good use of points if you want all the items. The Quick Fix looks like the full-size. Getting a full-size product in a 1000 point perk is always nice. It’s a bonus when it also comes with a deluxe size and a specialty item (the luggage tag).

The novelty items in the 1500 point perk are adorable.

While I definitely see the appeal of a makeup suitcase for working artists, it is not super practical for the average makeup lover. When traveling, no one really needs that much makeup. It is just more hassle to have an extra bag that large and more risk of damage to the items, even if you carry on. That said, it is nice.

Considering 10,000 points used to get a trip with travel just a few short years ago, it is crazy to see a palette, pouch, and some brushes could set you back the same amount of points. Every item in the set looks full-size though.

I cannot stress enough that no one should ever blow 500 points on a makeover. Rouge customers can get as many as they want for free. VIB customers can get one a year for free. Beauty Insiders and everyone else can get a free makeover with a $50 purchase. So, you could always buy $50 in makeup (you’d get to keep) and save the 500 points for a 500 point perk that includes 4-5 deluxe samples or 5 100 point perks.

For 50,000 points, that tour better include a lot of perks. While I’d like to see how “things get made,” I can think of better ways to do it than spending that amount of points.

June 2018 Part 2 (official) emailed 06/20/18

I think a private class party could be a lot of fun for a number of events. Value depends on what comes with it and if the event is truly private. The value for the brush set would depend on what the brushes feel like. When it comes to brushes, I prefer function over looks. My skin is definitely not oily, but I am unsure I would spend 10,000 points for a sneak peek of a launch even if it was.

If this includes travel and lodging and you are a Christophe Robin fan, this could be worth the points. It would also depend on what you get, because that is a lot of points.

June 2018 Spotlight Bite Beauty emailed 06/06/18

Since the tarte and Caudalie perks are donations, it makes me wonder if there are any products given in exchange. If there aren’t, having a limit on how many people can donate seems silly. Getting a bikini, sunglasses, and beauty products in the OUAI set seems like a steal for 2000 points. I’ve wanted to try that lipstick and eyeliner from Hourglass but refuse to pay the exorbitant prices. Depending on the size of the powder, this could be worth 2500 points. I would not pay that for the mini though.

I really like the sunglasses in the Bumble and bumble set and all the bags in the Milk Makeup set. Paying 20000 points for a perk without travel expenses seems a little much. It was not long ago when 10000 points awarded a trip with travel.

I am a huge Bite Beauty fan and can see the value in all these sets if the person redeeming likes the accompanying products (bags, sleeping mask, necklace, etc). If they are only redeeming for the makeup, the value disappears.

May 2018 Part 2 (official) emailed 05/15/18

Six deluxe samples and a bag from TreStique is an okay value. You probably already know how I feel about spending 1000 points for a face chart. That said, I would easily pay that to get one from Jeffrey or David. Unless I could select my artist, I would never do this. Seven sets of lashes and glue from the Sephora Collection seems like a great deal for 1500 points. Until I see what accessories you get from Bandolier for 2000 points, I am unsure how I feel on that one.

The Moroccanoil and Atelier packages seem like they have a decent value. I am unsure how I feel about the other two. The Vernon Francois perk is still available over an hour after it released, which never happens with coveted ones.

Perfume and clutches are not my thing. That said, I really like that clutch. I have never tested this fragrance and would only recommend spending the points if you love the clutch and the fragrance.

May 2018 (It is the 9th, and I still have not received an email for the larger perks). I pulled these off the Sephora site. Spotlight tarte

I know those Caudalie products are expensive and have a high value but 1000 points for 2 deluxe items and a makeup bag seems really high. Jean jackets are not my thing, although I admit I loved them in junior high and part of high school. Fashion does repeat, but the desire has not hit me this time around.

There are a lot of things from tarte I really like and some I even love. Neither of these perks seem worth the value to me though.

April 2018 Part 2 (official) emailed 04/24/18

I love the design on the slippers and pillow. So far, I love all the belif products I’ve tried and have one of those sheet masks on my loves list to try with the November VIB Rouge discount.

I think these are both excellent values for the points. People obviously do not agree with me, because the Bite Beauty perk was still available by 9:36am on 04/24/18 when it released. The ones people love sell out instantly. I have the points for it and would have easily redeemed for it if I had anyone to gift the BloomThat bouquet to. After gifting flowers to myself on Valentine’s Day, I do not see the need to do it on Mother’s Day as well. My Mom has not really been a part of my life since I was seven, and this is my first Mother’s Day since in 22 years without a Mother-in-law. Since the flower redemption deadline is 05/16/18, I am passing. It also includes 3 0.31oz Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Léché, Patille, and Red Velvet. None of those shades exist in my collection.

I think the Sephora Pro brushes are great quality. Getting 11 of them with a standing easel pouch seems like a decent value.

I am just not a fan of these Smashbox shadows so I cannot see paying 10k in points for this set of trios. It sold out though so at least 2 people disagree with me.

I am not really feeling anything in this set. The design is a little busy for me, and I am not a fan of that style of sunglasses. Fragrance is also not my thing.

April 2018 Part 2. Sephora did not send the update by the 20th as usual so I pulled these off the site.

I pretty much love Jeffrey and David from the Sephora Pro videos on Youtube. Just to have something they made, I would have spent 1000 points for a face chart. The problem was I never saw the offer while it was live. It is too bad that Sephora did not email it, and I did not check last week. As I do not feel anything for any of the other artists, I would not pay 1000 points for face charts from them.

When a 10,000 point perk is still available on a Sunday, it is a sign that it is not a good one. Though I will never have 10,000 points, I am not even going to see what the offer is. If it was nice, someone would’ve grabbed them by now.

The MAKE UP FOR EVER ME-Time Includes:

-Spa Day Giftcard ($400)
-Yoga Studio Giftcard ($100)
-Branded pouch
-1.01 oz/ 30 mL Ultra HD Perfector Skin Tint Foundation in your shade
-Make UP For Ever goody bag

That is not too bad, especially of the goodie bag has a lot of stuff in it.

Jo Malone London Visit Jo Malone London (New York City) includes:

-Round-trip flight to New York City for two*
-Two-night stay at The London NYC Hotel, in Manhattan
-Jo Malone London townhouse-style dinner for two
-Visit the New York Botanical Garden with Jo Malone London team and experience the garden through the lens of scent
-VIP treatment at the flagship Manhattan boutique
-Private fragrance consultation with Jo Malone London Head of North America Education
-Luxury scented gift package
*Coach/Economy ticket

This is relative. For a Jo Malone fan, I can see the value. As someone who is not really a fragrance fan at all, this is not my cup of tea.

April 2018 Spotlight Jo Malone emailed 04/03/18

I’ve mentioned before how I feel about spending points on a makeover or custom face chart so scroll down for that. The Origins perk looks nice, but I would need more details to decide value on the Living Proof perk.

Granted, I am not big on VIP treatment, but 40,000 points for an experience that does not even include travel seems too high.

The Jo Malone gifts have proper pricing. Everything seems like it is not a great use of points but not a bad use of points either.

March 2018 Part 2- emailed 03/20/18

The Hourglass reward was already gone before I received the email. It includes an Ambient Lighting Palette and a mini of the mineral veil primer. I love both of those products. A 60-minute consultation with an Hourglass makeup artist is the real star of this perk. Travel is not included so you have to travel to the makeup artist.

The GHD set is a decent value for the points depending on what model is inside. Getting around $50 in value for about 2000 points seems normal. When the value exceeds that (and it is something you want), I think it is a good use of points.

Although I think 15,000 points is way too much to receive the PR package bloggers received on the Too Faced Festival Ready Collection, I really do think the packaging and piñata are adorable. That is one piñata I would never break.

March 2018 Spotlight Benefit Cosmetics emailed 03/06/18

I never recommend trading in 500 points for a makeover, but they would not keep offering it if people weren’t redeeming them. Get them for free as a Rouge client, once a year for free as a VIB client, or with a $50 purchase for everyone else.

I have similar thoughts on the custom face chart. The artist is using the same sketch for everyone and filling it in. Even if they take your features and coloring into consideration, I do not see how this would benefit you. You are basically redeeming 1000 points (after spending $1000 assuming they were all earned the hard way) to have someone color a picture for you. My niece does this for me for free and does not try to sell me any extra products as she does it.

While I generally like to pay 100-points per deluxe perk, some deluxe sized items are only available for separate purchase or in kits. They are not typically given as free samples. That is the case with the items in these sets. The mascara in the Cheeky Eye Set is full-sized. It released on 03/20/18 (the day the second email went out).

These are both excellent ways to spend 1,000 points for anyone who loves the brand.

This is the PR package sent to beauty influencers. While the idea of receiving a PR package is neat, I think 3,000 points for a mini and full size mascara is too much.

If I had 10,000 points, this would be an easy purchase decision. It sounds really fun. I could see this as a fun bridal shower event.

February 2018 Part 2- emailed 02/20/18

February 2018 Spotlight Caudalie (never emailed)

Since Sephora never emailed me the early February offers, I pulled these directly off the site. A friend of mine said she was never emailed either so I am unsure how many people actually received emails. Frankly, Sephora disappoints me. It would be nice to receive emails before the perks release, especially if others got them. There is no excuse why they’d send these to some people and not others.

Atelier Cologne Endless Love in a Bottle includes:

-1 oz/ 30 mL Atelier Cologne Café Tuberosa Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume with a red leather case engraved ‘Endless ♥’

fresh Rosy Valentine Glow includes:

-0.67 oz/ 20 mL Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
-0.67 oz/ 20 mL Fresh Rose Floral Toner
-0.24 oz/ 7 mL Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream
-1 oz/ 30 mL Fresh Rose Face Mask
-0.08 oz/ 2.2 g Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment
-0.15 oz/ 4.3 g Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Rosé
-White cosmetics bag

Tote Full of Caudalie includes:

-1 oz/ 30 mL Caudalie Premier Cru The Serum signed by Mathilde Thomas
-1 oz/ 30 mL Caudalie Cleansing Oil
-0.5 oz/ 15 mL Caudalie Divine Oil
-1 oz/ 30 mL Caudalie Thé des Vignes Shower Gel
-1 oz/ 30 mL Caudalie Beauty Elixir
-0.5 oz/ 15 mL Caudalie Premier Cru The Cream
-0.17 oz/ 5 mL Caudalie Premier Cru The Eye Cream
-Tote bag

I like the pricing on these perks. At these prices, I’d happily pick up any of these (assuming they were not gone before I even saw them).

Deborah Lippmann VIP Access to New York Fashion Week includes:

-Two tickets to the Badgley Mischka show on the Morning of February 13th, 2018 during New York Fashion Week
-Meet & Greet with Deborah Lippmann
-Deborah Lippmann manicure and pedicure for you and your friend at Julien Farel Salon
-Gift Baskets for you and your friend

Kat Von D Saint or Sinner includes:

-Flight for two to Los Angeles or Las Vegas
-Hotel room for two nights
-Car service
-$500 gift card for spending
-0.33 oz/ 10 mL Kat Von D Saint Eau de Parfum
-0.33 oz/ 10 mL Kat Von D Sinner Eau de Parfum

The Murad offer was from January and sold out so I am unsure why it is still listed on the 9th of February.

Too Faced Up Close and Personal at HQ includes:

-Round trip flight for two
-Tour of the Too Faced Office in Irvine for you and a friend* (blackout dates 02/14-15/2018)
-Beach-side hotel stay for one nights
-Peaches and Cream themed brunch at the Too Faced HQ
-One hour makeover with a Too Faced Artist
-0.48 oz/ 15 g Too Faced Just Peachy Matte Eyeshadow Palette
-0.44 oz/ 12.5 g Too Faced Peach My Cheeks Blush
-0.44 oz/ 12.5 g Too Faced Peach My Cheeks Bronzer
-0.47 oz/ 13.5 g Too Faced Sweetie Pie Bronzer
-4 oz/ 120 mL Too Faced Peach Mist Mattifying Setting Spray
-0.14 oz/ 4 g Too Faced Peach Kiss Lipstick
-1.6 oz/ 48 mL Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation

January 2018 Part 2 – emailed 01/16/18

The custom face chart is not a sketch of you. They use a general sketch of a woman and color makeup on it. Unless this comes with some of the makeup that insipid the look, you are spending points for someone to color a drawing for you.

I think 1500 points for a Pro Palette with a custom design is a decent value. If there is really only one available, it will be extremely hard to get it. Unlike the large point perks of 10k or more where they only release one item, a lot of people can have 1500 points. Hell, I have over 1500 points and am not much of a saver. May the odds be ever in your favor (or mine).

January 2018 Spotlight Murad -Emailed 01/04/18

Anytime I see a custom makeover for 500 points, I will remind my readers that it is not a solid use of points. Anyone can get a free custom makeover with a $50 purchase. VIB members get one free one a year, and Rouge members get endless free ones. Without a point multiplier, it takes spending $500 to earn 500 points. Even with a multiplier, it will always take a lot more than $50. Spend your $50 as you get your makeover and get 50 points to use in the Rewards Bazaar on something else.

Though I am not thrilled for spend 1000 points for the Play! by Sephora The All Star Edition Limited Box, I would purchase this. When it sold for $20, I did not grab it. I regret that and will get this if I can. It is the only limited edition play box I do not have. So, I would plunk down the points with this 2% return. That really is a lousy return, so I would not generally recommend it.

The bag is one of the items that was gone before I ever received the email. Since it has come and gone, I know it included the following:

-Sweaty Betty Luxe Gym Bag in Olive
-0.75 oz/ 21.26 g Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo
-0.75 oz/ 21.26 g Amika Touchable Hairspray
-0.75 oz/ 21.26 g Amika Silken Up Dry Conditioner
-Sweaty Betty $15 gift card

There are 31 masks in the A Month of Masks Perks. Each mask retails for $3 to $6. While I love these masks and really think Sephora did a great job with this collection, I think this perk should have cost less. If they were 100 point perks, it would only take 3100 points to redeem them individually. When redeeming 31 at once, I’d like to see a discount greater than 100 points. It should cost 2500 points.

This is a lot of points to have travel excluded.

The Murad Say Om perk is another that was gone before I received the email so I can share what was inside:

-In-home group yoga class for you and four friends
-In-home skin consultations for you and four friends
-Customized express facials
-5x Signed copy of Dr. Murad’s The Water Secret

On 01/04/18, I noticed 3 perks I was able to add to my cart that were not listed for selection in the Rewards Bazaar. I’ve seen that Philosophy perk for some time so it was from a previous month. The Kat Von D one was not there last I checked. It is not listed in the email for January perks either, so I am unsure where it came from or why it popped up (or back up if it was an older perk that resurfaced).

The third is one listed in the January email that I discussed above, the Sephora masks. Either way, it is important to note that you should check the Rewards Bazaar for all available and upcoming offers but also look at every offer in your basket before you check out.

Rewards are just to the right of samples you select inside your basket. There are 4-5 tabs for the different values. The fifth tab (if available) is to the left of 100 points when you qualify for a free gift (birthday/Rouge renewal).

Beauty Deals 2.0

What are your thoughts on the Rewards Bazaar? Let me know below. Sephora does not inform any Beauty Insider of all promotions. It does list a great deal of them on its Beauty Offers page, but I list some it does not on my Sephora Deals Page. Between the ones it lists and the ones I list, you can catch most of them. Subscribe to emails to get targeted offers. If you’re spending over $25 online, there is always a promo code that you can apply. Most major events run on a set schedule, which is why I track them. See all Sephora articles. Read Tips For Getting the Best Deal When Shopping Sephora. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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