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Sephora Rouge Renewal Gift for 2017 is a Mini Sephora Collection Pro Flawless Airbrush Brush in 56.5

See the 2018 Sephora Rouge Qualification Gift.

The 2017 Sephora Rouge Qualification gift has officially been announced. If you are close to renewing and have questions about redemption, I go over that in my Rouge Qualification article. You can call customer service if for any reason your gift is not listed in your Beauty Insider rewards and you cannot add the product through a direct link. Those picking up the gift in-store can give their email address or rewards card to verify eligibility. They will allow you to pick up the 2016 gift (even if you’ve qualified for the 2017 gift) if it is still available. Only one gift is available per year, so selecting the 2016 gift will disqualify you from also receiving the 2017 gift. Make sure anyone picking this up on your behalf knows your email address.


The Rouge renewal gift for 2017 is a Sephora Collection Pro Flawless Airbrush Brush in 56.5. It is a red, mini brush, which is the reason for the decimal point. This is a $32 brush when purchasing the full-size, so I am unsure of the exact value when offering a miniature version. I linked the full-size brush, so everyone can take a look. This brush is available in (most) stores January 19th, and it may take even longer before it is available online based on how long it took last year. For those who renew before the brush is available, you can either wait to pick the brush up when it arrives or you can select the 0.14oz NARS Goulue Blush, the 2016 Rouge Renewal Gift. Considering the full-size blush is only 0.16oz, the mini is almost full-size. Here’s hoping the brush is as close to full-size as the blush was last year.


As soon as the link is available, I will add it here. Even with a direct link, you an only add the item if your account qualifies. Otherwise, the link would pull up the item, but it would not allow you to add it to your cart. You can add the gift (once available) without a direct link by selecting the tab called redeem rewards from your cart. The gift should pop-up. This is also the way you redeem the birthday gift or cash in Beauty Insider points. Until the new product is available online, you can only redeem the NARS blush, which is in-stock.


I can always use more brushes, and I’ve been impressed with the Sephora Collection Pro Brushes I’ve purchased. As long as the brush is not too small, I am actually looking forward to collecting this, hopefully in November or December if I spend as planned. This would be new to my collection, so I cannot speak for the quality on this specific brush.

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