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NerdBlock Jr November 2016 Subscription Box Review

This Nerd Block Jr For Boys subscription for my 5-year-old son, Connor. It costs $19.99 plus shipping ($6) per month and is for boys aged 6-11. All plans auto-renew. You get a discount paying up front for a set number of boxes. Save 10% at 3 months ($17.99 each plus shipping), save 15% at 6 months ($16.99 each plus shipping), and save 20% at 12 months ($15.99 each plus shipping). Each box has at least $60 in value and gives 4-6 toys plus a T-Shirt. We are on the six-month subscription. You pay for all boxes and shipping on all boxes up front. Nerd Block has a variety of subscription offers including: Classic, Arcade, Horror, SciFi, Comic, Jr For BoysJr For Girls, and the newest offering Shirt. For details on all boxes, visit my Nerd Block Page.


This box has 8 items (9 if you count the crayons). Every Nerd Block comes with a Product Card. I like seeing product cards, and this assures me he received everything. It does not help much in the way of pricing out items for box value. Many are not easily available for purchase. While I can find similar products or items marked up from the original seller on eBay or Amazon, the actual items are difficult to find. That also makes the value very subjective. If something originally retails for one price but is now only available for purchase through a marked up reseller, valuation can fluctuate.


All Nerd Blocks come with a discount code for $10 off at A $10 credit is given with all new subscriptions as well. These work on anything, not just shirts. They are valid for 45 days. The Nerd Block is officially shop open, so it’s possible to purchase items outside of the subscription. There is a $10 credit to shop the new Nerd Block store as well.


The Draw Your Own Comic Book has the Nerd Block logo on the back, so it either paid to produce it or the manufacturer made it exclusively for Nerd Block. I cannot find this specific one listed anywhere online, but similar books go for $5.99 to $7.99. There are two books in the box, but I am unsure if we did not just get an extra in error. As such, I am going to split the difference at $6.99 and say the second book was not factored into the price. Getting two items is always nice, because I have two kids. Connor gave Xander the extra. He kept the cheap neon crayons for his book, but he’d probably be better off using his Crayola crayons. Both of my boys love this item and cannot wait to get started. It will be fun to see what they come up with.


The National Geographic Kids Mission to Mars retails for $4.99. I was unaware this magazine still existed. It is the first time I’ve seen it since I had kids of my own. This is a magazine I read as a kid, and I always enjoyed it. Both of my boys are into science and our planet, so I can see both reading this. Connor’s reading has seriously improved, so I look forward to seeing how much of this he can read.


The TY Beanie Ballz 5” Plush Donatello Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle retails for $9.19 at eBay. There are cheaper options, but they get more expensive when you add shipping. I am unsure what these originally went for when they were first available, but I imagine it is somewhere around the eBay price. It is extremely cute and very ball-like. This is my favorite turtle, and Connor will let me play with him.


The Cardinal Games Limited Edition Despicable Me Minion Made Illumination Entertainment 5 X 7 inches 24 pcs Puzzle is only available on one site. I am not linking it, because I think it is foreign. Under price, it said RM30. Thus, I will make a complete guess that this puzzle costs $6.99. It is in a metal tin, or my guess would have been lower. Connor has really gotten into puzzles lately, and this one is small enough for him to attempt.


The Batman Boys’ Number 1 Print Uniform Athletic Single Crew Socks Black retail for $4.99 at Target. These are one size fits most, which never fit really tiny people. Connor is very small for 5, which is already younger than the recommended age for this box. These do fit Xander, and they cover his entire calf. They remind me of soccer socks, because they’re very thick. I will happily pay $4.99 to purchase more of these, so I am happy they are easily available at a place I actually shop.


The Fantastic Beasts Mini 16 Month 2017 Calendar retails for $7.95 at Amazon. We loved this movie, so Xander tried to talk Connor into giving this to him. It is Prime eligible, so I may just pick one up for him as well. That way, they each get one.


The Shirtpunch! GI Joe shirt is an exclusive that is not available on the site. Shirts on that site go for $19.99, so I am guessing that is the price. As I mentioned above, Connor is very small. This size small will take a long time to fit him, but it is the smallest size available on this subscription. It is a nice shirt that is decently thick with a vibrant logo. If I saw this shirt at a regular store where I could touch it first, I would pay $19.99 for it.


This Star Wars Apron Jedi in Training retails for $17.99 at Walmart. It is flimsy and poorly made. If you’ve ever purchased a Halloween costume and thought, wow, that material is cheap, you are familiar with this fabric. I would not suggest purchasing this at all, but my son does love it. As with everything in this box, it is huge on him. He already has plans to wear it when we make our Christmas cookies this year, so I will need to pin it. The material is so thin that the pin could ruin the fabric. Maybe, I will clip it instead.


There is a teaser for next month inside. This card shows that next month’s box will feature something from Star Wars, Plants vs. Zombies, and Iron Man. Connor loves all three of these themes, so he should enjoy the next box.


This box cost $17.89 ($11.89 plus $6 shipping) and is worth $79.08. His personal value is also $79.08, because he is keeping everything in this box. The socks are too big for him, so his big brother will use those for now. As long as he does not rip holes in them or lose them, Connor will eventually get them. It is possible Nerd Block uses the new, inflated prices when valuing these, because most of the items inside their boxes are hard to find elsewhere.

Ready to Subscribe? Remember to check my Nerd Block Page for all information about subscription options. Discount codes (which only apply to month-to-month subscriptions) do pop up at times. There was a 10% discount code in an old box. I do not know how long it is good for, but the code is OWLKIDS. The discount will only apply to the first block, so you’d only get $2 off a 10% offer or $3 off a 15% offer. It always saves you more to purchase multiple blocks up front than to wait for a discount code that only saves you money off the first one. Blocks start shipping on the 15th, so you must subscribe before the 15th to get a box from the current month.

NERD BLOCK JR: Comic-Con, Delivered Monthly. Join Now. Geek Tested. Nerd Approved.

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