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Sephora and Tom Ford Pay It Forward With the November 24th Lips & Boys Launch

Happy Thanksgiving. Today is the official launch for the Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors at Sephora. To celebrate the launch and appreciate the most active BeautyTalk users (community members of Sephora’s online Beauty forum), Sephora and Tom Ford sent selected community members a free lipstick. The best part of this giveaway is we got to select a fellow BTer to receive a free lipstick as well. The ability to pay the gift forward makes receiving this gift even better. I love that I got to pick someone to receive a gift, and I selected the person who is going through the most. Hopefully, a tiny gift can brighten her season. This is my favorite time of year. On a similar note, the lady in front of my husband in the Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru this morning paid for his order. That has never happened to me, but I would also pay for the person behind me, like my husband did.


As with most Sephora gifts, the packaging is beautiful and the typical black and white Sephora stripes. I like hoarding these magnetic boxes and reusing them for other gifts.


The letter that accompanied this gift explained the launch, the inspiration for the names, and reiterated that the person I selected would get her gift as well. Tom Ford names each “boy” in his collection after men he admires. Of the 50 lip colors available for purchase each year, 25 are best sellers and 25 are new releases. This is the first time modern matte finishes are available.


The lipstick was beautifully wrapped. It was just an extra special touch that someone took the time to gift wrap this considering the package was already beautiful enough to stand on its own.


The 0.07oz Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lip Colors retail for $36. It is a clutch lipstick. This size is bigger than the average sample and smaller than the full-size lipsticks. When I line these up with a sample and full-size from this line, it is almost perfectly in the middle. For those who never finish a lipstick, this was a great idea. I wish more companies would release cheaper (even though it is more expensive per ounce) versions in smaller sizes.


The ingredients are listed on two sides of the box.


Tom Ford makes my favorite lipstick formula. His lipsticks are infused with soja seed extract, brazilian muru muru butter, and chamomilla flower oil. The blend of ingredients work together beautifully for the most comfortable, moisturizing formula. They are surprisingly long-lasting for a moisturizing formula, too. Even though they transfer, there is plenty of lipstick left even after a heavy meal.


The packaging on Tom Ford products is elegant, but I especially like the lipsticks. With sleek deep, chocolate-brown and gold touches on a rectangular case, it is obvious a lot of the cost of this product goes into the packaging.


All recipients received shades selected randomly. I received Collin. He has a Satin Finish, which is my favorite type of lipstick from my preferred brand. It looks beautiful without looking overly glossy or matte.


I adore the TF deeply imprinted into the bullet. It is such a minor touch, but I find it stunning. One of these days, I will use one of these lipsticks enough to make the TF disappear. Until then, I will keep staring at it as I apply the lipstick.


Collin is a warm plum with a pearl finish. I love most lipstick colors, but what I really loved about this one is my husband liked it. He never likes any unnatural looking shades.


I put this lipstick on after breakfast this morning, and it still looked mostly vibrant after a hearty Thanksgiving lunch. It could have used a touch up on the inner parts of my lips, but it looked good enough to roll with out. We are about to head out for dinner, so I will touch it up. My lips feel incredible with this formula, because it is so moisturizing. It does not accentuate lip lines or highlight dry patches. A moisturizing lipstick that lasts a long time, feels comfortable, looks incredible, and improves their overall appearance is everything I want in a lipstick. The fact that it is a beautiful shade in an elegant container only adds to the reasons this is my favorite lipstick brand.


If Sephora or Tom Ford happens upon my post, I want to say thank you for the gift. I also want to say I think it is awesome that you allowed us to pay it forward to others who have touched us.

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