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Sephora Favorites Trending: Beauty’s Most Coveted Set Review

No one puts favorites sets together like Sephora. They are one of my favorite things to buy, because I love sampling a lot of items that I get an incredible deal on. There is always a $75 Favorites kit released before the holidays that I consider the blockbuster. This year, that set is the Sephora Favorites Beauty’s Most Coveted set. It was out-of-stock very early into the Employee Appreciation sale, but it did come back in stock before that sale ended. I gave away my extra codes, so I decided to wait for the VIB Rouge Sale. When the sale started, it was still out-of-stock, but it did come back a day into the sale. Shortly after picking it up, it went out-of-stock again. The more popular sets tend to go in and out-of-stock a lot during these sales, but Sephora usually re-stocks them a few times. Sephora could re-stock this before the VIB sale or at least afterward for those thinking of gifting this set for Christmas (or getting a Christmas gift for themselves).


The Sephora Favorites Beauty’s Most Coveted set has 12 items. This retails for $75. There are 13 items in this set, so each item costs a total of $5.77. Seven items are full-size. Two items are travel-size, and sold in these sizes. Only four items are samples that are not typically sold in these sizes.


All of the ingredients are listed on the back of the box.


As with most favorites sets, everything comes snugly in its own little place. The Becca powder was slightly dislodged, but it was not broken. I’ve experienced a lot of broken minis in Best of Becca sets from Ulta.


This set includes:

The full-sized beautyblender Nude retails for $20. I love beautyblenders, and this is my first nude one, excluding a smaller blush one. As cute as the pink ones are, they always bleed a little. Having one in nude is a great idea.


The 0.045oz NARS Cosmetics Radiant Creamy Concealer in Custard retails in this travel size for $12. This was incorrectly labeled by Sephora online as 0.04oz.


I’ve always wanted to try this. When it comes to concealer, I prefer it a little lighter. This one was very close to my skin tone when I worked it in. It is light enough to use the sample, but I would purchase a lighter shade if I end up loving this formula. Once I try this, I will edit in a picture and review.


The 0.33oz Laura Mercier Travel Size Translucent Loose Setting Powder retails in this travel size for $23. The Velour Puff that came with it retails for $14, and it is the full-size. I tried to see if it would fit in the travel size powder, but it would not. It is almost a perfect fit (a little smaller) than the full-size one, which I already own. Of course, I stuck the puff in there.


This is not actually completely translucent, but it does disappear on the skin. The only place this does not disappear on me is under my eyes when I try to bake. It falls into my lines. If I use this to set after concealer without baking, I get very little creasing. Most products give me a lot of creasing, so this is a wonderful product. As soon as I remember, I will edit in a picture.


The 0.085oz Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone is worth $11.54. This was incorrectly labeled by Sephora online as 0.08oz.


I adore this highlighter, but I already own two. This will definitely find a new home. Of all the Becca highlighters I own, this is my favorite shade. It is the perfect color for my skin tone, and it even lasts longer on my skin than most highlighters.

Becca Moonstone 5

My glow lasts most of the day with this. It gives a natural glow with a light hand, but it will layer for extreme glow.


The 0.17oz Cover FX Enhance Click in Bubbly is full-sized. It retails for $18.


This shade really reminds me of champagne with a hint of rose, so I like the name. Once I wear this, I will edit in a picture and review.


The 0.03oz Benefit Cosmetics Ka-Brow! in Shade 3 is worth $7.20.


It looks a little dark for me, but I will try it. If I use a light hand, I could make this work. This shade keeps making its way to me, so I am really hoping I can make it work. The brown is really cool toned. Once I wear this, I will edit in a picture and review. I also have this in shade 1, so I want to compare the shades and possibly mix them together to create my perfect shade.


The 0.11oz Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in 714 is full-sized. It retails for $17.


This is a beautiful red that I’ve sampled before (with the older formula). I do not have a picture available, but I would want to show this with the new formula anyway. Once I wear this, I will edit in a picture and review.


The 0.049oz The Estée Edit The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick in 01 Black Viper is full-sized. It retails for $22. This was incorrectly labeled by Sephora online as 0.04oz.


This is a matte black pencil that could work as a liner or a shadow stick. It does glide on beautifully, so I think it will be easy to work with. Once I try this, I will edit in a picture and review.

The full-size Foreo Luna™ Play in Fuchsia retails for $39. It cannot recharge, so it will stop working once the battery dies. I’ve never used a Foreo, but I do own two Clarisonic devices. Once this stops working, I will use it to clean my makeup brushes. My plan is to use this for the first time tomorrow, so I should have a review on this soon.

The 0.3oz Glamglow® Supermud® is worth $13.20. This is actually my least favorite of all the GlamGlow masks, because I barely notice a difference when I use it. Being my least favorite in a line I love is not so bad. I will definitely use this.


The 0.02oz Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper is full-sized. It retails for $20.


This eyeliner is really easy to work with, so I love using it. I am not great at drawing a straight line, because my hands shake too much. My wings are usually not atrocious when I use this. They are when I use almost anything else. There is slight bleeding, but it does stay put all-day.


The 0.24oz Tarte Marine Boosting 4-in-1 Mist is worth $2.40. I love getting these items in sets, because they are guilty pleasures. They are beauty products I’d almost certainly never buy, but they are nice when I get them as a GWP or in sets. It will be nice to try this.

All of the color items in order of how I presented them in the article are below.


This set is worth $206.14, which is over $12 under the $219 Sephora estimate. My personal value is $194.60, because I am not keeping the Becca highlighter. It is beautiful, so I am sure the person I gift it to will love it. The full-size items are worth $150, so the set is worth it if you want at least 3 or 4. All items pulled their $5.77 per piece weight, except the tarte Marine Boosting 4-in-1 Mist. I’d say the set is a good deal, because I will happily keep 12 of the 13 items. Lucky most of the repeats in this set are items I do not mind having backups on. I love that this set is a good mix of backups on products I love and new products to try. None of the items I’ve already tried include anything I dislike.

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I'm Kimberly. Shopping is always more fun when I've found the best deal available, so I am always on the hunt. My father instilled that in me, and I love that I carry a piece of him. Sometimes, my husband and sons (13 and 8) let me shop for them, too. They do not use as many beauty products as I do. We can all benefit from nice products, even though their routine ends with moisturizer. That is when I can convince my 13-year-old to apply it.

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  1. I agree. I wish they would release at least 4 versions of every set for: fair, light, medium, and dark. They would still miss a lot of people, but they would hit a lot more than they currently do. Most sets are for light to medium skin tones, so it excludes those with fair or dark skin. I have light skin and the concealer is a smidge too dark for me. I can make it work though.

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  2. It’s a shame they feel that way, because beauty lovers come in all colors. I’ve never understood why more companies do not release more varieties of colors within sets. I bet they would sell a lot more. I also think it would help with some sets that take forever to sell out. There are people who would buy them if they were available in their color. Sets would sell out a lot faster if there were 4 colors for every set.

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