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Core Collection October 2016 Deal Discoveries

There are so many products I fall in love with but will take a while to finish. Instead of waiting until I can mention them in a FabuFinds article or waiting to see if they make the Top 10 of the Year, I want to go over items from my Core Collection. These are items I consider great deals (even at full-price, although I will still try to get them with a deal). If I ever finish them, I will probably name them FabuFinds and replace ones that do not already have back-ups. Sometimes, they are items I’ve had for a while and just tried or items I tried in the past but love more upon rediscovery. Occasionally, I purchase items I love that do not fit into an article other than this one. When I try something from a recent acquisition where I wrote an article, I will always edit a mini review into the original article (love, hate, or anything in between) or mention it in an Empties article (if I finish it quickly). A single product review in the original article will not always depict how much I love it compared with other items I tried that month. This lists my Deal Discoveries from October 2016 that I am not even close to finishing.


The Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer is a glow-enhancing primer that corrects uneven skintone restores skin’s youthful glow. It aids in balancing skin hydration and prolongs makeup wear. I found most of those claims true. My skin is very dry, and this did not feel dry on my skin as some primers do. This helped my makeup last all day (as most primers do). The glow-enhancing promise was the one this delivers on most. My skin absolutely glowed and look lit from within. It gives an almost ethereal glow, like few primers can. That makes this an incredible primer for someone with dry skin, but this could make someone with oily skin look even more oily.


This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray came in a Birchbox. The sample intrigued me, but I went in not really knowing what to expect. I’ve never used anything like it, but I’ve heard of products that work this way. It uses essential oils to make one fall asleep faster and enjoy deeper sleep (or so it claims). This smells almost like a meadow, and the scent is very strong at first. If you can imagine rolling in the grass with flowers, you can imagine the scent. After laying on my pillow for less than five minutes, I feel extremely tired. It did not help me sleep better, but in fairness to the product, I get up multiple times in the middle of the night to pee. A product like this cannot magically cure incontinence. People without a medical condition that keeps them from getting deep sleep can offer better reviews for this type of product. I do wake up smelling this way, so I know it transferred from my pillow to my body. If you spray this, make sure you wait a few seconds before laying down. Otherwise, you will get wet, and your face or hair will soak up most of the product.


The dr. brandt Vitamin D Power Dose is slightly thicker than the vitamin C, which I also sampled. Using 4-5 drops per day is the perfect amount for my skin. It has a unique formulation that improves the skin’s barrier function like vitamin D for more hydrated, supple and radiant skin. My skin definitely received these benefits, so I think this serum works extremely well. After using both the C and D for a month straight, I thought they worked beautifully together. If I had to pick one over the other, I’d go with D. It is a little thicker, so it gives my dry skin added moisture. The price per ounce is much cheaper, and it seems to last longer. With continued use, I expect even better results than I already have.


I adore the Wet Brush. This will always be a part of my Core Collection, because it is the only brush I can use on wet hair that actually works. The brush glides through tangles without creating new ones, as many brushes do on wet hair. My hair does not get pulled too hard, and it helps reduce frizz versus using a traditional brush. It is not too shabby on dry hair either. This Wet Brush Pro Detangle Professional is no exception. There is no noticeable difference with this one versus the normal oval-shaped one. My hair is thin though. I could see someone with thick hair brushing it faster with this, because it covers more area. Other than that, it performs the same with a different shape.


The Bath & Body Works 3-wick Candle Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow is my favorite of the four my husband picked up for me at the beginning of October. I really love all things pumpkin from scent to taste, and I feel the same way about vanilla. Marshmallow is not my favorite scent or taste, but I can barley sense the marshmallow in this. It gives it a slightly sweeter smell than vanilla or pumpkin have on their own. These candles burn for a long time. I’ve already burned this one at least 6 hours, and there is still a lot left. They have a 25-45 hour burn estimate, and I look forward to seeing where my candles land. A lot of Bath & Body Works fragrances are overpowering, but I have not noticed any of the candles giving off too much fragrance. If anything, I’d say it’s the perfect amount. Some candles are almost undetectable unless you walk right by them, and this is like that. I can smell them any time I enter a room for the first time in a while, even if I have not burned the candle for many hours. In some cases, I can smell the scent when I enter the room a day or two after burning.


The Skyn Iceland Blemish Dots came with a Birchbox order. I had not tried them before, but my skin goes through phases where it gets used to certain acne medications and stops cooperating with that one for a while. It is nice to have multiple acne medications on hand. These dots are not miracle workers, but they do work. If I have an obnoxiously large white head, I can seriously reduce the size the first night and bring it completely to the surface by the second night. Wearing it a third night usually dries it out almost completely. Three days is slower than I’d like, but most take 5-6 days when I treat them with nothing at all. I have not used the smaller dots yet, so it is completely possible it knocks out smaller acne is a faster period.


MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Finishing Mist is still my favorite product when I want a dewy effect. This product turns a super powdery finish into something much more luminous when I use a lot. People wanting a natural look can still achieve that somewhat with this product, but they’d need to use the smallest amount. I’d recommend a different setting spray when you do not want a dewy appearance. The product also does a better job than water for making products pop. Adding some of this to a foil shadow before applying it brightens the intensity and adheres to the shadow better than water. My least favorite way to use it still works incredibly well, so this really is a multi-tasking power-house. You can use this as a primer. It will not keep makeup on as long as a traditional primer that only does one job, but it does a better job than using nothing at all.

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