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dr. brandt Power Dose Vitamin C and Vitamin D Review

I won full-sizes of dr. brandt Power Dose Vitamin C and dr. brandt Power Dose Vitamin D from a dr. brandt giveaway. This is why I enter so many giveaways. If you enter enough of them, you may actually end up winning. The products arrived on 09/25/16, and I immediately opened them. Every morning, I use the Vitamin C. In the evening, I use the Vitamin D. Of course, I did not start both on the same day. My skin is sensitive, so I only use one new product a day. I started with Vitamin C on the 26th and Vitamin D on the 27th. That makes this the 30th day using both. It takes at least a month to evaluate the effectiveness of serums. Until a month passes, I usually withhold my opinion, unless it breaks me out or gives me a rash.


The last time I took a picture of myself without makeup was 09/12/16. My skin was experiencing a breakout on my chin that persisted longer than it usually does. It never helps that I pick at them. I noticed there was a 3-4 week period from mid to late August to mid September where my skin was not doing well at all. It mostly cleared up before I started using these serums, but I noticed it stayed away as I was using them. Other than an occasional pimple here and there, I have not experienced any full-on breakouts. My skin is enjoying the current regimen, and whatever was clogging my pores has been reduced with the switch in products.



Vitamin C usually retails for $69, but it is on sale for $34. Vitamin D usually retails for $55, but it is on sale for $27. There is no end date listed for this sale, so I am unsure how long it will go on. Hopefully, it lasts a while, so people can get a chance to try them for a great deal.


The Vitamin C is 0.55oz for $69, which equates to $125.45 an ounce. This was initially used in conjunction with the Vitamin D serum. I was convinced that this evaporates a little and even stopped using it at one point to confirm. Even when I was not using it, I noticed the bottle getting more empty. That is proof that no matter how great or stable a Vitamin C serum claims to be, it belongs in a sealed bottle. It uses a unique 20% tri-blend concentrate of natural source and stabilized Vitamin C to improve clarity, help smooth, and help firm. My skin definitely received these benefits, but at $69 for 0.55oz, I would not purchase this unless it was placed in a sealed container.


The Vitamin D is 0.6oz for $55, which equates to $91.67 an ounce. This serum is slightly thicker than the vitamin C, so I use less per application. I’ve used 4-5 drops per day, and this is missing less in the container at the one-month point than the Vitamin C is. That density helps my skin feel more hydrated where many serums do not. With the hydration, my skin does look more supple and feel more radiant. It does everything it claims and more, because my skin almost glows with this.


I took this picture of myself without makeup earlier today, and my skin is definitely loving these serums. The biggest difference is more radiance, so I am really loving the effect of the Vitamin D serum in particular. My clarity has improved as well, so the Vitamin C is working nicely, too. If you’re considering these serums, I say go for it. On my dry skin, they feel great, so they give added hydration. My skin also feels a lot smoother to the touch. I’m very happy with both serums and could see myself purchasing either, but I will almost certainly purchase the Vitamin D. If I did not have so much left, I would probably take advantage of the sale.

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