ShopGold Earned Through August 16th at ShopatHome Expires on November 2nd

Shopathome ended ShopGold on purchases on August 16th, but is giving everyone until November 2nd to redeem ShopGold earned before it ended. Any ShopGold not cashed out by then gets forfeited, so cash in your ShopGold soon. All purchases still earn the traditional cash back, but Shopathome is no longer a hybrid of Pay-To-Shop programs. I recommend joining multiple programs to Get The Best Deal.


I’ve earned 1225 ShopGold since joining Shopathome, so I was able to cash in 1000 ShopGold for a $10 Old Navy gift card. With cold weather ensuing, I am sure this will come in hand for some hoodies or cardigans.


There are other retailers to choose from. These gift cards get emailed after redemption and do not look compatible for in-store redemptions. It is possible an agent can key the info in, but there is no bar code. Select a gift card you will not mind redeeming online.


I hate that I am leaving 225 ShopGold points on the table, but the smallest redemption is 500.


It does not help that I made a purchase on the 16th of August, which should have been the last day to earn. My points were not awarded.


Contacting them regarding the missing points seemed like a waste of time, because I would still be 225 points short for another gift card if I got the 50 I should have for that purchase.

If you have any questions, contact Shopathome before November 3rd, because all ShopGold disappears that day, used or not. See all Shopathome articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.


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