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Sephora In Store Sale Section (That’s Right, In Store)!

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This is the first day of the Sephora Employee Appreciation Sale, but I will be updating my previous article on that instead of writing a new one. The sale I’d like to go over is one that takes place everyday. It is one that hides in plain sight. And, yes, I am referring to the freestanding Sephora. Those familiar with shopping in a Sephora in JC Penney know that most stores usually have a sales rack where items are clearly marked with the sometimes insanely low sale price. If you have not been to one, think of the clearly marked sections at Target or Ulta. It is similar to those. That sales rack alone is reason to visit a Sephora in JC Penney, but they’ve stepped up their game in a lot of other areas. Between exclusive events, sets, GWP, and free gift offers, it is usually worth stopping by. I have not been to a Sephora in JC Penney in a long time, but I’d love to visit again soon.


When I started shopping with Sephora, many stores had obvious sale sections. Then, Sephora transitioned to keeping sale items in their usual place and using the same white price tag on the shelves full-price items have. The difference is the price tag reflects the new, lower (sales) price. Unless someone knew what the original price was, it would be hard to tell the item was on sale. This is a covert way to hide a sale item. Another Sephora I shop at still does things this way. It never made such sense to me, but I quickly realized Sephora does not like advertising items that are on sale in the store. The two pictures at the top of this article are from the Caesars Palace store.


There are racks of sale items! These items are not mixed into their normal spots on the shelves, so sales racks do still exist in some Sephora stores! I took these pictures on the 11th of October in 2016, so I am not talking about shelves I saw a long time ago. What is interesting about these racks is there are no price tags anywhere. It is another way to hide a sale item. Unless the item is a kit with the price marked on the outside, there is no way to even know what the original price was (unless you happened to know it). The best part of this rack is it includes items that almost never go on sale online when they pop back in stock, like most of these Sephora Favorites sets. This discovery answers the question I am always asked. Are sales prices always available online and in-store? I’ve now seen items on sale online that are full-price in-store and items on sale in-store that are full-price online.

Disney Sephora Minnie 10

Before this, I only saw items on sale in-store that were full-price online when the store was a Sephora in JC Penney. It is usually the other way around with a freestanding Sephora where you can easily find items that are full-price in-store, but are on sale online. Next time you’re in store and see a rack of items that do not really have a common theme, there is a chance you happened upon the sales section. Now that I realize they still exist in Sephora, I will not hesitate to ask a Sephora employee if there is a sale section. It helps if you spot something on the racks you know is on sale, like the Disney Minnie palette. I cannot recommend that palette enough if you are a Disney and eyeshadow fan. About half the shades are beautiful and they really make up for the duds.

Sephora Downtown Disney Anaheim 2

The funny thing is I’ve seen that Minnie Palette on a rack before at the Downtown Disney Sephora in Anaheim. I am almost certain those items were not on sale, so the racks do not always indicate a sale. If you’re not sure you’ve stumbled upon the sale section (assuming your store has one), ask a Sephora employee to price check the item. This is also helpful when you’re positive you’re in the sale section. None of the items have pricing (outside of ones the manufacturers mark), so price-checking will require some employee assistance. That is not the most effective way to move sale merchandise, but Sephora is making us work for these in-store deals. A 50% off price is a lot better than 10% off, so seeing the item in the sale section is not enough (unless it is an item I already wanted at full-price than any discount makes it worth it). Something I semi wanted at full-price is a yes at 50% off but still a no at 10% off.

Beauty Deals 2.0

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