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Dupe? Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer vs Becca Backlight Priming Filter Base

By Kimberly

Are Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer and Becca Backlight Priming Filter Base dupes? This will be the first in a series that I can almost guarantee will be sparse. My constant need to rank things usually prevents me from objectively comparing products to one another. One always seems better so my rankings are, of course, subjective. Every once in a while, I use a product and immediately think it is very similar to another product. It happened so long ago before this that I cannot even remember the last products I found this similar. Part of the reason is I usually do not have multiples of the same type of product open at once (other than a few where multiples make sense and do not expire quickly). Thus, I typically resort the recency effect, and I’m only able to somewhat objectively compare products to things I’ve tried recently. Comparing similarities side by side requires both products be opened at the same time.


Of course, I never introduce more than one new product a day due to my sensitive skin, and I exclusively use one type of product for the minimum amount of time required to see the desired effect. The discovery of the two I am comparing in this article was completely organic. It’s certainly possible I will test items others have listed as dupes in the future. If someone else compared these products, I have not read the comparison yet. Feel free to link a comparison for the same products in the comment section if you’ve seen this elsewhere, so people can get another perspective. As long as the link relates to the article (as in it covers at least one of these products), I will not remove it from the comment.


The Becca Backlight Priming Filter Base retails for $38 for 1oz. That makes this the more expensive of the primers. Becca says this primer is the secret behind the iconic Becca glow. It’s infused with three unique filtering luminescent pearls, each one adds a different drop of diffused light. By blending them together, they result in whipped fluid that creates a smooth canvas and acts as an instant filter. This blurs imperfections and gives skin a healthy, luminescent glow. Those going for a dewy look may prefer the Pixi. While this does give a glow, it is a more subtle, almost natural glow. My imperfections are more blurred with this primer so it definitely fills them in a little better. Like all primers, this does help my makeup last all day. This also keeps my skin feeling moisturized.


The Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer retails for $22.49 for 1.01oz. That makes this the more affordable of the primers. Pixi says this is a glow-enhancing primer that corrects uneven skintone restores skin’s youthful glow. It aids in balancing skin hydration and prolongs makeup wear. I found most of those claims true. My skin is very dry, and this did not feel dry on my skin as some primers do. This helped my makeup last all day (as most primers do). The glow-enhancing promise was the one this delivers on most. My skin absolutely glowed and look lit from within. It gives an almost ethereal glow, like few primers can. That makes this an incredible primer for someone with dry skin, but this could make someone with oily skin look even more oily.


My biggest takeaway from these primers (Becca is the beige one on the left and Pixi is the pink one on the right) is they are very similar with two minor differences. The Pixi gives more glow, and the Becca blurs more imperfections. I’d select one over the other based on what effect I preferred the day I applied the makeup. While I love to glow sometimes, I also love when my skin looks better than it really is. These are both incredibly wonderful primers, and I love them. The Pixi primer is actually really close in color, consistency, and performance to Benefit That Gal, which I also love. It’s been a while since I’ve had any, but I think I remember it imparting less glow than the Pixi with less blurring effect than the Becca. It would probably be the perfect middle road for both of these. If I had the Benefit primer, I am almost certain I could have added it into this comparison series. At a whopping $29 for 0.37oz, it is way more expensive per ounce than either of the primers I compared here. That price per ounce is $78.38, which is why I have not purchased it. When I am able to find it in kits, I buy them. It is too expensive to buy at full-price.

I’ve already purchased the full-size of the Becca primer, but I am waiting to use up some more items in my stash before purchasing the Pixi primer. When possible, I try to purchase products I’ve sampled, because I know how they will perform.

What are your thoughts on the Pixi Beauty Flawless Beauty Primer or Becca Backlight Priming Filter Base. Let me know below. See all dupe and product articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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