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Paula’s Choice Panel Test Mystery Product Three

I’ve always appreciated that Paula’s Choice does not do animal testing. While I have not yet boycotted brands that do, I like buying from those that do not. My skin is sensitive, so I get reactions from products. It is still nice to try as many new products as possible, and I use Beautypedia (an expert site affiliated with Paula’s Choice that uses scientific research instead of opinions for reviews) as a first stop in seeing what ingredients may have caused my reaction. Both sites are a great source of information. Anyone can sign up for Paula’s Choice Testing Panel to test products and give feedback. Panelists immediately fill out a short skin care profile. When Paula’s Choice needs a new item tested, it reviews profiles. A short survey determines whether the panelist moves forward. Those who do take part in the test fill out an exit survey by the deadline. Successfully complete one test to qualify for more.

I received an email 09/02/16 asking me to complete a pre-qualification survey for a product formulated primarily for those who need more moisture (and who doesn’t). My skin is always dry, so I definitely like trying products that help with that.

There is no instant qualification, because the testing panel reviews all applications surveys before selecting the participants. A second email with basic instructions, the rules for the study, including the requirement it be completed by 09/20/16, and letting me know the product shipped came four days later.


The product arrived three days later, so the turnaround from first survey until the product arrived was seven days. I have retailers who cannot get me items I pay for that fast! It arrives looking very plain. Other than the Test Number and date (not pictured for confidentiality reasons), it is otherwise unmarked. My guess on the size is about an ounce.


On 09/12/16, I used it for the first time. I definitely did not react to this, which is wonderful.


I’ve used it a few times since then. My skin looked and felt better after each use, so it is something I would buy if I knew what it was. They keep the actual product name confidential and I have to keep the type of product and testing information confidential according to the rules. During the beginning and mid part of September, my skin was really broken out around the chin. Things cleared up a little over half way into the month, but the breakout had nothing to do with this product.

I completed the survey to go over the results from my testing on the 19th. It took about 5 minutes. This is my third test. The first test went well. One of the two products in the second test hated my skin. While all the tests do not go well, as a human, I can immediately wash off products that can go astray. Thus, I appreciate that Paula’s Choice tests products this way. As long as they will have me, I will keep testing products.

If you like testing products as much as I do, you may enjoy this. Those who love exploring Beautypedia may also love this. The only drawback to this testing panel and similar ones is you do not know which product you’re testing, so it will be hard to avoid it if you hate it or buy it if you love it. Should you be lucky enough to love what you’re sampling and figure out what it is, remember to check all offers before placing a Paula’s Choice order. This program really is more of a means to assist research than to sample before you buy. There are other programs to test products that I trust as well. Some of those offer rewards for sampling products or the chance to receive products where you know what you’re testing. See all Paula’s Choice and Paula’s Choice Testing Panel articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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