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Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candles are Buy One, Get One Free Through October 10th

My fascination with Bath & Body Works began in high school. When I was in college, I discovered the Express Credit Card worked there, and I ended up buying way too many things. Most of my college wardrobe could have served as an Express ad. It’s possible it still works there, but I no longer carry any store cards. As I got older, I outgrew most of the scents, because I realized they were a little stronger than I wanted. Those who remember my love for Bath & Body Works still gift me things from this brand to this day, so I’ve never been too far away. One of the items I’ve wanted to try was the 3-wick candles. There are so many reviews stating these candles are comparable to more expensive ones, and I just needed the right deal to test this claim. Of course, I do not have any really expensive candles (waiting for the right deal on those, too), but I do have some in this price range.


Bath & Body Works has frequent sales on its 3-wick candles, but I always seemed to arrive at the mall when they were full-priced. I tried to memorize the scents I liked when I smelled them in store, but I was never intuitive enough to write them down. One thing I’ve never liked about Bath & Body Works promotions is they make it hard to find expiration dates on deals. This Buy one, get one free on 3-wick candle deal only says its available for a limited time. If you want this deal, I’d say go soon, because I have no clue when it expires.


Those ordering online can use the code ITSHERE for $10 off a $30 purchase. There is a $5.99 flat shipping charge. Even though the discount takes off all the shipping plus some, I wanted to see if I could do better. I searched for an in store coupon, and I found the one above on a site called dealsplus. This coupon allows you to get the same deal minus the shipping charge for those willing to pick up the candles in person. Anyone unfamiliar with the scents should probably purchase in person anyway to smell them before ordering. Instead of going myself, I sent my husband. I asked him to get two pumpkin scents (they have a ton of pumpkin flavors) and any 2 he wants. He’ll never admit it, but he burns candles more than I do.


He ended up getting four pumpkin scents, so I guess he wanted to try pumpkin as much as I did. The scents he picked are: Caramel Pumpkin Swirl, Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, and Pumpkin Fresh Toast.


I love the pumpkin lids, but I think it is funny one of them has a leaf lid. My husband swears they all did, so no one swapped out a leaf lid to get a pumpkin.


They are all very different colors, all of which remind me of fall. If I like these candles, I will have to go back and get some brighter colored ones in the spring.


He actually knows me pretty well, because there were four pumpkin scents I really wanted to try. I did not tell him what they were, because I thought he could pick out the ones that smelled best. Since he selected them without smelling any of them (counterintuitive, I know, but it still saved me on the shipping), he hit two of the scents I wanted, the ones with vanilla and cinnamon.

Now that I’ve used all four candles, I can say with certainty that I am a fan. I am already planning more scents for Christmas and spring. If I burn the candle for at least 30 minutes and leave the house, I can still smell the scent when I return hours later. Unless I am near the candle, I do not smell it as much when I am in the house. This is probably because I become accustomed to the smell. None of these scents are overpowering (as some Bath & Body Works products are). The vanilla candle is my favorite, but the french toast candle lingers the longest. It’s the only one I can still smell when re-entering the house a day or two after burning it. In other words, if I burn it on Friday, I still smell french toast when I enter the house on Sunday. That means french toast brings the most bang for your buck, and it really smells like fresh french toast.

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