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Julep Yumi and Zodiac Collection Libra Review

I spent all of 2014 and 2015 collecting the Julep birthstones. My plan was to collect every birthstone in 2016 as well. Julep decided to forgo the Birthstone Collection this year to focus on the Zodiac Collection. Each sign releases before the introduction to the new period. That means we can expect each sign to release before the secret store opens. Thanks to a great code in my September Julep Subscription Box, I was able to place this order before the item hit the secret store.

Shop the brand-new Zodiac collection, featuring the teal Aquarius polish

The ninth nail polish in the Zodiac Collection is Libra. I used the code SEPTMEBER10 for $10 off a $20 purchase. Julep codes work twice per account, so I can use this again next month if I do not get a better code in my October box. This code expires on 10/31/16. If you read this article after that date or want to see other codes, there are more on my Julep Page.


I wanted to order Yumi with Libra, because Jane Park was telling me about her daughter at the Julep Maven event I attended on 08/29/16.


It is cute that Julep names polishes after real people, and I already owned Jane. The polish is cute, too, and I can see using this for manicures on my nieces.


These colors are a lot more similar than I noticed when I ordered them, because Julep photographs are typically not true to color due to studio lighting and photoshopped ads. The main difference is Yumi has more chunky glitter that shines silver when it hits light.


Julep Yumi is a clear polish with pink, silver, and holographic glitter. The finish is semi glossy (thanks to the lighter glitter) and slightly rough. A top coat or two can smooth this out. I could have filed this with pinks or silvers, because the glitter is almost full coverage. When I compare this to Libra, which has similar tones, that one seems more pink. Compare this to my other silver polishes.


Libra is a flirtatious nude metallic. The finish is semi glossy and smooth. I could have filed this with pinks or silvers, because both colors are prominent depending on how the light reflects. It leans a little more pink, so compare this to my other pink polishes.

Julep Beauty Box Subscription

If you want to join Julep, visit my Julep Maven page to see all start-up offers. Product reviews do not always make it into the haul article, but you can always type the product into the search bar to see if I’ve mentioned it or reviewed it elsewhere. Visit my regular Julep page to see more offers for shopping. All polishes above are swatched once. They get darker with more swatches. See all Zodiac Collection, Julep, or Subscription articlesTips For Getting the Best Deal lays out every way I can think of to save money at Julep. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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