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BrandBacker Campaign derma e New Packaging and Reviews for Hydrating Day Creme and Hydrating Night Cream

Brandbacker is a community open to social media influencers. People who actively post product reviews on: blogs, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook apply for campaigns they want to take part in. Applying is an easy process that takes less than a minute. Brands review the user’s profile and social reach and decide if the member is a good fit for the campaign. In exchange for free products, reviewers share their thoughts with their social networks. I love testing new products and sharing my reviews, so this program is perfect for me. The only caveat is brands get to review posts before they go live, so articles on products that do not perform could be killed before the article even gets published. If a brand kills my article for an unfavorable review, I will not work with that brand in the future. As always, free products do not affect my review.


I applied to take part in the derma e campaign to launch the new packaging design. From September 2016 through March 2017, derma e will roll out brand new packaging for every item in its line. My dry skin appreciates that the Hydrating products joined the Anti Wrinkle products, Firming products, and Microdermabrasion Scrub + Overnight Peel in the September launch. All stores that carry the brand will receive the new packaging, including: Target, Ulta, BirchboxWhole Foods, Sprouts, and more. None of the products were re-formulated, so those who already know and love this line can rest assured. The eco-ethical, 100% vegan, Cruelty-free products are the same.


Those who are familiar with this brand are probably used to it blending into the aisles of their favorite drugstore or organic market. The old packaging is two-toned with bright, solid colors overwhelming the top half of the product. This is similar to a lot of other brands you’d find there, because bright packaging is common at the drugstore.


The new packaging does not blend into drugstore aisles. It is luxe and has more of an upscale look. Products look like something you’d find on a Sephora shelf or at a department store. Packaging is white and the color focuses on the beautiful designs adorning each box and container. Everything about the packaging is more pleasing to the eye, because it is not busy and there is plenty of white space. There is no price increase for the upgrade in the packaging, so consumers can purchase products to proudly display without paying extra for it.


Like all drugstore products, there is price variation depending on where you choose to purchase. Target sells the 2oz derma e Hydrating Day Crème with Hyaluronic Acid for $17.49 and the 2oz derma e Hydrating Night Crème with Hyaluronic Acid for $25.99. That makes these products very reasonable at $8.75 and $13 an ounce, respectively. It is hard to find similarly priced products with Hyaluronic Acid. I am a fan of this ingredient, because it has crucial functions in the reepithelization process. My skin also responds to products that use this ingredient in a positive way.


Ulta sells the 2oz derma e Hydrating Night Crème with Hyaluronic Acid for the same $25.99, so I’d prefer to purchase it there to take advantage of its rewards program. The 2oz derma e Hydrating Day Crème with Hyaluronic Acid retails for the same $25.99, so I’d purchase that from Target and save the $8.50. Of course, Ulta has more discounts and GWP offers than Target, so I’d never rule out purchasing this there, depending on the deal available.


I received the 2oz derma e Hydrating Day Crème with Hyaluronic Acid with the old packaging and the 2oz derma e Hydrating Night Crème with Hyaluronic Acid with the new packaging.


The point of sending one product in the old packaging and one in the new packaging is to have a side by side comparison of what they are moving toward and what they moved away from.


Everything about the new package is more sleek and appealing, but I do like the part of the old packaging that says right on the front who the product works for. So many people purchase products that are not right for their skin types. This is really okay without out, because someone with oily skin will hopefully think twice before buying something with the word Hydrating in the product title. Of course, they need to hydrate, too, but the word hydrate will usually not make it into the title for oily skin products.


Everything on the outside of the box is the same as before, but the positioning has changed a little. Those who are unfamiliar with the brand can still see all the wonderful reasons to purchase from this brand. The pictures on the new box stand out more against the white background than they do on the blue background below.


Ingredient conscious people always appreciate it when they get listed on the box. It makes an on the spot decision easier. The ingredients and directions against the solid white background are easier to read, so I prefer the new box.


A brief description of the product against a clean background keeps things simple, and the solid panel does not break up the reading. Thus, I prefer everything about the new packaging, except eliminating where it reads who the product is meant for.


Although both jars are packaging in a beautiful glass container, the new packaging is more visually stunning. A glorified, three-toned sticker covers most of the glass jar on the old packaging. The plastic lid looks matte and basic. There is still a sticker on the new packaging, but it is a clear sticker. It is easy to see the beautiful glass jar through the sticker with simpler designs for a sleeker appearance. A chic lid that matches the color of the cream (off white instead of the stark white on the old packaging), looks polished. I love the brand logo etched into the bottom of the jar on the front. This adds a touch of elegance.


The directions on the back of the new packaging almost blend into the jar. It is still there for those who need it, but it does not detract from the look of the packaging. I would not mind displaying the new jar, but the old one is something I’d put away after using it. When it comes to bright colors and stark white stickers, labels, lids, etc, I tend to put them away more often. Granted, I prefer to put all of my products away, but I would leave the sleek new packaging out if I was in a hurry.


I’ve used these products for the past seven days. It is too soon to give a full review, but I will once I’ve finished them. With 2oz sizes and products that are good for almost three years, I predict it will take me a long time.


The derma e Hydrating Day Crème with Hyaluronic Acid smells incredible. It has a fresh and clean scent. I can sense the fragrance, but it is not overwhelming at all. This crème is somewhere between moderate to thick density and melts beautifully into the skin. My cheeks, which are more dry than the rest of my face, have days where they crave extra moisture within 30-45 minutes of applying this. When that happens, I add a facial oil to my cheeks only.


The derma e Hydrating Night Crème with Hyaluronic Acid has almost no scent at all. My guess is there is only a slight fragrance from the ingredients and there is no added fragrance or the added fragrance is very subtle. This is a very rich crème, which is what I expect from a night cream. I usually add a facial oil all over my face after applying most night creams, but this one does not need any added moisture. It gives my skin everything it needs. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is very soft and feels beautifully hydrated. There is a great chance I will purchase this once I’ve used this free sample, and the odds will increase if I happen to notice any long-term effects as time wears on.

If you like to try new products and share those reviews with people in your social network, Brandbacker is probably a good fit. Learn more about derma e products at See all Brandbacker articles. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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