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Sephora and Kat Von D Replace The 750 Coffin Perk With a Vegan Bag and Full Size Eyeliners!

There were 380 recipients of the Kat Von D To-Die-For Duo from Sephora in the Rewards Bazaar. I was one of the lucky recipients, or unlucky depending on how you viewed the perk, who ordered it for 750 points. Kat Von D is an extremely talented artist, who happens to make quality makeup products. Higher valued items in the Rewards Bazaar sell out quickly, so no one gets a chance to wait to see what others receive before redeeming them. Read more about the program and what to expect. When this coffin with two mini eyeliners hit the Rewards Bazaar, Kat Von D fans rejoiced. It was listed as a travel case and was in the shape of a coffin. The artistry on the coffin photographed beautifully.


Mini samples at Sephora go for 100 points. Like many others, I assumed the 550 extra points were all coming from the incredibly cute coffin case. If it was as cute as it looked in the photograph, it would easily be worth it. I do not have anything like that, and I could not see anyone making anything similar. Sephora ships to everyone else before they ship to me. Okay, I’m joking, but many people received their perk up to 5 days before I receive mine. That is not a joke.


Before my perk even arrived, I already knew the box is thin cardboard. It was all over social media. Many were upset, some were surprisingly grateful, and I was just waiting. Sephora advertised this as a travel case, but I cannot imagine anyone who’d travel with this. I am a Kat Von D fan, but I would not take this anywhere. This would get scratched and crushed in my purse or luggage. There were already a few scuffs on mine when it finally arrived, which is a lot better than some of the other ones I saw. Like many others, I felt ripped off.


I was not sure how I wanted to handle this, because people were saying they could be returned. Was I upset enough to break my policy on not returning things? When something does not work for me, I prefer to gift it than return it. The only time I return things is when they arrive broken, and this technically wasn’t broken. It was also not the first time I purchased something I felt ripped off on (just look at the SKII perk I redeemed after this, although it turned out well in the end, too).


Thankfully, I did not have to suck this one up. Someone from Sephora reached out to me. Then, Sephora and Kat Von D got together to make this right. They shipped replacement perks to everyone who ordered the Kat Von D To-Die-For Duo.


This is a Vegan bag that looks like leather. It is definitely something I can travel with, so Sephora and Kat Von D definitely gave us a travel case as promised. There is not a lot of stretch in the bag, but it is large. I can get a lot of makeup in this.


They sent another Ink Liner and Tattoo Liner in Trooper. This time, the liners were full-size. I thought this was incredibly generous, because these 0.019oz liners retail for $20 each. When I ordered this perk, I knew the liners were samples. Receiving the bag would have been enough for me, but the added touch with the liners was incredible.


This is such a beautiful bag, too. While I really wanted a cute little coffin case to carry around, I will happily carry this around. I would have ordered this bag with the sample liners, too, so this all turned out well.


I swatched the tattoo liner, because I just opened a fresh one anyway. When I open the other one, I will try to remember to add a swatch to this article.


This liner is really easy to work with, because the line is thin. It gives those of us with shaky hands room for error without full on raccoon eyes.


It tends to bleed a little on me.


I need a few coats to make it opaque, because one pass leaves gaps. This does last all day on me when I use an eye primer.

I was already a huge fan of Sephora and Kat Von D, but this just cemented my feelings. No company is perfect, and Sephora did not price the original perk properly. Since the coffin cannot be used, the perk should have been 250 points. Even though Sephora initially missed the mark pricing this perk, I feel the customer service they’ve provided after the fact has been incredible. Kat Von D and her team responded beautifully, too, even though I am sure the brand had nothing to do with the original point pricing. Well done to both companies.

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  1. That was such an awesome way to remedy the situation! Now this is worth the 750 pts, IMO! Great article and I’m glad you received the “apology” perk 🐱


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