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Tips For Getting the Best Deal When Shopping Julep

Julep canceled its subscription program on February 15, 2019, which was a fantastic way to save money. There are still some tips for getting the best deal at Julep I can offer. Anyone who had a Maven subscription when the program ended was grandfathered into the Maven deals listed below other than the box itself and the Jules, which were eliminated. I removed the information regarding the subscription box and Jules once they were canceled.


Secret Store

All Mavens get access to the secret store. Julep customers who are not Mavens cannot shop this monthly sale at all. It is a benefit of being a Maven that really pays off. Items in the secret store are heavily discounted. With the subscription getting canceled, there can no longer be a preference for who gets to shop and when. In the past, those who accepted a box for the upcoming month got advance access to products and some lower introductory prices.


I used the code from my September box to place an order for my latest Zodiac polish (because I order all of them) two days ago. This was a good code for me, because my subtotal was only $22.40 (with two polishes). It brought my total to $12.40. Had I made a larger purchase, I would have searched other blogs to see who received the 30% off code and what it is. All Julep codes work twice per account, so I can use the same code to order my Zodiac polish next month if I do not receive a better code in my October box.


The Maven Discount

Anyone who had an active subscription when the subscription ended was grandfathered into the Maven discount. The discount raised from 20% off to 25%, so we actually get a better discount now. This was the best benefit of Maven membership, so I appreciate that it was improved to make up for losing the discounts we received by placing expensive items in the subscription box. All Mavens get 25% off the full-price when they purchase anything, and this discount combines with most promo codes. There are times when promo codes that offer really great discounts of 40-50% off do not combine with the Maven discount, but you can choose the greater discount in cases like that. If Julep places something on sale, the Maven discount does not apply, but it can still usually combine with a promo code. That means a $14 polish only costs a Maven $10.50 and a $20 lip balm only costs a Maven $15. My $22.40 subtotal above ($11.20×2) would have been $28 for a non-Maven. That was back when the discount was still only 20% off. After applying my discount code, which non-Mavens can use, the total would have been $18 instead of $12.40.


Free Shipping

Julep is very generous and offers free shipping with a $25 purchase, but Mavens get free shipping on every purchase. This really comes in handy when there is a mystery box, specialssavvy deal, sweet steal, or a sale. Any of these incredible offers can dip below $25, and many usually do. The mystery box is available for $24.99 or $29.99. It is usually released around the middle of the month and only available for about a week. A mystery box usually shows 1-2 products that are definitely inside but keeps the others a secret. Every box has a minimum of $100 in value, and I highly recommend these to people newer to Julep. Those with a lot of Julep items are likely to get a few dupes.


Sweet Steals

The Sweet Steal is a special set that Julep puts together for an extremely limited period. There are times when the offer is only good for the day, times when it is good for a weekend, and rare times where it is valid for up to a week. These sets always have a higher value than they retail for, so popular sets sell out. If you want all or most items in the set, it is usually worth it.


Sale Items

Julep eliminated the savvy deals section. There are still sale items, but there is no dedicated spot on the site for it. When there is a specific promotion, you can click in through the email you received to shop the newly created “sale section” that will disappear as soon as the sale is over. If you happen upon an item on sale and are not ready to purchase it, place the item in your wishlist. This also works for specials. It may stay on sale, but it does you no good if you cannot remember what it’s called. I’ve placed items in my wishlist I found on sale and have gone back later to find they’re still on sale. Short of remembering the product names or getting lucky to happen upon the item again, this is the only way to track them. Of course, there is a chance the sale ends before you finally go to purchase it, but that is a risk you take any time you walk away from a sale.


Polish sales happen at random times during the year. Most polishes go for $4.99 to $7, but there are times when polishes go as low as $2.99. That is usually around November and December. Deeply discounted prices like these will usually not combine with a promo code, but it never hurts to check. Finding a promo code that works in the secret store is somewhat rare, but this happened a couple of times this year and always happens around Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well. In other words, November and December are probably the best months to shop Julep. That is just around the corner, so get ready. I will update this with more specifics once I see the offers for this year.


Subscribe to Promotional Emails for Offers

Any time you purchase from the shop, you should try to use a promo code. There is almost always a promo code available that should work on your order, because new codes come in every subscription box and other codes are periodically emailed to anyone who signed up for offers. If you are placing a really small order or ordering items that sometimes exclude promo codes, like sweet steals, mystery boxes, and select sales, you may not find a code that works. I’ve never found a code that works on a sweet steal. The recycling LETSGET20 for 20% off is almost always available, but like all other codes, you can only use it twice.


There are a few times a year when really great promo codes go out, so saving big purchases for these times is ideal. It is common to receive promo codes for 50% off around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That is the best offer I’ve ever seen, so pounce on popular items when you see this offer appear. Remember the Maven discount applies to full-price items only. If a full-price item costs $50, you get 50% off $40 (the Maven price). Sets or items that are already discounted will not get the Maven discount. An example of this is the $98 Zodiac Collection set that gives all 12 polishes. The set is already discounted, because it would cost $168 if you purchased them together. Getting them for $98 is cheaper than 20% off $168, so you cannot get another 20% off $98. During a 50% off sale, the $98 set would cost a Maven the same as anyone else shopping, $49. Outside of Black Friday, 40% is the big one to look for.



It is possible to select add-ons with any order. There is a limit of 5, which is one less than what you can select on a subscription purchase. Unlike subscription box add-ons, the selection is very limited. Discounts from promo codes do not apply to add-ons. Make sure you price items both ways. If your Maven discount and the discount on your promo code give you a better deal for an item than selecting an add-on but you want the item, add the item to your regular cart.

Julep Beauty Box Subscription

What are your thoughts on these tips for getting the best deal at Julep? Let me know below. Visit my Julep page to see more offers for shopping. See all Julep and Subscription articles. Read all articles in the Getting the Best Deal Series. View my main page for the guide map to the site and deeper deal exploration.

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